The Last Night on the Titanic: Unsinkable Drinking, Dining, and Style

The Last Night on the Titanic: Unsinkable Drinking, Dining, and Style

by Veronica Hinke


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“Veronica Hinke has taken a story that we all know so well and interwoven delicious recipes that are historic and old, but classic and worthy of any modern-day table. She has unearthed a vibrant culinary subtext that often left me breathless and dreamy-eyed. She skillfully captures the magical avor of a fascinating era in our history. Two spatulas raised in adulation.” — CHEF ART SMITH, James Beard award winner, Top Chef Masters contestant, former personal chef to Oprah Winfrey

April 14, 1912. It was an unforgettable night. In the last hours before the Titanic struck
the iceberg, passengers in all classes were enjoying unprecedented luxuries. Innovations in food, drink, and de´cor made this voyage the apogee of Edwardian elegance.

Veronica Hinke’s painstaking research and deft touch bring the Titanic’s tragic but eternally glamorous maiden voyage back to life. In addition to stirring accounts of individual tragedy and survival, The Last Night on the Titanic offers tried-and-true recipes, newly invented styles, and classic cocktails to reproduce a glittering world of sophistication at sea. Readers will experience:
  • Recipes for Oysters à la Russe, Chicken and Wild Mushroom Vol-au-Vents, and dozens of other scrumptious dishes for readers to recreate in their own kitchens
  • A rare printed menu from the last first class dinner on the Titanic
  • Drink recipes from John Jacob Astor IV’s luxury hotels, including the original Martini
  • The true story of “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”
  • An extraordinary eyewitness testimony to Captain Edward Smith’s final moments
  • Intimate and captivating stories about select passengers—from millionaires to third class passengers.

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Food writer Hinke uses the Titanic as a jumping-off point to examine early-1900s cuisine and culture in this well-intentioned if unfocused history. Drawing on letters, testimonies, and the few menus that survived the Titanic’s 1912 sinking, Hinke shares recipes for food and drinks served onboard, as well as the stories of surviving passengers (such as fashion designer Lady Duff-Gordon, who was accused of bribing crew members to row their nearly empty lifeboat far from the ship). However, given that not many artifacts survived the ship’s sinking, Hinke frequently relies on educated guesses and relates stories only tangentially linked to the Titanic. She posits, for example, that caramel corn was served on the doomed voyage, basing her findings solely on the fact that it was popular at the time; she then discusses the Bloody Mary, invented in 1934 at the St. Regis Hotel (which was built by J. J. Astor, who died on the ship), as well as Delmonico’s restaurant in New York City (where a ship survivor might have passed on their way to the insurance office to file a claim). Throughout are descriptions of the ship’s restaurants, such as the Verandah Café, decorated in the style of the dining room in London’s Savoy Hotel. This ambling, pedestrian history will appeal only to the most passionate Titanic history buffs. (Apr.)

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ISBN-13: 9781621577294
Publisher: Regnery History
Publication date: 04/02/2019
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 494,992
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

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