The Legacy (The Legacy Series, #1)

The Legacy (The Legacy Series, #1)

by Melissa Delport

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BN ID: 2940153546766
Publisher: Melissa Delport
Publication date: 11/17/2016
Series: The Legacy Series , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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The Legacy 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
bucmjt More than 1 year ago
The Legacy by Melissa Delport is a great book. Really well written, terrific characters, descriptive fight scenes all consistent with this post-nuclear plot line. There were a couple times when I lost track of certain characters, but this seemed to emphasize the massiveness of the story. Without that final chapter, I would have been content to be finished here. At some point, I will need to come back and finish the trilogy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sanz71 More than 1 year ago
INITIAL THOUGHTS I'm looking forward to reading one, it sounds post apocalyptic (which is one of my favourite genres). The book also looks like it has a main character that is a strong female (another thing I like in books). I've been reading other genres for a while now so I am ready for a great dystopian/post apocalyptic read. MY REVIEW The covers on all this series feature hooded figures and that fits perfectly for those in the "resistance" that have to keep their own true identities hidden. Would the cover make me pick up this series in a book store? Definitely yes, the hooded figures suggesting mystery, and the fact they are dystopian. So the byline on the book cover, One Man, One Woman, One War really does fit the content of the book well. The dystopian aspect of the book is that the World War 3 has happened. The world has totally changed and fallen into post apocalyptic conditions and it's been everyone for themselves. Kind of a survival of the fittest regime. One man that has done very well for himself in this new system is the all powerful Eric Dane. He has chosen people who he believes will be useful in the regenerating of a community. Any one that Eric dislikes or deems their usefulness not needed has been left to starve. Eric see's himself as the new ruler. This egotistical man needs to be stopped, but how can anyone get into his inner circle and close enough to do anything about his tyrannical rule? This is where Rebecca come's in. I could go deeper into the plot but then I feel it would spoil your enjoyment and the discoveries you need to make about the individuals in the book and the dystopic/post apocalyptic elements in the book.  Naturally Rebecca is the other main character in this book, and wow she is one brave lady as she is the weapon the resistance choose to use to bring the mighty Eric Dane down. There is also a scientific aspect to the book, where some individuals have been chosen and undergone a special secret procedure that gives them certain abilities such as Strength, Speed and Healing quickly. Does Rebecca have what is needed to infiltrate Eric Dane's inner circle and can she cope with what she has to do to gain his trust? Can Rebecca lie the "lie" as she needs to, to help the rebellions cause?  Another character I loved in the book was Reed. On the surface, he could be seen as a rather shallow womanising man but as you learn more about him and the part he plays within the rebellion you truly grow to love him. I also think the relationship between Reed and Rebecca is an interesting one, is the attraction that is between them that of siblings or soul mates? Rebecca and Reed's relationship has humour, comedy, a kind of camaraderie, and a mutual admiration for each other. Rebecca still loves who she considers her true soul mate, the one she had to leave behind when she agreed to do her mission for the rebellion. As this book is set in a dystopic and post apacalyptic era you would think that no one has anything left to lose. However we also discover within this book that everyone has a weakness.  So did I enjoy the book? I really did, I kept my head down reading and didn't want the book to end. Would I recommend the book? Yes definitely to dystopian, post-apocalyptic fans. I would also urge other readers to give this one a go as this book has, action, betrayal, mystery, love and friendships. This one really does have you on the edge of your seat at times, as well as feeling like reaching into the book to help certain characters too! Would I want to read another book in this series? Yes please! It's definitely a case of "What A Twist" at the end of the book and I really just have to know more! Would I want to read other books by this other? I do want to read more of this series, and I really like the sound of and want to read both Rainfall and the Traveller too.
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
Rebecca is hands down one of the bravest, gutsy-est, and strongest female main characters I've ever read about. The story was fast paced with heaps of action. Whether they were running for their lives, fighting, or steaming up the pages, the story kept my adrenalin pumping while pulling at my heart. I thought I was getting a little tired of dystopians, but when they are written like this, it brings things to a whole new level. The Legacy blew me away! It was a breath of fresh air for this genre. Books like this make me giddy! The Legacy by Melissa Delport was kindly provided to me by Tracey McDonald Publishers for review. The opinions are my own.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Looking for that special read that will weave its way through your mind with its intensity, its well-developed characters and the fresh, creative strength of its author? Like the conflict of a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world where the lines are blurred between the truly good and the truly evil, where deceit and intrigue, love and hate fuel the flames of the plot? The Legacy by Melissa Delport is going to rock your world as you are drawn into this tale, lock, stock and barrel. World War III has decimated the United States and the world. Governments are overrun, the people of the U.S. need a leader and grasp at the first one with the charismatic strength to rally their hopes and hearts. Eric Dane has ambition, and the power to take control, leaving the country in the stranglehold of a brutal dictatorship that is choking the life out of its citizens. From this evil rises a secret resistance that is gaining momentum and has infiltrated the heart of the beast.d becomes the most powerful weapon the resistance has. One beautiful and intelligent woman who has lost so much has learned the art of deceit as she steals Eric’s heart and becomes the most dangerous and powerful weapon the resistance has. Outwardly, Rebecca Dane is the loving and devoted wife, standing strong by her husband’s side. In truth, she is an operative for the resistance. She also sees a side of Eric the world never sees as she shares his life and his bed. Will she be strong enough to stop the next step in Eric’s plan to control society? Will she be exposed? Can the resistance save her and the country before it’s too late and more people are crushed? Melissa Delport is a fresh, unique and strong voice in the Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic genre. She writes with great detail in her development of her tale, her characters and NOTHING is overlooked or short-changed while she races us along in her fast-paced world. This author is a must read talent!
Kristen_Noel More than 1 year ago
  Dystopian is just my thing, you know? Whenever I heard of The Legacy, I just knew I would love it. And I did! It was definitely part of the dystopian crowd, but I found that it was able to stand out on its own. Even now, weeks after I've read this, I still think about it. It's very memorable and stands out against the influx of dystopians.   The way that the characters in this book are written is so refreshing. You can just tell that Melissa Delport cares about her characters. They're so well thought out. Rebecca was a perfect heroine! You can tell that they're really well developed and the author spent a lot of time with them. But it wasn't just the characters that were detailed, the entire book was. The plot was intense and kept me on the edge of my seat.   The way that Melissa Delport tells her story coupled with an outstanding heroine in Rebecca, I thoroughly enjoyed The Legacy. It'll be perfect for readers searching for their next dystopian fix! **I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.