The Ladybug Princess

The Ladybug Princess

by Elsa Galica


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The Ladybug Princess by Elsa Galica

This book is about a Princes who lives in a different dimension and together with Alcan, who lives in our dimension, fight the evil in both worlds.

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ISBN-13: 9781490751610
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 12/02/2014
Pages: 18
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.05(d)

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The Ladybug Princess

By Elsa Galica, Suela Lika, Geraldina Galica

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 Elsa Galica
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-5161-0


Alcan lived happily with his mom, dad and his sister Luana. He was becoming a fine man, good hearted like his parents, strong and very honest.

He was working with his father and at the same time he was studying. After meeting with Oriana, the Mountain Fairy, who taught him about different creatures and dimensions, he was interested and curious to know more about them.

One day, sitting on his rocking chair and reading a book about Genies, he spotted a big ladybug walking up and down the living room window.

This ladybug was very big and her size made her look weird and creepy. This is a giant ladybug he said to himself. Hmm! Very interesting! He kept looking at her walking up and down. She is such a beautiful ladybug indeed, said Alcan and he went back to his book. He fell asleep in his rocking chair and the book fell on him.

He got scared and woke up when he saw the giant ladybug staring at him.

Why are you staring at me? – He asked her. The ladybug flapped her wings once, she flapped her wings twice and the third time she just shook off her red and black wings.

As soon as she did that, a beautiful girl with gorgeous long, wavy red hair, styled up like a princess stood in front of him. Wow wow, what was that? - He asked. Who are you? Am I dreaming? Open your eyes Alcan, she said softly. He opened his eyes and he saw the gorgeous red haired girl in front of him smiling. He closed his eyes and he saw her again. He opened and closed his eyes a couple more times and the ladybug was there smiling at him. Okay, he said, you are real but this is very weird, I can see you in my dream when I close my eyes and also when I open them. May I ask you who you are and what do you want from me? She smiled at him and started talking. I am Iris, the Ladybug Princess. I am the daughter of King Leo, the most powerful and peaceful King of our kind. Your dream is our reality. Our kind? What do you mean by that? – He asked her. We live in another dimension. You were referred to us by Oriana, the Mountain Fairy. She spoke very highly of you as a rare human being with great mental and spiritual strength.

Some bad people are asking us genies to help them destroy other people's lives, mislead and manipulate them, make them feel miserable and get stuck and never move forward in life no matter how much they try. Now people hate us all because they think that we are all bad, but this is not true. I was sent in a mission and I need you to help me capture and punish the bad people from your side and the bad genies from our side. We have to travel around both dimensions to find them.

When a witch or warlock will call the genie for help I can hear it and as soon as I hear it we will capture them and imprison them in the witches' glass forever, and after that we will capture the genie and imprison him or her in the prison bottle forever. We will make sure we destroy their connection for as long as they will live. So, will you help me?

Alcan thought about it for a few seconds and then he realized that he should do it. Helping people from being destroyed by evil was the best thing he would ever do in his life. So, he accepted to join Iris to fight evil in both dimensions. The gorgeous Ladybug Princess told him she would come to pick him up the next morning. He had to let his family know about this. It was going to be a long journey, long and difficult but he knew they will win. Iris put on her red with black dots magical cape and she turned into a ladybug and flew away.

Alcan didn't sleep all night. He was looking forward to the dawn.

Morning finally came. He told his family everything. When they were all eating breakfast he saw the giant ladybug on the window. Luana opened the window and Iris flew inside. She flapped her wings twice and the cape fell on the floor. The Ladybug Princess was more beautiful than ever. A few minutes after, they both left the house. They had the support of all good humans and all good genies but they knew that they couldn't do it without God's help. So, every night they made sure that their connection to God was strong and active. They prayed God to help them destroy the evil in both dimensions.

They started their journey in a magical flying car which they filled up with witches glasses and prison-bottles. They went from village to village and from town to town. They asked people in every village and every town if they knew any witches or warlocks. If the village had any, they went close to his or her house and hid themselves. When Iris heard the witch or the warlock calling the genie they both went inside and destroyed the connection forever and imprisoned him or her in the witches glass. Than they both travelled to the other dimension and went directly to the genie's house and destroyed his connection with the human world and imprisoned him or her in the bottle for life. They were doing such a great job together. They traveled all around the world in both dimensions.

Alcan felt so disappointed finding out how many evil people existed in his dimension and how much evil was being done and how many innocent lives were being destroyed. It was so sad and unbelievable. On the other side he felt so happy that with the gorgeous Ladybug Princess they were blocking forever the evil genies connection to our dimension and the evil people's connection to the world of genies bringing peace and happiness.

They found almost all of them. All witches and warlocks, all bad genies were stripped off powers and they were imprisoned for life in the witches glasses or prison bottles. Their connection to each other was destroyed forever.

They were having trouble finding the last warlock. He was the most evil one. His name was Dof. They looked everywhere for him but every time they were close to him, his evil genie kept warning him. So, the Princess asked for her dad's help. The King sent his special team to find and capture the evil genie. After searching days & nights they finally found him. They stripped him off his powers, they destroyed his connection to the human world and they imprisoned him for life in the prison bottle. Then, they flew to the human's world and captured the evil warlock Dof and stripped him off his powers, destroyed his connection to the genie's world and imprisoned him for life in the witches' glass.


Excerpted from The Ladybug Princess by Elsa Galica, Suela Lika, Geraldina Galica. Copyright © 2014 Elsa Galica. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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