The Leader in You: Realising Your Leadership Qualities for Greatness

The Leader in You: Realising Your Leadership Qualities for Greatness

by Gladys Adevey


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ISBN-13: 9781491713280
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/18/2013
Pages: 142
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The Leader in You

Realising Your Leadership Qualities for Greatness

By Gladys Adevey

iUniverse LLC

Copyright © 2013 Dr Gladys Adevey
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-1328-0


Our strength, growth, and resiliency depend on our failures, disappointments, efforts, and struggles in life.

* * *

A butterfly struggles to push its way through the tiny opening of a cocoon in order to force the fluid out of its body and into its wings. Without the struggle, the butterfly will never fly. Similarly, the strength we gain in times of trouble will propel our future endeavours. Most importantly, it is the discipline rather than the achievement that matters most in life. Character and attitude are what matter. Great leaders see what others see but also think what people never think. A character quality is not just finding what is right always but seeing imperfect conditions as perfect. The trust we develop in life is always proportional to our own characters.

The struggle that David went through when Saul viewed every activity of his with suspicion but he still constantly submitted to Saul is a character quality that we need to develop as leaders of our own lives and destinies. Consider the agonising moment that David went through when Saul put David in charge of one thousand troops in the hope that David would be killed. David still respected Saul. When Saul sponsored secrets to deceive David, he appeared confident from the beginning because he knew that God was with him.

As leaders of our own destinies, God will never leave us alone in the wilderness. He will always keep us until the end of day. Remember David's dark days, when he scrambled from the cave to run away from the murder threat of King Saul.

Everything in this world comes with a price. We need to learn how to develop hope and trust God in our dark days, focusing on his plans for our lives. That is what matters. We should never give up on our dreams, our desires, and our plans. Never. A little more persistence and a little more efforts may result in glorious moments in life. We worship God, our ultimate leader, not for him to solve our problems for us but because of his sovereignty. That is who he is. Stand firm and fight harder, for what belongs to you is yours.

In the Bible, Paul tells Timothy, 'Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities' (Timothy 5:23). Paul's instruction reveals that Timothy had stomach problems.

As leaders, we should learn to be committed to our aspirations in spite of our difficulties in the process of doing so. We should learn to allow our commitments to start from the heart and test them with our actions. In doing so, doors will be opened, and resources will come our way. When committed, we will be able to make firm decisions in the hope that our Redeemer lives.

* * *

Actions are the real measure of intelligence, not our words or persona.

* * *

Our belief systems are what heal us, control our minds, put our focus in the right perspective, and help us build faith, thereby making us wiser than our enemies. Our belief systems—in other words, faith—grant us access to our miracles, not sitting around singing 'Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen.'

Our measure of our intelligence is action, and action is the exertion of power or force. To reveal our passion as leaders is the action we take. Leaders think positive and act positively. To be the leader of your dream, you must begin to see yourself as becoming the person you want to be. Determining the level of risk is the action we take. As leaders, we need to be action figures instead of being idle and gossiping, as Paul says in the book of Timothy.

What makes us great leaders is our focus, our level of concentration, our bravery, our incredible balance, our composure, and the courage to stand up and raise our hands, even if it looks impossible. The edge to start and the willingness to rely on our virtues within us qualifies us as great leaders, with the understanding that the best things cost; they don't come free. The invisible quality of a leader is endurance, knowing that overcoming involves more than just one battle. Leaders understand that in the process of winning battles, knowledge is acquired, experience is gathered, and ability is recognised. We must have belief in order to unleash the purpose, overcome all odds, and achieve our biggest dreams.

* * *

Our decisions, choices, and plans create the future and are irreversible. We can either succeed or fail insofar as those three things, but whatever the case, we should not quit.

* * *

Motivational books are important. They are practical and real. What you are reading is real; it's about a stage in my life where a lot was and is still taking place. God does not decide our futures. God does not have anything to do with our prosperity and success in life. He has already set systems in place, and the knowledge of his laws decides our prosperity. This knowledge is information that influences our decisions, choices, and plans. In the book of Ruth, Ruth decided to stay committed to her mentor, Naomi, and her decision to do so paid off. The leadership quality in Ruth's story is the willingness to follow Naomi.

Ruth's story illustrates that when leaders do the right thing, God always meet them at the point of their need. Ruth placed responsibility before her own need. Ruth's choice to stay with her mother-in-law despite her ordeal of losing her husband demonstrates a great sense of loyalty and commitment, which is a great leadership character trait of leaders. I once worked with a company where the owner saw loyalty and commitment as weakness. He soon ran into debt, and his company was taken over. I became the branch manager.

Leaders learn how to welcome the future, knowing that soon it will be history. They also welcome the past, knowing that it was once the only possible time.

Leaders thrive to find their purpose, which is half the story. The understanding of this helps us to disassociate easily from our way of thinking, and that helps us to make better choices. A choice of high achievement will only occur in the framework of high expectation.

* * *

Your destiny begins with God. Your purpose begins with God. And with him only do your desires, dreams, and aspirations become reality.

* * *

I started out as an accounting student and later changed to business management. Later still, I changed to project management, which has enabled me to join the institute of consulting in writing a white paper regarding the Olympic legacy. Up until I started putting God first and consulting him in all my affairs, everything around me was what I thought suited me best. For me, life was simply life. As long as I earned money and looked great, I was happy. I never realised exactly why I was created. Then I heard a clear voice telling me to start writing a book. And the title The Best of You was just as clear.

I'd never thought of being a writer or a motivator, but actually, that is the only thing that truly makes me happy. Seeing people at their best excites me.

The vital point here is that until we start looking for a word to describe us, life becomes meaningless. A meaningful life starts with God and God only. This is confirmed in the following verse: 'Apart from me you can do nothing' (John 15:5). The deepest joy is when we achieve our goals and work on the process as if it's our calling.

* * *

It is important to know that the objective of the funds, not the amount of money, is what matters most.

* * *

Many might argue this quote based on their experiences and intellect. But before they do, it's important to understand that no bank gives a loan without knowing the intended use of the money. I can proudly say this because I believe that not having money is not the reason for not being successful in life or exercising our leadership qualities. Success in life is not living like the David Beckhams and the Tom Cruises but being successful in our own rights as individuals—being the best we can be irrespective of our financial circumstances. I wrote and published my first book without money. I wrote an exam without money. In short, mission attracts favour.

Our God rules. He died so we may reign as kings. Stick to this and display your leadership skills in that respect. When a true leader wants to achieve an objective, he knows that the universe will come together to make it happen.

* * *

Not knowing oneself is the abuse of oneself.

* * *

It's funny how some of us have feelings of inferiority that are so obvious, robbing us of all the beautiful things we could have if we could only see ourselves as adequate and deserving. We conclude that we are not good enough for certain tasks, certain job positions or roles, deciding that we are not as good as other people. We feel that we are not good enough to acquire and enjoy the things that we want in life. Most of these self-limiting beliefs are not true, but they hold us back all the same.

A good friend advised me as to a major step in my life just after I completed my master's degree. I bluntly said no because my perception in accessing the opportunity was different from his. He felt I was adequate for the position, but I saw myself as inadequate. This happened a few years ego. Only recently did I realise that for everything we dream of, or want to have access to, we must first see ourselves in that position. Where we are in life is where our strengths have taken us. I did not know this principle at that time.

This scenario is the same as the story of Caleb and Joshua, about the twelve spies. Bibles stories are not Tom and Jerry stories. They are principles we need to abide by. We are to adopt them and live them. We are to do the right things, which will gratify some people but will surprise the rest. We can always feel abundance when we tune into doing good things. That is when satisfaction comes in. Leaders learn by hanging around the people who see hope in them.

* * *

Whatever you want dearly, you will find time for.

* * *

This revelation came to me when I published my first book. Not having time to achieve our set targets is not having set targets in the first place. We always have excuses for not doing things. We can't develop superhuman desires without goals. For goals to be achieved, we must first see ourselves reaching them in our minds. So, brethren, there is no such thing as not having time, only not having a goal. Who we are as leaders is the fruit of the thoughts we have planted in our minds and fed on. A better harvest requires better thoughts. Poor thoughts produce poor outcome. The image in our minds is what has become our reality. The word of God is the key to our prosperity. Obedience gives us the right to the leader in us. Developing our leadership qualities is like a butterfly which can be pursued. It is just beyond our grasp.

* * *

Instead of running after prophesies, examine your life and know what works best for you as an individual.

* * *

What works best for us is what makes us different, unique, and special. In the gospel, God said that the mouths of the upright shall deliver them. Therefore, we don't need to be running after prophesies to rule our world or to deliver us in time of trouble. God has given you and me the mandate to speak into our situations and take charge of our lives. Leaders are deliverers. You are a deliverer. Our mouths are our deliverers. Even if we have prophecies, how can we maximise them without knowing and understanding ourselves first? People who make it in life are people who know their strengths. They magnify their strengths. What is your strength?

As a leader appointed by the ultimate leader, Jesus Christ, he is in you. He will never put you to shame. If he disgraces you, he is disgraced. The sovereignty of God helps us to be better leaders. In life, somebody will always know the way. Therefore, that person is the right candidate for direction.

* * *

Do our Facebook pages depict our lives?

* * *

If intelligence can be depicted, we will all exhibit it. Everyone puts the most beautiful photos and videos on their Facebook pages, but do they truly depict our lives? Leadership is relationship. The price of relationship is time. Relationship is change. Valuable relationships always change us in the right perspective pursuant to our gifts. How have our relationships changed us in terms of acquiring wisdom, understanding, wonder and awe (fear of the Lord), correct judgement (council), knowledge, courage (fortitude), and reverence (piety)? The most fascinating thing I have learnt through my relationship with God is that I live to please him and no one else. So my question to you is, who are you pleasing, God or your Facebook friends?

Leaders understand that they need to make their lives count and make other people's lives count. They have a mindset of pouring their lives into the next generation; doing so requires hard work. There is no easy way to great leadership. The more we avail ourselves and take chances with preparation, the more likely we are to succeed as leaders.

* * *

There has never been an appropriate time to do anything. Whatever you want to do, just do it. You never know; it might be the turning point in your life.

* * *

Until you rule out the phrase 'I don't have time', you definitely will have no time to do anything you choose to accomplish. To accomplish a task takes time. Time is a seed. The seed is an investment. The price we put on time will determine our success in life. Not having experience on a field or mastering an act is not having time. Reaching our goals takes time, and time is money. Not having time is not having money. Leaders work with time. They perceive their time here on earth as very short, knowing that they are here for a reason. We need to adopt such a mindset in order to avoid becoming easily complacent and unproductive. In the book of Titus, the Bible says that we should learn to devote ourselves to doing what is good in order to provide for urgent needs and not live unproductive lives. Jesus is our forerunner, preparing and making all our paths straight so that we might have it easy. Leaders are executers. Not only do we know, but we also do what we know. Leaders learn to close the gap between knowing and doing. They are always ready to pay the price and ask better questions before reaping the rewards by achieving the desired incomes that they want.

* * *

The amazing thing in life is when dreams, ideas, simple thoughts, or mere wishes become a reality.

* * *

Words are thoughts from the mind. Our words create our world, which is where we build our futures. Dreams, ideas, thoughts, and all the beautiful memories come from the mind, referred to by my father as the centre of intelligence. An author friend of mine said that God did not give us brains to decorate our heads. The more we realise and focus on those simple dreams of ours, the more we can triumph as leaders. We need to go back and replay all those thoughts that can make a difference in our lives. For every thought, we have the resource to birth it. The Bible says, 'The Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. And the Lord said, "Indeed the people are one ... and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them"' (Genesis 11:6). The Lord is promising us that anything we ever think of doing, we have the ability to do it, and anything we ask, we shall receive.

As leaders, let's remind ourselves that whatever we focus our minds on is what we will master. Resiliency comes through continuous defeat, effort, and struggle. But remember to be obedient, for God rewards obedience. Jesus, our superior leader, even learned to be obedient through the things he suffered. In Luke, the Bible says that Jesus increased in wisdom, stature, and favour with God and man. The growth did not stop at the age of twelve. From this, we can learn that all leaders learn from their experiences, especially suffering. Our human progress as leaders is not automatic, neither is it inevitable. Every step towards a goal requires sacrifice and long-suffering. We are to have some meaning in the suffering in order to establish, for an established leader is unwavering.


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