"The Legend of The Vampire Khufu"

by Raymond Mayotte


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Travel the last five thousand years in dark shadows along with the Immortal Vampire Khufu as he struggle to exist in the world of mortal men, an adventure seen mostly through the eyes of the vampire as he moves through time leaving many historical memories in his wake.

"Excerpts from "The Legend of The Vampire Khufu."
As deep wells of darkness envelope a small cemetery, and in the shadows of an old tomb, the heavy lid of a grave liner slowly begins to stir, the lids minute movement causing a muffled scraping sound to echo ever so softly in the stillness. From within the liner a hair line crack of blackness appears and slowly begins to widen, then long fingers snake out to wrap themselves around the edge of the lid. In a sudden movement the lid is shoved back to where it slams against the wet, clay like, texture of the wall with a dull thud, the impact sending dozens of many legged beetles and furry spiders scurrying to find darker places. From within the shadowy depths of a casket the naked figure of a young man now slowly arises and steps out onto the damp floor, his height unfolding to six feet as he straightens and turns toward two old and rusted iron doors that protect the tomb and his casket while he sleeps through the day. With a shudder of his shoulders the man's form changes to that of a large bat that flies up and squeezes out through a wedge shaped hole above the door and into the night.
After climbing the stairs to her bedroom, Karen curls up snug and content on the foot of her bed and begins to read a book. However out through the bedroom window she can see the huge fireball of the sun getting ready to set and she watches mesmerized as it slowly sinks out of sight, its rays instantly causing the horizon to come ablaze with red and orange like the sky itself is on fire.
Suddenly a movement below catches her eye and she glances out across the field towards the cemetery, only to jump back with a gasp when she sees a dark figure detach itself from the shadows at the rear of the cemetery and move towards the road.
Immediately she realizes this is the man she saw early the morning before that entered the cemetery and never came out again, at least for the next few hours she had watched, and once again now she finds herself alone in the house and shivering with cold, thankful in her mind that she hasn't put on any lights in the house and it will look dark and empty. However she gasps again when the man stops and glares directly up into the dark bedroom window where she sits, her eyes now staring into his that she can see as clear as if he is standing only a few feet from her. Now a moan escapes her as she clasps her hands tightly over her mouth to hold back a scream, and when she attempts to turn her eyes away from him her ears are filled with the roaring sound of her blood gushing through her veins causing her heart to pound wildly against her ribs. Then like someone has been holding her heart in their hand and squeezing, the pressure let go when the figure below turns and walks away out of the cemetery.

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ISBN-13: 9781451519341
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/12/2010
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author


Raymond Mayotte has been writing on and off for most of his life, but only since his retirement has he found time to sit down and write five exciting novels.
This novel 'The Legend of the
Vampire Khufu' is his favorite and the first of a trilogy. The Second book
'Only Immortal' also finished and available. As for the last he is still huddled away in his Maine home diligently working in it.

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