The Last Widow (Will Trent Series #9)

The Last Widow (Will Trent Series #9)

by Karin Slaughter


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New York Times bestselling author Karin Slaughter brings back Will Trent and Sara Linton in this superb and timely thriller full of devious twists, disturbing secrets, and shocking surprises you won’t see coming

A mysterious kidnapping

On a hot summer night, a scientist from the Centers for Disease Control is grabbed by unknown assailants in a shopping center parking lot. Vanished into thin air, the authorities are desperate to save the doctor.

A devastating explosion

One month later, the serenity of a sunny Sunday afternoon is shattered by the boom of a ground-shaking blast—followed by another seconds later. One of Atlanta’s busiest and most important neighborhood’s has been bombed—the location of Emory University, two major hospitals, the FBI headquarters, and the CDC.

A diabolical enemy

Medical examiner Sara Linton and her partner Will Trent, an investigator with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, rush to the scene—and into the heart of a deadly conspiracy that threatens to destroy thousands of innocent lives. When the assailants abduct Sara, Will goes undercover to save her and prevent a massacre—putting his own life on the line for the woman and the country he loves.


Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780062858085
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 08/20/2019
Series: Will Trent Series , #9
Pages: 464
Sales rank: 20,750
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

Karin Slaughter is one of the world’s most popular and acclaimed storytellers. Published in 120 countries with more than 35 million copies sold across the globe, her eighteen novels include the Grant County and Will Trent books, as well as the Edgar-nominated Cop Town and the instant New York Times bestselling novels Pretty Girls, The Good Daughter, and Pieces of Her. Slaughter is the founder of the Save the Libraries project—a nonprofit organization established to support libraries and library programming. A native of Georgia, she lives in Atlanta.

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The Last Widow: A Novel 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 49 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
And absolutely wonderful! I wanted to stretch out reading this new book, but I couldn't put it down. I have enjoyed reading the Will Trent/Sara Linton series since the beginning, and look forward to the next threat they tackle together. Thank you Karin Slaughter. Nobody does it better. (Carly Simon, written by Carole Sager/Marvin Hamlisch)
Anonymous 4 months ago
I finished the book in one evening. It is suspenseful and the only bad part is that it will probably be another few years before a Will Trent and Sara Linton book come out.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I'm a huge Will/Sara fan, and had been looking forward to this book for a long time. I have to say over all I was disappointed. There was not enough Sara/Will interaction. I was glad to see Saras family again because I do love that part. I was also sad about not enough Faith/Will interaction. i understand this was written differently than the past ones, and perhaps thats why I'm less than thrilled.
Anonymous 4 months ago
The only disappointment I have , after finishing this book, is knowing I long I'll have to wait until the next one. This is very different from the journey Sara & Will usually take us on.
Anonymous 4 months ago
great read
Anonymous 4 months ago
Will Trent is one of my favorite heros. He gets himself into impossible situations and always comes out on top. This plot felt loosely based on the Kool-Aid drinkers but the twists and turns it took to get there were well done.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Not only a gripping story with two of our favorite people, but timely in its address of the serious problems of our current political situation.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Fast paced and scary, it does not get much better than that! Worth your time and money!?
Anonymous 5 months ago
I've spent the last three days enthralled by this book. excellent!
cloggiedownunder 8 days ago
The Last Widow is the ninth book in the Will Trent series by American author, Karin Slaughter. A month after Michelle Spivey is taken from a carpark in front of her daughter, Sara and Will rush out from a lazy Sunday family lunch to give aid after two explosions on the nearby Emory University campus. But before they can get anywhere near the site, they are assisting at an apparent traffic accident. Except that both soon realise that something is amiss. The presence of the kidnapped woman is less surprising than the fact that her kidnappers take Sara. Sara may be captive, but she is determined to leave a trail for Will if there’s even the slightest opportunity: she knows without doubt that he will be looking for her. She just has to stay alive until he finds her. While Will tries to convince his GBI boss, Amanda Wagner to let him infiltrate the group they believe has Sara, his partner, Faith Mitchell has been delegated to liaisons with FBI that Amanda doesn't want to attend (is Special Agent Aidan Van Zandt flirting with Faith? Or does he just want information?). Once again, Slaughter gives the reader an action-packed page-turner. The narrative, running over just a few days, is from three perspectives: Sara, Will and Faith, with each view filling in details not covered by the previous, thus completing the picture. As well as featuring the possibility of biological terrorism, the story includes a semi-religious separatist group, white supremacists, paedophiles, and a nasty misogynist who gets just what he deserves. Slaughter is expert at building the tension and then providing relief by way of the clever and often darkly funny banter between the characters. And if Will and Sara thought they knew it before now, this experience certainly distills what they feel for each other, and makes clear to her family just how important Will is to Sara. Will’s final words will please many fans. Another excellent Will-and-Sara instalment.
Anonymous 5 months ago
excellent storyline. Appropriate for the time.
Anonymous 3 days ago
will and sars make fascinating reading
Anonymous 10 days ago
Couldn't read it fast enough!
Anonymous 21 days ago
Like her writing. Not my favorite of her books
beachandbookgirl 25 days ago
Another winner from Karin Slaughter. You can't not help rooting for Will even with all his personality quirks and issues. Also love him with Sara. She is so good for him. This was a great race toward the end of the story and I enjoyed every page!
Anonymous 27 days ago
ok first of all, I'm so bummed that now we have to wait for the next one in the series... please Karin find a love for Faith in the next one. Anyways I just loved this book, I mean ya some of it was far fetched, but that's the great thing about books, it's not real life. I've never read her Grant County books, but now that I'm so happy for Sarah and Will, I don't want to read about Sarah with her husband because it'll make me sad for Will. lol. Keep these amazing books coming Karin, love your work.
Anonymous 29 days ago
Love her books!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Excellent storyline..great characters....loved every minute of it
Anonymous 3 months ago
I don't usually go all the way to excellent, but had to here. Fully developed plot, with whole and developed characters. A story with action, heart, deceit, courage. Don't miss it. Kat
Renwarsreads 3 months ago
This book hits the ground running. I was lucky enough to get an ebook arc of this book and when I started it couldn’t believe how quickly the action began. I felt like this book had a lot of political references and some of it lost me. If it gets too deeply into politics I tend to zone out. That being said, I love Will Trent and Sara’s relationship. This book is full of action, so sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!
Anonymous 3 months ago
I am getting tired of always making Will less than. The over exaggeration of his disability needs to stop. In the beginning Sara is given the opportunity to move into her families home which she supposedly always wanted. The end all of a sudden no more family home but redoing completely Will's home out of left field. Meanwhile her family is at her home while the families home is close by and much nicer and bigger. I love the author she's able to grab your attention and hold it, but not great at remembering the little things and keep them consistent. The Will disability is bothersome since he couldn't hold the job he has and be that hindered as well as giving Sara a less than noble personality whoes boyfriend is a cross between her dead husband and the child she'll never have. While the books are great reading the character development of Will is horrible, actually down right wrong on so many levels. Many adults have learning disabilities but making Will out to be more of a rainman is beyond the pale, making the rest of the cast out as abusive instead of loving.
Anonymous 3 months ago
As usual, enjoyed Sara and Will Trent series. Always great. Interesting story line since what is going on in our country now.
Alix Maza 3 months ago
HOLY CRAP Y’ALL! This was my first Karin Slaughter book. Like seriously- how have I not read her stuff before?! I was reticent to start the Will Trent series at number 9, but it really wasn’t bad! There were one or two instances where the full backstory would’ve been beneficial, but overall this could be a stand-alone! The first 100-120 pages were NON-STOP. Slaughter drops you into the first kidnapping within the first 3 pages. Seriously- it grabs your full attention and refuses to let go. Before you know it, it’s 3:22 A.M. and you have to be up at 7. From about page 150 on you won’t feel anxious or anything, but you’ll still be absorbed. Now for the plot- where the story went was definitely not expected. From the synopsis, I kinda expected to be reading about a global terrorism attack. Everything is more domestic and has a political theme. Slaughter definitely has a way with words. Her descriptions are not only accurate (man she did her research) they’re so realistic. Like I could feel the sweltering heat and smell the burnt flesh. And if you think that small snippet of words was gory, then this book is not for you. Be prepared for talk of rape, drug abuse, physical and emotional abuse, pedophilia, violence, cuss words and the occasional dirty talk. Basically just be prepared. Oh and how appropriate is her name?! I mean the name ‘Slaughter’ just begs to be a thriller writer’s name. Short review: GIVE ME ALL HER BOOKS!
Twink 3 months ago
I am a big fan of Karin Slaughter's writing. I've enjoyed the last few stand alones, but have been waiting for a new Will Trent/Sara Linton book. It's here! The Last Widow. With every book, I say to myself oh, that's the best one yet, but I think Slaughter has outdone herself with The Last Widow - it's an amazing read. I literally couldn't put it down. Slaughter starts off with a prologue guaranteed to hook the reader. A woman out shopping with her daughter is snatched from a parking lot. A month later she is still missing. Will and Sara are at Sara's parents when a car collision sends them running to the street to help. But there's something off about it....And then the unthinkable happens - Sara is taken as well....but who? why? where? And where Slaughter takes her plot from there is not so far removed from today's headlines. The current climate of hate, supremacists and domestic terrorism are the basis of Slaughter's intricate plot. The mind set, thought processes and violence of the characters of the alt-right group are frighteningly real. I was so happy to reconnect with Will and Sara and see how their relationship was progressing. The romantic sub plot that has been building as the series progresses is done so well. Believable and not over the top into saccharin territory. But as the danger to both lead characters increased as the story progressed, I started to worry that Slaughter would do something. (Yes, she has surprised me (and not in a good way) in previous books). And I stayed up very, very late frantically turning pages to make sure that didn't happen. Action packed doesn't even begin to describe this book! Recurring characters also return. Oddly, I am growing quite fond of Will's boss Amanda, despite her single mindedness. And I've always liked Will's partner Faith. Motherhood is examined through the eyes of many women in this novel. Slaughter's writing is addictive and The Last Widow is no exception. If you've not read this series before, I encourage you to go back to the beginning and discover the players right from the start. How many stars? An easy five. Sooooooo good.
Anonymous 4 months ago