The Laws of Faith: One World Beyond Differences

The Laws of Faith: One World Beyond Differences

by Ryuho Okawa


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From ancient times, religion has played a big role in human history. Faith was the anchor of the mind for the individual. However due to advancing civilizations, we are now in an era where various information and values jumble, and people are losing the meaning of faith. One reason for this may be that traditional religions like Christianity and Islam cannot give a convincing answer to modern day problems such as religious intolerance and terrorist attacks, arms race, nuclear war crisis, immigrants and refugees, social welfare, and political or economic chaos.

"Why do people of faith fight each other?"
"If there really is a God, then why do war and poverty and other misery occur?
"Why does discrimination exist? Are we not equals?"
"Did God abandon humanity?"
"What is real justice?"
"Does God even exist?"

This book, "The Laws of Faith" dives straight into these issues.
Global Visionary, Ryuho Okawa, preaches at the core of a new universal religion from various angles while integrating logical and spiritual viewpoints in mind with current world situations.
According to Okawa, it is a misunderstanding that war happens because of religion, and says that deeper understanding for a religion leads to a solution to the problem. He even reveals characteristics and relations of various religions.
Okawa also points out the opposition of political values between liberal democratic countries vs socialist totalitarian countries, and the direction the world should head in according to God's justice.

We are approaching a turning point in human history. This book offers us the key to accept diversities beyond differences in ethnicity, religion, race, gender, descent, and so on, harmonize the individuals and nations and create a world filled with peace and prosperity. Now it’s your turn to take the key.

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ISBN-13: 9781942125341
Publisher: Irh Press
Publication date: 03/31/2018
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

RYUHO OKAWA is Global visionary, renowned spiritual leader, and best-selling author in Japan with a simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world. Okawa's books have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 28 languages. His books share his principles for happiness, as well as insights and practiced methods for increasing our capacity for love and promoting our spiritual growth.

In 1986, Okawa founded Happy science as a spiritual movement dedicated to bringing greater happiness to humankind by uniting religions and cultures to live in harmony. Happy Science has grown rapidly from its beginnings in Japan to a worldwide organization. The spiritual workshops Happy Science offers are open to people of all faiths and walks of life and are rooted in the same principles of happiness that inspired Okawa’s own spiritual awakening. Okawa is compassionately committed to the spiritual growth of others; in addition to writing and publishing books, he continues to give talks around the world.

Table of Contents

Preface 13

Chapter 1 The Power to Believe: Creating a New Reality for Your Life and the World

1 My Lifelong Dedicated Search for the Truth

Standing as religious leader: I suffered from a lack of understanding by those around me 16

The realization in my early 20s: I was only taking love from others and not giving it back 19

2 How Happy Science Developed Great Power

Starting Happy Science with nothing and struggling to run the organization 21

Why do Happy Science teachings cover so many different fields? 24

Great miracles like none in the past will occur from now on 26

Happy Science is creating major trends in Japan 27

Influencing the world with our way of thinking, ideals, and power of thought 28

3 Carrying Out Activities to End Wars Around the World

Being at an important turning point of the era 31

Working to eradicate the root cause of religious wars 32

Providing logical philosophies to overcome potential wars in Asia 34

Forgiveness and reconciliation are possible only because there is the Being greater than humans 36

4 The Power to Believe Will Work Miracle

Happy Science is spreading into Asia and Africa as well 37

The difficulty of being accepted by society 40

Great outside power will come to those who have faith as they make efforts 41

The Happiness Realization Party is openly active, without hiding its connection to Happy Science 43

The power to believe: its true meaning 44

Life-Changing Words 1: The Limitless Power of Faith, and the Miracle to Cure Illnesses

Chapter 2 Starting from Love: Solve Life's Problems and Become an Expert in the Study of Life

1 The Desire to be Loved is a Human Instinct

Humans naturally want to be loved 50

The desire for love can be a driving force to try hard 51

The desire to be loved can be a source of suffering 52

Various situations that make it difficult to love others 54

2 The Pain of Love that Comes with Life's Problems and Organizational Management

Various problems come with parental and marital love 56

The pain of not being understood regarding personnel management for Happy Science's development 58

The difficulty of organizational management: Saint Francis of Assisi and Mother Teresa 60

The difficulty of practicing "nurturing love" in organizational management: Shakyamuni Buddha 61

3 Become a Professional in the Study of Life by Learning to Love and Believe

Overcome each koan that appears in your life, one at a time 64

One of the significances of studying religious teachings is to became a professional in the study of life 65

Keep believing even when miracles do not happen 66

Our challenge for the infinite future - bringing the world closer to the Kingdom of God 68

4 Transcend Hatred with Forgiving Love

Even if you hate a person's deed, do not hate his or her essential being 69

Some countries teach their people to hate other countries 70

The opposite of love is jealousy, which is the root of hatred 72

5 What the World Needs is the Love of God

The love of politicians should be to make their people happy 74

Practice the Love of God in your daily words and actions 75

Life-Changing Words 2: To Love is to Set Others Free, Believing the Goodness of Their Hearts

Chapter 3 The Gate to the Future: Use Your 30,000 Days of Life to Benefit the World

1 Awaken and Set Up Your Goals in the Early Stages of Your Life

Looking at your life from the viewpoint that life is comprised of 30,000 days 82

Set up your aspirations first and encourage yourself to achieve them 84

It is extremely difficult to make a mark in Japan our of over 100 million people 85

2 Happy Science Has the Power to Foresee the Future

The development of 30-plus year of Happy Science, and our future visions 88

Taking the time to create and nurture believers 91

The forecast of the world economy and politics: violent fluctuations 93

The strength of the Happiness Realization Party: the ability to foresee the future 95

The foolishness of generalizing one case 97

How we should view and judge the one-sided information of the mass media 99

3 The Keys to Open the Gate to the Future

Do not agree with the thoughts and logic that would lead individuals and society toward degradation 101

Strive tenaciously throughout your life, both in your work and at home 103

4 What Will Happen to You in the Future, After Your Death?

The other world awaits us after death 105

The knowledge about Heaven and hell will change our way of life 106

The power of the Truth opens up a path of salvation for your ancestors and relatives who are lost 108

Carry out your missionary activities to save the souls of many people 108

Life-Changing Words 3: Have a Strong Conviction on Wealth

Chapter 4 The World Religion of Japanese Origin will Save the Earth

Building up a Nation that will Serve to Eliminate All Conflicts from This Planet

1 The Fundamental Spirit of a Nation Stems from Religion

The age of love and mercy has arrived 114

Is a nation that denies religion allowed to prosper? 115

Establishing a spiritual backbone in "a drifting country" Japan 116

There is no future for people who cannot assert what is right 117

2 Experience the Moments When You Feel the Light and Rebuild your Life

As spiritual beings, humans inhabit physical bodies to live on earth 118

The final judgment on the personal level that each of you will face after death 120

Japan's religious situation is quite different from the international norm 121

Humans are children of God and Buddha, and are endowed with a part of His Light 123

3 The Mission that Japan, a Major Country, Must Fulfill

The theory of evolution is just a hypothesis, not the truth 125

Calamities on Earth and the creation of new civilizations are two sides of the same coin 126

I was born to tell of a hopeful future 128

4 Eradicating All World Conflicts

My true work is that of World Teacher 131

Differences in religions emerge from the differences in spiritual abilities of their founders 132

At the root of world religions is God named "Elohim" 133

The mission of Happy Science is to eradicate all world conflicts and open a bright future 135

Life-Changing Words 4: Towns with 100 People Who Believe in Me Shall Not See Catastrophic Natural Disasters

Chapter 5 What is the Faith in the God of the Earth?: Living in the Age of the New Genesis of Earth

1 El Cantare is the God of the Earth

Happy Science is more than just a Japanese religion 140

The Happy Science faith has evolved in accordance with the scale of the organization and its teachings 141

El Cantare-belief acknowledges the existence of the God of the Earth 144

The true image of El Cantare is hard to capture for contemporaries 146

2 The Truth About the Descent of El Cantare's Core Consciousness

The first descent was under the name "Alpha" and the second, "Elohim" 148

Alpha decided the direction of Truth for Earth 149

Elohim taught the distinction between light and darkness, good and evil 150

The governing principles Elohim taught 152

El Cantare's branch spirits descended to earth and launched new religious movements 154

3 Establish Faith in the God of the Earth at the Core of All Religious Beliefs

The possibility of crisis for humankind and intervention form outer space 155

Leaving behind "the Laws of the Earth" that people in the future should rely on 157

I assume ultimate responsibility for the Earth 158

The true meaning of "In Heaven and on earth, I alone am to be revered" 159

4 Now is the Beginning of the New Genesis of Earth 160

Chapter 6 The Choice of Humankind: Uphold freedom and Democracy under the God of the Earth

1 The 21st Century: "Peace and Stability" or "Shakeout of Humankind"?

The significance of my first Tokyo Dome lecture in 22 years 164

Alpha: the God of Origin and the God of Creation 166

Humankind witnessed the rise and fall of seven civilization in these on million years 167

2 Various Nuclear Crises the World is Facing

North Korea's nuclear development is now inviting a critical moment for the third time 169

The nuclear situation in Asia and the Middle East 172

3 The Status Quo of Various Countries in Light of World Justice 173

The U.S. 173

Russia 174

China 174

North Korea 175

Japan 175

4 Humankind Now Stands at an Important Crossroads

The problem of separation of religions and state in free and democratic nations 176

The problem of monotheism in theocratic countries 178

5 Message from El Cantare, God of the Earth 180

Afterword 185

What is El Cantare? 188

What is a Spiritual Message? 190

About Happy Science 192

Contact Information 195

Happiness Realization Party 198

Happy Science University 199

Happy Science Academy Junior and Senior High School 200

About IRH Press USA 201

Ryuho Okawa's Laws Series 202

The Trilogy 202

List of Other Books by Ryuho Okawa 207

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