The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma

by Beinsa Douno
The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma

by Beinsa Douno


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Karma is a law of cause and effect. You moved the gold from one safe into another and you will be moved from one house to another. Attendants will be also appointed to keep you, and when you go out, rings may be put on your arms and legs.

The karmic law originated with the coming of humans out of God. And the action or manifestation of that law begins with the polarization of people, i.e. with the appearance of both sexes, the two poles in the world. Polarization implies splitting of the human mind into positive and negative, ascending and descending, or in a higher words level - consciousness of Love and consciousness of Wisdom. These are the two poles in man.

There are two laws: one of them is the law of karma, or the law of cause and effect. You bear sufferings necessarily. The second law is a law of freedom. The law of karma does not recognize any right, any culture, any happiness, any love. "Who applies that law?" You apply it every day, but it is applied on you, too. You catch a hen, touch it here and there to make sure that it is fattened and you put the knife on its neck. It is quacking, praying, but you do not hear it. You think of the good meal that you will cook. There is no law that can protect the hen. There is no a judge, who to give the right to it. Do you think that if you kill the chicken, you will be happy? From that moment your sufferings begin, i.e. your karma. You might say that it is written, that God allows people to eat meat. This is a human interpretation. There is a difference between what is written and said by God. God said only dead branches of trees to be cut, and people allowed themselves to cut also the live branches, as well as entire forests. Furthermore, if you uproot a dry tree, you are to plant a new, young tree.

Karma is created when people do not live in accordance with the Divine laws. They deviate from the right path and walk along a curve wavy line, called "path of astral serpent".

One, who thinks he can outwit the law of karma, is wrong. For such people it can be used the Bulgarian proverb: "A sly fox falls into the trap by both legs." One must not play with karma. Why? Karma is a creditor. It does not allow any delay even with half a day. It does not forgive anything: you will pay the exact sum even with the interest. Therefore, karma does not excuse even the interest. The karmic law is drastic. It excuses only when everything is paid off.

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