The Legend & Adventures of Tae & Kwon. A Time travel martial art adventure

The Legend & Adventures of Tae & Kwon. A Time travel martial art adventure

by Ron Shears

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Englishman Jim Scott and Chinese pal Sam Lo are martial art experts. Sam has an old map showing the location of a cave in Mongolia. In it are supposed to be life-size drawings of people practising unarmed combat. It also mentions many pages of writings and drawings on vellum and a small gold image of a Snow Leopard.
After years of fruitless searches Scott and Lo stare at a car-sized chunk of vertical rock covering the cave entrance. After levering it away they enter the cave labyrinths and stare in wonder aided by the glow from their bracken torch at the hundreds of drawings
A deafening thunder-clap, blinding lightning flashes followed by the growling roar of Snow Leopard, has them dashing for the entrance as the cave shakes violently. Recovering they re-enter as two cave figures rocket from the wall, they are Prince Kwon and sister Princess Tae, young ancestors from an ancient dynasty. After bowing they are sucked down a time tunnel and vanish. Their exit is quickly followed by twins Kim and Tan Soo from an enemy rival dynasty emerging from the walls, they too are sucked down this tunnel, and an old man called Ling also disappears
Scott and Lo know they had to find the cave and the scribe’s drawings before the new millennium is struck on the last stroke of midnight in the year 1999, otherwise, the cave will be lost forever. They do not find the scrolls or a solid gold car-size image of a Snow Leopard as they too are sucked down the time tunnel.
All five land in Seoul South Korea home of Tae Kwon Do.
Tae and Kwon were charged to get the scribe’s work into safe hands; no one dreamed it would happen 3,000 years later. Fortunately not only are Scott and Lo on their side, but Ling, a master of disguise is a wise martial art master who taught Tae and Kwon as children The Soo twins should not have emerged from the cave, and now pose the biggest threat, they know of the scribe’s work. And want it at any cost. There is a Tae Kwon Do master, a tyrant on the Tae Kwon Do governing board who has an ear for anything crooked so when he joins the Soos for his own benefit, then the martial art world could change forever, as the many splinter art groups are in it for profit only. The scribe’s ancient work is priceless, and every country where martial art is practised wants them. Tae and Kwon need all the help they can muster. The world Tae Kwon Do championships are due, in the final Princess just manages to beat Tan Soo in a breathtaking spinning board breaking jumping kick feat. Immediately Tae and Kwon are tumbling down the shortcut, destination unknown.
So ends their 1st adventure.
In their 2nd, they land on a snow-covered mountain. Ling is there they do not know his background yet. They’ve turned to their beginnings Ling sees Snow Leopard Tracks. Scott and Lo are dumped miles away. Fortunately, Sam-a Wantung Shaolin monk is up on martial art history. Tae and Kwon are not only skilled in all martial arts, but also multi-lingual.
Next, they land in Japan to face more dastardly foes after the writings.

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Publisher: Ron Shears
Publication date: 05/10/2011
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About the Author

Born 1935, in Kent England Served 5-year indentured apprenticeship as a Compositor, Typographer. Top Sportsman, played in a semi-pro league as an amateur, declined turning pro, meant breaking apprenticeship. Played for Kent youth, Quit print after 11 years to start his own roof tiling and slating business. Lost the lot-a fortune to bad debts, when Saudi oil minister Yamani quadrupled oil price in four days, builders large and small went broke taking me with them. Apparently and unknown to me I was the largest roofing outfit in South West England. Some years later migrated to Australia. Broke, started again doing building site labouring work to support the family, started writing to keep sane. At 54 diagnosed with; Asthma. Son-Tim suggested Tae Kwon Do, I thought it a Chinese take-w-way I’d not heard of, at 57 I did, nearly killed me, Asthma almost gone, Recommend any asthmatics make your lungs earn their keep. He trains and teaches at Tae Kwon Do in Australia he is a 4th Dan Master and has trained extensively in Judo. He lives in Australia with his wife. They have a daughter, two sons and eight grandchildren, two great-grandchildren. He enjoys: writing, made all of the pine furniture for his house and stacks more for his daughter His unique and original one-off compositions from his collection of old letterpress Hardwood Type can be seen Other work by the author includes completed screenplays and stories, in various lengths and genres. Unless otherwise stated all are the author's ideas and concepts. Screenplays are co-written with Aimee Lamb. As you will see there is a mountain of writing here, and at my age, I decided to ‘get’ these written, and could not have done so without Aimee Lamb. Where the Devil says Goodnight, true account of female Siberian gulag ww2, nominated for a US cultural and Heritage award. Others ranked high in competitions. Passionate about our planet and it's wildlife from small insects to the Blue Whale. Writes letters to papers, several articles printed. Believes we should delete the word 'Retirement' from all languages.

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