The Lebensborn Experiment: Hitler's Quest To Establish A Master Race

The Lebensborn Experiment: Hitler's Quest To Establish A Master Race

by Scott Grant


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This story examines a rarely discussed part of World War II history as seen through the eyes of the victims who were sacrificed by madmen. Their sacrifices should be used as a warning to future genetic scientists who become involved in uncharted moral territory. History does indeed repeat itself. The allied powers at first flinched in the face of Nazi genocide and eugenic reordering of humankind which allowed the death camps to be built. Today it is difficult to discern between Planned Parenthood's contribution to the harvesting of fetal organs and body parts and the work of Mengele's research with infants in Auschwitz especially when you consider Margaret Sanger's early funding contributions to Hitler's eugenics program.

Hitler came close to winning World War II. The very reason he didn't win was because ultimately he lacked long term vision. His pathological hatred for Jews and the so called hybrid races made himself and his National Socialists world class pariahs. Blinded by his early military successes with his invasion of Poland the subsequent invasion of the U.S.S.R. during a harsh winter squandered his military resources and doomed the Reich. His greatest lack of vision perhaps, involved shunning his nuclear scientist's efforts to develop nuclear weapons, no doubt because he didn't fully understand, or believe their potential. Today the Jews are still hated by Iran's leaders who openly declare genocidal ambitions. Iran's scientists work feverishly to develop nuclear tipped missiles while President Obama constructs a geopolitical strategy of "Leading From Behind." The Iran deal will only guarantee Iran's success when sanctions are lifted and Iran uses the funds to make Iran invulnerable from the air with Russian air defense systems.

Today we do not face a eugenic agenda for the creation of an Aryan race. Instead we are confronted with a forced change of our beliefs to appease a terrorist movement that seeks to establish a pantheism of fundamental Islam by any means necessary in order to establish a global caliphate. We have no solid international laws, or treaties, to guide and control genetic research. Science does not involve itself with moral questions. Politically we are drifting, leaderless. Not into uncharted territory but much worse, we spiral from behind directly into the brutal, unlearned lessons of history.

Scott Grant September, 2015

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About the Author

Scott Grant is an action/adventure writer who uses accurate historical settings to establish fictional characters and stories. He has an International education. He is a decorated Vietnam combat Company Commander with Bronze Star with Valor and the Purple Heart. He is well versed in military history. He lives in Washington with his Asian wife.

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