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The Last Storyteller

The Last Storyteller

5.0 3
by Diane Noble

One Woman’s Choice, One Family’s Legacy

Taite Abbot has always been a free spirit, and she has the tattoos and piercings to prove it. So when her boyfriend, medical student Sam Wellington, leaves for a fellowship thousands of miles away before he knows she is pregnant, Taite is unwilling destroy his chance of becoming a doctor. Completely unprepared


One Woman’s Choice, One Family’s Legacy

Taite Abbot has always been a free spirit, and she has the tattoos and piercings to prove it. So when her boyfriend, medical student Sam Wellington, leaves for a fellowship thousands of miles away before he knows she is pregnant, Taite is unwilling destroy his chance of becoming a doctor. Completely unprepared to face parenthood alone, she decides to get an abortion. But without any emotional or financial resources, Taite first seeks solace from her Welsh grandmother, Naini.

Do you remember the stories I once told you, Taite? About the family? …
There were some I didn’t tell you…. Some were too hard to tell.

From the moment the disillusioned young woman arrives, Naini knows that time is running out, both for Taite and for herself. The aging woman must make her granddaughter understand the heart and soul of their family’s ancient legacy. But for Taite to discover the passion and faith that can keep love alive, Naini must tell the hard stories, one last time.

Interweaving a medieval adventure with the dilemmas of contemporary romance, The Last Storyteller draws ancient grace into modern lives through the powerful telling of stories.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
The Last Storyteller spans three generations, two continents, and one family’s desperate attempt to mend the tears in the fabric of their hearts. All three women–grandmother Victoria, mother Isabel, and daughter Taite–ring true to me as genuine, complex, yet sympathetic characters. A rich thread of Welsh history is woven throughout this poignant modern tale, even as it explores the very contemporary issue of medical ethics. The real storyteller here is Diane Noble, whose novels never fail to touch the heart with tenderness and truth.”
–Liz Curtis Higgs, best-selling author of Thorn in My Heart

“I waited years for Diane to write this book and it was worth the wait! Within these pages you’ll find heartfelt longing, holy desire, trials and triumphs. Diane has seamlessly drawn together an ancient and contemporary storyline, making it a delicious choice for any taste in fiction.”
–Lisa Tawn Bergren, best-selling author of The Captain’s Bride 
“Like all of Diane Noble’s wonderful novels, The Last Storyteller overflows with warm sensitivity and pure entertainment. The love story of Taite and Sam will long be remembered and cherished. I enjoyed it very much!”
–Linda Lee Chaikin, author of Yesterday’s Promise and Today’s Embrace

“True-to-life characters in heartbreaking situations with hope as their only buoy–these are the elements of Diane Noble’s The Last Storyteller. A story of redemption and forgiveness as only Diane Noble can tell it. I look forward to every novel crafted by this master storyteller.”
–Traci DePree, author of A Can of Peas and Dandelions in A Jelly Jar

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Meet the Author

Diane Noble is the author of eighteen books, including Heart of Glass and Phoebe, along with several novellas, devotionals, and nonfiction books for women. Diane is a two-time recipient of the Silver Angel Award for Media Excellence and was a recent double finalist for the Romance Writers of America prestigious RITA Award.

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The Last Storyteller 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In California, an elated Sam informs his girlfriend Taite that he has received a fellowship to work for one year at the Institute of Neurological Research in Boston. He asks her to accompany him, but she refuses. His news trumps her news as she was going to tell him she was pregnant, but decides not to say a word because she loves him and does not want to dampen his future............................... Despondent and thinking of an abortion, Taite decides to visit her Welsh grandmother Naini. Her elderly grandmother encourages Taite to look back at her heritage as she tells stories of her past and encourages her to reconcile with her mom and to share the joy-burden with Sam. Will Taite be THE LAST STORYTELLER of a proud family or will she bring the next generation into the world with Sam at her side?.................................. THE LAST STORYTELLER is an intriguing contemporary tale that looks at several societal issues to include abortion and stem cell research. Though Diane Noble comes across much stronger on one side of the issues, the author provides the ethical dilemmas so that readers realize that these are complex questions not worthy of thirty second blips as normally tossed at people. The story is told through the three generation of women (Taite, her mom and grandma) so that the audience sees the differences in outlook. Sam is a fabulous protagonist as he works with stem cell research, but wonders about the morality when he does not want Taite to abort their child. This is a strong tale with a powerful look at modern morality............................ Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thought this was an excellent book. I'm not surprised since I always like Diane Noble books. The characters were so real and believable.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A beautiful story centred on a young woman called Taite, who finds herself pregnant, seemingly alone and very confused. Set in present day, but blended carefully with a tale of times long past, the author, with rare honesty confronts some of the hard issues that we currently face in our world today. Namely abortion and stem cell research. Very well written, the book holds your attention, and touches your heart as Taite works through deeply felt hurt, resentment and unforgiveness. It is both a modern day love story, (yes, in the end she does marry the young man she loves ¿ the father of her child) and an encouraging tale about a painful, very personal journey which brings much needed healing and restoration. Throughout the book, the reader is reminded of the importance of life and family, as one regularly meets Taite¿s naini (grandmother - also a key figure in the book) and her mother. As the storyteller dives into Wales - centuries past, we learn lessons from relatives long ago about faith and love. I say ¿go out and buy this book¿. It is a good love story, with very `human¿ imperfect characters who struggle through some of the present day issues that all Christians need to address. Throughout the book, we see the Lord at work bringing His love, restoration and healing. Well done ¿ Mrs Noble.