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The Lean Body Promise

The Lean Body Promise

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by Lee Labrada

Regardless of what shape you're in, your age, or how many diets and fitness programs you've tried without success, Lee Labrada would like to make you a promise: there is a lean, strong body inside of you, and you have the power to release it.

In The Lean Body Promise, this renowned fitness authority, former Mr. Universe, and trainer to thousands


Regardless of what shape you're in, your age, or how many diets and fitness programs you've tried without success, Lee Labrada would like to make you a promise: there is a lean, strong body inside of you, and you have the power to release it.

In The Lean Body Promise, this renowned fitness authority, former Mr. Universe, and trainer to thousands introduces the ultimate body fat–burning solution that will yield startling and dramatic results in just 30 minutes per day, in as few as 12 weeks.

Based on revolutionary principles Lee has developed over the past 25 years and which he calls "Banex," or "balanced nutrition and exercise," The Lean Body Promise shows you how to shift your body from "fat–storing" to "fat–burning" mode, feeding lean muscle tissue while simultaneously starving excess body fat. Starting with a 12–week personal improvement challenge, Lee shows you how to continue your journey of physical and mental self–improvement and make changes that will profoundly improve your health and well–being for the rest of your life.

Inside, you'll find inspirational stories of ordinary people who experienced extraordinary, life–transforming changes in their bodies by applying the principles in this book. If they did it, so can you!

Short, easy–to–follow workouts for the gym or home that will strengthen your heart and lungs, burn body fat, and most important, build muscle. You'll kick your metabolism into high gear, enabling you to melt fat even while you're resting. Lee puts it all together in a day–by–day format that will help you derive maximum results from short workouts.

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HarperCollins Publishers
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Gym Edition
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The Lean Body Promise, Gym Edition (Collins Gem)

By Lee Labrada

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2005 Lee Labrada
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0060853190

Chapter One

The Promise

What if I told you that no matter what condition you are in now, I could show you how to make lifelong improvements in appearance, strength, self-image, and confidence in just 30 minutes each day?

It doesn't matter whether you are old or young, male or female, totally deconditioned or active; you have the power to improve yourself. And I can teach you how to do it.

Here's the promise that I want to make to you, and one that you must believe:

There is a strong, lean body inside you, and you have the power to release it.

The Lean Body Promise is a 30-minute exercise, five-meal-a-day program that will dramatically transform your body in as few as 12 weeks. It's the ultimate fat solution, and the last get-in-shape program you'll ever need.

My program is based on the principle I call Banex, which stands for "balanced nutrition and exercise." Now, you've always heard that eating right and exercise are the way to get in shape and control your weight. But Banex takes this simple idea to the next level. With this revolutionary program, you'll eat more than ever before, in a way that boosts your metabolism and melts fats. With the power and cardio workouts, you'll receive the maximum results from a very short workout.

And it doesn't matter if you've failed to get into shape before. You can handle this program, no matter what shape you're in, no matter how many diets you've started and failed. I can show you how to get motivated -- and stay motivated -- so that you will succeed this time. You can forget about past failures. Just as you can build your body, you can build your willpower and leave your old self-destructive habits behind.

With the Lean Body Promise, it's not unusual to see dramatic changes within a few short weeks. Not only will your appearance improve, but you will also experience greater energy levels, and with that your spirits and motivation to make greater improvements will soar. The quality of your life will improve, and your success will have a profound, positive impact first on you, and then on everything else -- your relationships with your family and friends, your workplace, and even society as a whole. It's what I call the "ripple effect."

I'll also show you how to measure your body fat so you'll be able to monitor your Lean Body as it emerges. In Appendix D (page 208) you'll find detailed instructions on how to track how much lean muscle you're building, and how much fat you're melting away.

Anyone can benefit from using the Banex principle. In the next part, you will find real-world examples of ordinary people who experienced extraordinary, life-transforming changes in their bodies by applying the principles in this book. You don't have to be an exercise physiologist or nutritional scientist to make sense of it. The Lean Body program is simple and effective, and fits into busy lifestyles.

I should know: I'm a full-time dad, husband, and president of a growing company. Yet it's easy to fit the simple guidelines of the Lean Body Promise into my life every day, even when it seems that the phone never stops ringing, the meetings never end, and I'm busy guiding my boys through the trials of long division.

The fact is, everything in this program is based on tried-and-tested principles that I have learned over the last 25 years in training myself and thousands of students, and from my work with professionals in the fields of nutrition and exercise. The Lean Body Promise has also been reviewed by experts in medicine, nutrition, exercise physiology, and chiropractic.

The Lean Body Promise is not a quick fix; it's even better. The Lean Body Promise is a practical system that you can easily make a part of your daily routine. It all starts with a 12-week personal improvement challenge. Then, it will become your own personal journey of physical self-improvement, keep you on track, and give you positive, lifelong habits and empowerment.

If you put your trust in me, I will help you to help yourself and you will succeed in transforming yourself. I will show you everything you need to know,

and I will teach you how to keep yourself motivated.

So why trust me?

Helping Houston Get Lean

That is not true!" I said, looking into the camera.

I was sitting alone in a television studio in Houston, Texas. Although I could not see my CNN Crossfire hosts and the other guest on the show, author Marilyn Wann, I knew that millions of people were watching me. Crossfire is known for its lively debate, and this evening's show had already become particularly animated.

Wann, the author of Fat! So? was joined by Crossfire host Tucker Carlson on one side of the discussion. I was on the other side with former Clinton campaign strategist Paul Begala. The debate topic: Should the government sponsor programs to educate people about obesity?

Ms. Wann had just made the assertion that "weight is highly genetic."

As Houston's recently appointed fitness czar, I knew that this was a comment I couldn't leave unaddressed. The future of overweight people watching the show that evening could very well hang in the balance. What if people left the show thinking that they were just naturally fat and there wasn't anything they could do to change their condition? There would be many who would use this as justification to give up on themselves.

As soon as the words shot out of my mouth -- "That is not true!" -- I launched into an explanation. "If weight was a genetic factor," I said, "then how could obesity amongst our young be up threefold in the last 20 years?"

I'm no geneticist, but common sense tells me that 20 years is not long enough for the American people to evolve -- or mutate, if you prefer . . .


Excerpted from The Lean Body Promise, Gym Edition (Collins Gem) by Lee Labrada Copyright © 2005 by Lee Labrada. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Lee Labrada has appeared on the covers of more than 100 magazines worldwide and has appeared as a fitness and nutrition expert on ABC's Extreme Makeover, CNBC, FOX, NBC, CBS, CNN, WGN, and ESPN television. He is president and CEO of Labrada Nutrition, an Inc. 500 company. Lee was the mayorally appointed Fitness Czar of Houston, Texas, credited with helping the city shed its "Fattest City" title in 2004. Lee holds twenty-two professional bodybuilding titles, including Mr. Universe, and is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Hall of Fame inductee. Born in Cuba, he lives in Houston, Texas.

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