The Legendary Woofer-Tweeter Experiment

The Legendary Woofer-Tweeter Experiment

by Kari M. Naglestad, Bob Cohen (Editor)


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The Legendary Woofer-Tweeter Experiment is my story about two unusually enterprising 11-year-old boys, their disparate dads, and a very affectionate dog named Woofer.

Kit Quakenbush thinks PJ Purvy is just about the coolest kid he's ever known. PJ's lived all over the world, has seen and done tons of terrific stuff - and Kit would give almost anything to trade his own dull, boring existence for PJ's fascinating one. So when the two of them set out together to create a legendary science presentation, the most memorable their middle school has ever seen, Kit has great expectations. And, as it turns out, "memorable" is exactly what it becomes. . . . But not at all in the way they'd intended - or would have wanted.

For kids in the middle-reader years, especially boys who would rather do just about anything besides sit down and read a "boring" book, exciting stories that tackle hard-to-discuss issues head-on are all too rare. Written from Kit's point of view, The Legendary Woofer-Tweeter Experiment looks at how shockingly different life experiences can be, even for people who seem outwardly similar; how at times the most seemingly respectable of fathers can traumatically overstep the bounds; how first impressions can sometimes hide far more sinister elements. And, in the end, how crucial the qualities of patience, compassion, respect, and loyalty truly are.

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ISBN-13: 9781518692260
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/19/2015
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

Born in Chicago on January 22, 1950, Kari fulfilled her passion in watercolor painting, quilting, writing, and being a devoted mother and loving wife. She grew up on the family farm near Rock Rapids, IA, before moving with her family to Seal Beach, CA, where she attended Marina High School. While a student at UC Riverside, she met her husband, Bob, in 1970. The couple lived first in Chicago, where she worked as an editor, then in Long Beach, where she was a typesetter and layout artist. Kari and Bob eventually had three boys: Nicholas in 1978, Alex in 1981, and Anthony in 1983. Though Kari devoted herself to raising her children for many years, she still found the time to serve as President and CEO of the family's Internet company starting in 1996. She authored three books, crafted many beautiful quilt squares, and displayed a true talent for capturing light and color in her watercolor paintings. Kari passed away doing exactly what she wanted: pursing her art and spending time with her beloved family. She is survived by her husband, Bob; sons Nick, Alex, and Anthony; and Nick's wife, Meg, whom she always welcomed as her own daughter.

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