The last days churches?

The last days churches?

by Princewill chinedu Chioma


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*This book reveals the foundation of your faith, your pastor not spiritual alert to count important.
*This book opens your eyes to the faith you belong to that you don't know, which you taught you know.
*This book opens your eyes to examine your emblem your bear as a Christian and check if it is still the genuine one or you took the duplicated one that has the name worldly as prefix (that is fake).
*The book explains the reason why Christ's coming is delayed till now, if you think you want to really know.
*This book totally explain the missing link that you seems not to grip your fingers on any time you think something is not making you happy in your faith journey.
*This book explains why most Churches will be no more in existence in few years time from now (yours may be among those that will be in extinct, so find out if it is a bother to you).
*This book explains why most clergy and members who ordinarily love to serve God will be going to Hell in Ignorance.
*This book will bring you that prosperity and deliverance that you have never experienced in your family, which eluded your parents and now you, and will open your eyes to choose where you want your soul to end in eternity.
* This book will show you that time is closer for the flight of the saints (rapture) that the Anti Christ agents are already with us now (when a woman is in labors pains, she knows the time has come)

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ISBN-13: 9781517382148
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/16/2015
Pages: 38
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