The Latino Vote: The Future of American Politics

The Latino Vote: The Future of American Politics

by Jorge S Olson


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The Latino Vote: The Future of American Politics explores the impact of the US Latino population in politics, economics and business. Learn who Latinos are, what they want and how to win their vote for generations.

Latinos are changing the landscape US politics and economy. Accounting for the largest growth in population, business, and taxable contributions.

“To Get the Vote, You Need to Understand the Voter!”

The largest states in the country with the most electoral votes and congressional seats are Latino States. Latinos are now the majority in population and when they become of age, the voting majority. How will they vote? How can politicians market to them? First of all, politicians need to understand Latinos, Hispanics, and Mexican-Americans. Without this understanding, there is no influence and no votes.

Questions answered in The Latino Vote:

  1. Why are Latinos conservative but vote democrat?
  2. How to win their hearts and their votes?
  3. What is the economic contribution of undocumented workers?
  4. What will be the Latino impact on elections?
  5. Why will some Americans want immigrants to leave?

The Latino Vote is not only a political book. It is a comprehensive historical view of immigration, ethnicity, politics, and the history of Latinos in the USA. Where they come from? Why are they here? And why many Americans want to deport them?

Major Topics of The Latino Vote:

  • The economic power of Latinos in the USA
  • Why Latinos will shape lawmaking
  • How to win the Latino Vote
  • Immigration, it’s not black and white
  • Know your market. Understanding Latinos
  • The American Wall, Drugs, Aliens and Tunnels

Having an honest conversation about Latinos, immigration and the future of US politics will strike an emotional reaction in many people. However, a conversation is what the country and politicians need in order to understand and adapt to the largest growing segment of the population, economy and political influence.

In this book we’ll explore the history of Latino immigration, both legal and not, as well as the definition of both legal and illegal immigration. We’ll peek into the mind of the average Latino to see what they think about politics and ask them about their political inclination, how they relate to the parties, do they feel included or excluded from the political process, and their message to politicians. We’ll even dive into the tags as well as the myths of the Latino population. Discovering why we’re called Latinos even if we don’t speak Latin!

Understanding the Latino population and its diversity will create better legislation, political campaigns, and even dialog from both parties with each other and with the growing Latino population.

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ISBN-13: 9781945196034
Publisher: Cube17, Inc.
Publication date: 08/01/2016
Pages: 336
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents Introduction 8 PART I 16 KNOW YOUR MARKET 16 Voting Power: The Changing Color of America 18 Latino Voter: Get The Facts 35 How Latinos are powering the U.S. economy 50 Latino Influence by State 54 History of Latinos in Politics 61 The big question is; why is the Hispanic voter turnout low? 63 Marketing to Latinos 72 Private Planes and Your Mexican Next Door 80 Your Mexican Next Door 80 Private Planes 82 Overview of the Modern Latino World, the New World 85 Latinos, Hispanics and Mexican Americans 96 What is a Latino anyway? 96 Understanding the Latino Cultures 105 Blood of my Blood - The Ethnicity inside Latinos 107 From Spain to America 115 A Brief History of American Politics 120 The Blood Mix in Spain 128 The Blood Mix in Mexico and Latin America 130 Conservative Values, Democratic Voters 133 History of Immigration 156 Annexation of Mexico Territory to the United States 164 Reasons for Latino Immigration 177 Mason Dixon Line 183 History of Mason Dixon Line 186 Immigration Programs and Laws 188 PART II 194 LATINOS FACTS AND FICTION 194 The American Wall: Drugs, Aliens and Tunnels 195 Asking the Wrong Questions 202 History of the American Wall 203 How Much Does the U.S. Government Spend On Border Security 228 The Illegal Issue 253 You Are Now Illegal. How The U.S. Stole Mexico 265 DACA and DAPA 269 Economic Impact of Undocumented Workers 275 Are Undocumented Immigrants a Burden to the Economy? 275 Contribution in Taxes, Social Security and the Economy 277 Prejudice and Racism: How far is too far? 287 Origin and Development of Anti-Semitism in Italy 289 The Danger in Political Racial Strategy 297 Final Note. When I Was Deported 307 Endnotes 312 Index 324

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