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The Last Israelis: an Apocalyptic Military Thriller about an Israeli Submarine and a Nuclear Iran

The Last Israelis: an Apocalyptic Military Thriller about an Israeli Submarine and a Nuclear Iran

by Noah Beck


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Apocalyptic military fiction with a powerful message. Iran has nukes. Israel's leader is hospitalized. History is now up to 35 Israelis. Ethnically diverse. Ideologically divided. On a nuclear-armed submarine.

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Gripping, chilling...brings to mind...Crimson Tide, The Hunt For Red October and U-571. You'll feel like you're on the sub with the world on the brink of disaster. No matter what political side you're on, it's a must-read...

Don't start reading this novel if you have somewhere to be. You'll probably miss your appointment.

--Alan Zeitlin in NY Blueprint

[The novel paints] a frightening picture of what the world could look like after Iran goes nuclear...

Most of the Armageddon thriller takes place aboard the Dolphin submarine, Israel's second-strike answer to the existential threat posed by a nuclear Iran.

[The crew reflects] the...diversity of Israeli society. There are descendants of Holocaust survivors; native Arabic speakers (one Christian and one Druze); the son of Persian Jews who escaped from the Iranian revolution of 1979; an Ethiopian who crossed Sudan by foot as a child to reach Israel; religious Jews...the atheist son of a Soviet Refusenik; a submariner who holds...right-wing views and another who secretly attends leftist rallies; and a homosexual whose parents were...Vietnamese [refugees] saved by Israel in 1977.

How do all of these people get along during months away from home, living in close quarters, facing deadly threats at sea? Their voyage has enough naval action and drama to rival the suspense of a Tom Clancy novel. But the book...also [features] riveting debates about war, ethics, geopolitics, religion, and the protection of minorities. The author does an excellent job of giving voice to every political and philosophical perspective...

--Karen Brown in Israel Today

The book provides a picture of Israelis at work in one of the most claustrophobic and intense environments in the world -- weeks at a time in a submerged submarine in hostile waters...[The novel] is a great read on a subject as current as the headlines, and...poses a situation where none of the choices are good or easy.

--Richard Baehr in American Thinker

The story has enough page-turning naval action to qualify as a military and geopolitical novel about a Middle East Armageddon, but it also entertains [as a psychological thriller]. The submarine space [is a] social experiment...more intense and compelling than any reality show.

[And] the novel has a deeply philosophical element that provides all of the deliberative suspense of Twelve Angry Men.

--Max Shaw in Israel National News

* * *


In this gripping doomsday thriller "ripped from the headlines," Iran has threatened to destroy Israel while developing the nuclear capability to do so.

Struck by a medical emergency, Israel's Prime Minister falls unconscious just as military action is needed to stop Iran's nukes.

History is now up to 35 Israelis aboard the Dolphin - a powerful submarine armed with nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles.

Ship unity is crucial to mission success, but deep conflicts rise to the surface among crewmembers who are ethnically diverse and ideologically divided.

Tensions boil further from the rivalry between the captain and his deputy, and a childhood tragedy that quietly haunts a younger sailor whose psychological wounds could explode at any time.

On their suspenseful voyage to Armageddon, the submariners must confront each other -- and pulse-pounding threats at sea -- before facing an unthinkable dilemma.

It will be the toughest decision of their lives - and it will determine the fa

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781482774375
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/06/2013
Pages: 270
Sales rank: 965,093
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Noah Beck has been telling stories and writing creatively since he was a child growing up on the West Coast of the USA. Despite early literary leanings, his two Ivy League degrees (or, more precisely, the debt that accompanied them) diverted him to over a decade of corporate jobs. He kept his sanity with extensive journaling and globetrotting to over fifty countries, while maintaining a large collection of story ideas waiting to be developed when he finally decided to turn his real passion into a career.

In 2012, world events provided the final catalyst that Noah needed to start writing full-time. As a news junkie concerned about the many dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran, Noah worried that time was running out for a solution to be found. With effective sanctions in place far too late and Iran skillfully manipulating diplomatic discussions to continue its nuclear enrichment activities, he feared that the international community might actually fail to stop the threat. Thus, Noah decided to drop everything, quit his job, and write a cautionary tale that highlights the perils of a nuclear Iran, in the hope of contributing to and influencing the public debate. The result of that effort is the military and psychological thriller titled "The Last Israelis."

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