The Last Resort

The Last Resort

by R.S. Kovach

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ISBN-13: 9781501145650
Publisher: Pocket Star
Publication date: 03/20/2017
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 130,121
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

R. S. Kovach is an art historian and senior financial administrator who’s worked at universities across three continents. She lives with her husband and three boys in the greater Washington, DC area. Find out more at 

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The Last Resort 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
The Last Resort, R.S. Kovach Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance,  As a horse lover and rider this appealed to me so I was eager to read it. Sounded like it was a romance with that extra spark that I like.  Sadly I didn't like it and finally abandoned at the halfway mark. I didn't like Ali. Right from the start she comes over a a bit arrogant, and the accident could have happened anyway, but maybe if she'd been more aware. Still, I've broken bones through riding accidents, it happens, its quiet a dangerous sport...I used to hide the newspapers from Him Indoors when there were bad news involving horse riding. I just didn't see though how such a simple accident led to the mental issues that affected her work. She must have done things like this before - its par for the course when you ride alot.  Then the mistakes at work seemed to be just weird, odd, and I didn't really see how they were caused by the accident and its effect on her. Still, she gets sent to recuprate for a month.  I thought given she's got mental issues, trauma etc there would be daily psych sessions, both group and private, but at halfway she's only had two, one very off the cuff in the stables and another than seems to have been over in minutes. There's no real sessions seem to take place with any of the other residents either. She doesn't really exercise much sense or treat others with any respect. She's rude to some of them, uses one man to try to make Hank jealous, which isn't really fair to the poor guy, and as she's only been there a few days why on earth is she so obsessed with Hank. And what the heck does he see in her, something I don't that's for sure. She doesn't listen either when she wants to go for a walk and a storm is coming, but trundles out putting others in danger when she needs rescuing. She could have followed the riders she saw while out and lost, that would be simple wouldn't it but no, for some obscure reason she doesn't.  I did like Hank, and just didn't see what attracted him to her. They didn't really have any real interactions, and suddenly its full on romance. I just had to give up, I know its a story that's won awards, and well done to the author for that. Its tough getting a book seen in todays market but for me it just doesn't work. Luckily everyone wants different things and others will love it but for me its a DNF fail.   Stars: Two, sadly a fail for me. I can see others don't like the ending - I didn't even get that far...and maybe that's just as well, as it sounds like I'd be moaning too. ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers  
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
The Last Resort by R.S. Kovach is a nice sweet romance. We meet Ali Barros, a high powered executive, who is a workaholic and very successful at her job. She is also a horsewoman that wins jumping events. She feels forced to travel home to her parent’s house for a party while there, Ali decides to go horseback riding and has a mishap, breaking her wrist. Since Ali has always been sure of herself in anything she does, the fall from the horse has an effect on her confidence, as well as her work. Her boss sends her on a month long retreat to an exclusive ranch resort in Colorado, which is also a place for various treatments for visitors. Ali isn’t happy to go, especially when a physiological therapist tries to talk to her; and all she wants is to go back home to New York. She does meet various people, who are at Pebble Creek Lodge for different reasons. Ali slowly relaxes, knowing she has no choice but to finish the month, and befriends some the people. The ranch hand, Hank Mathis, our hero, gets her attention immediately; but then again he has all the women lusting after him. What follows is a slow built romance between two unlikely people that will grow as they begin to spend more time together. I did like both Hank and Ali, and there was some fun with the bantering between them, as well as with the other residents. Though I wanted them together, I did not really feel the hot chemistry between them. I did like Ali, but thought she was a bit too sarcastic to Hank many times, and acted indifferent at times. The Last Resort was a good story, and a nice romance. However, I was sadly disappointed at the end, which did lead to a happy ever after. I felt it needed an epilogue to answer some open questions, and not leaving us to decide what happens.