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ISBN-13: 9780199204199
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 02/08/2007
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 456
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 6.00(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Universities of Melbourne and St Andrews

University of Connecticut

State University of New York at Albany

Table of Contents

Introduction: At the Intersection of Truth and Falsity, JC Beall
Part I: Setting up the Debate
1. What's So Bad About Contradictions?, Graham Priest
Part II: What is the LNC?
2. On the Formalization of the Law of Non-Contradiction, Ross T. Brady
3. What is a Contradiction?, Patrick Grim
4. Laws of Non-Contradiction, Laws of the Excluded Middle, and Logics, Greg Restall
5. Option Negation and Dialetheias, R. M. Sainsbury
6. Conjunction and Contradiction, Achille C. Varzi
Part III: Methodological Issues in the Debate
7. Diagnosing Dialetheism, Bradley Armour-Garb
8. Knowledge and Non-Contradiction, Bryson Brown
9. Logical Non-Apriorism and the 'Law' of Non-Contradiction, Otavio Bueno and Mark Colyvan
10. Letters to Beall and Priest, David Lewis
11. Holism and the Revision of Logic, Michael D. Resnik
Part IV: Against the LNC
12. True and False - As If, JC Beall
13. The Philosophical Basis of What? The Anti-Realist Route to Dialetheism, Jon Cogburn
14. To Pee and not to Pee? Could That Be the Question? (Further Reflections of the Dog), Jay Garfield
15. Realism and Dialetheism, Frederick Kroon
16. Semantic Dialetheism, Edwin D. Mares
17. Ramsey's Dialetheism, Vann McGee
Part V: For the LNC
18. The Barber, Russell's Paradox, Catch-22, God, Contradiction, and More, Laurence Goldstein
19. A Critique of Dialetheism, Greg Littman and Keith Simmons
20. Simple Truth, Contradiction, and Consistency, Stewart Shapiro
21. An Anti-Realist Critique of Dialetheism, Neil Tennant
22. There Are No True Contradictions, Alan Weir
23. In Defence of the Law of Non-Contradiction, Edward N. Zalta

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