The Land of MEAT & Honey

The Land of MEAT & Honey

by Shmuel Asher Th.D


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The Land of MEAT & Honey endeavors to guide the reader on a journey through a long lost and well-hidden ancient Hebrew biblical understanding. The loss of this moral imperative has long plagued many generations of faithful and honestly spiritual people of all nations. Take this journey back in time with Dr. Asher, following the ancestors to an understanding that may quickly change your life and the lives of those around you for countless generations. Within these pages, lies the proverbial infinite pond ripple. The Land of MEAT & Honey is a provocatively critical work delving into Gods singular most preeminent truth for humanity; and stands as a completely original work in our modern times.C. NatoliPhiladelphia Inquirer

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ISBN-13: 9781469933368
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/07/2012
Pages: 284
Sales rank: 795,167
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About the Author

Dr. Asher is a Hebrew Scholar who emphasizes the absolute, unapologetic distillation of all ancient data regardless where it leads, or how much it hurts. His latest works of; "The Beacon-Seed" & "Soul Revolution", both books are a magnum opus queued up to eviscerate a plethora of ancient to modern superstitions and religious beliefs via in-depth correlations with ancient texts, prophecies, philosophy, and modern sciences.

Although breaking from his original Karaite roots, Dr. Asher hails from an uninterrupted family lineage of Torah scholars originating in the Galilee area of Northern Canaan. Dr. Asher's teachings advance the original ancient Karaite philosophy of uncompromising Torah truth based on original Hebrew culture, traditions, and language while disregarding dogmatic religion and superstitions.

Dr. Asher spent most of his childhood in NY & NJ, continuing his learning in his early twenties in Israel where he became a citizen. During his formative years, Dr. Asher was exposed to the Christian religion extensively by those around him. Learning the Torah from the age of seven, he later quickly identified that most Judaeo-Christians are deeply misinformed on all levels of Hebrew history, culture, ritual, and experience, and thus needed help.
Of course, understanding from a youth that it was the duty of all Hebrews - as mandated by the Eternal Creator - to become learned in His 'original Torah', apply it to their lives as a light to those around them, and then teach it to all who came in; he left no chance or circumstance to teach anyone who would listen. In doing so Dr. Asher has dedicated himself to the teaching of The Eternal One's original Torah to all who wish to realize a deeper truth.

To this end, Dr. Asher formed the Ancient Hebrew Learning Center which has been the focal point for his free online and personal Torah instruction. Those who glean insight from Dr. Asher include all of the main religious faiths, all of which are people searching beyond fundamental religions for the more original truth which eludes them, as well as their Hebrew roots. His factual and hard-hitting teachings have been at times controversial, yet enlightening. From his first book - The Land of MEAT & Honey to his latest, "The Beacon-Seed", he continues this tradition.

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