The Lemon Sisters

The Lemon Sisters

by Jill Shalvis


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"A book to savor—and share." —Susan Wiggs, New York Times Bestselling Author

The New York Times bestselling author of Rainy Day Friends and Lost and Found Sisters returns to Wildstone, California...

Brooke Lemon has always led the life she wanted, wild adventures—and mistakes—included, something her perfect sister, Mindy, never understood. So when Mindy shows up on Brooke’s doorstep in the throes of a break-down with her three little kids in tow, Brooke’s shocked.

Wanting to make amends, Brooke agrees to trade places, taking the kids back to Wildstone for a few days so Mindy can pick up the pieces and put herself back together. What Brooke doesn’t admit is she’s just as broken . . . Also how does one go home after seven years away? It doesn’t take long for Brooke to come face-to-face with her past, in the form of one tall, dark, sexy mistake. But Garrett’s no longer interested. Only his words don’t match his actions, leaving Brooke feeling things she’d shoved deep.

Soon the sisters begin to wonder: Are they lemons in life? In love? All they know is that neither seems to be able to run far enough to outpace her demons. And when secrets surface, they’ll have to learn that sometimes the one person who can help you the most is the one you never thought to ask.

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ISBN-13: 9780062741929
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 06/18/2019
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 217
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.80(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

New York Times Bestselling Author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill’s bestselling, award-winning books wherever romances are sold, and visit her website,, for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.

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The Lemon Sisters 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 35 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 7 days ago
5 star review of The Lemon Sisters (Wildstone #3) by Jill Shalvis I haven’t read any of the previous books in this series but was able to read this one with no issues. Seven years ago Brooke Lemon left Wildstone, CA bound for Los Angeles. Now a producer for a Travel show, she has no plans to return. She cut ties with her sister Mindy as well as the man who held her heart, Garrett Montgomery. When Mindy shows up unexpectedly begging for her sisters help, Brooke feels obligated to help. Mindy looks nothing like the poised and in control women she has always been. Instead she is frazzled, distraught and close to a breakdown. Brooke, along with Mindy’s three children head to Wildstone. Of course she runs in to Garrett and both realise that they still have feelings for one another. I really loved Mindy’s children and it was heart warming to watch as Brooke re-connected with them. It was also interesting to watch as Brooke and Mindy tried to fix their relationship whilst Mindy trued to fix her marriage to Linc. As long buried secrets rise to the surface, Brooke, Mindy and Garrett will have to learn to trust one another again. The chemistry between Brooke and Garrett is strong and both come to realise that what they have is worth fighting for. Jill Shalvis writes characters that are human, that have flaws, vulnerabilities and are easy to relate too. There is always a lot of depth to her characters and The Lemon Sisters is a good example of this.
gaele 7 days ago
Brooke Lemon packed her bags at eighteen and went off to chase her dreams: photographing and producing shows about extreme: sport, landscape, daring to be different. Now working in the ‘office’ and behind the scenes after a helicopter crash that killed one person and nearly killed her, she’s not been back to Wildstone for years, and has essentially cut herself off from family and friends there. Until her older sister Mindy appears on her doorstep with three children in tow, a complete wreck. Now Brooke has a choice: ignore her sister, take the kids to Disney, or bite the bullet and take them home, allowing her sister to follow her in a couple of days. Three kids, a control-freak sister married to a doctor who always seems to be working or away and returning to her childhood home isn’t the hallmark of relaxing, especially when there are people she needs to apologize to, a schedule and activities for the kids to maintain, and well, being responsible for someone else. When you add in the fact that Garrett is living next door, and is the only person who won’t allow Brooke to lie, noticed her little “tics” that tie to her OCD, and the fact that her little niece is also displaying the tics that Brooke hid for so long – the story has so many layers of emotional punches that it’s hard to pick just one. With Mindy’s marriage on auto-pilot and her so determined to be ‘perfect’, her husband always taking up the slack in the practice he shares with his brother who is, to say the least, selfish and unable to accommodate anyone but himself, and Mindy feeling unseen and unappreciated, worried that Liam is unfaithful, and utterly absorbed in micromanaging everyone’s life, it strikes a chord with couples in long term relationships everywhere. Finally with some time to face (sometimes unwillingly) her past, her issues and Garrett and the damage she did to their relationship, Brooke grows in leaps and bounds – unwittingly or purposefully, and we see the power of love, family, acceptance and even the moments when things are on the precipice of falling apart. Shalvis does this by making her characters sympathetic, flawed and wholly engaging – from a barking three year old to three cats with major attitude, several reunions and a ‘dawn breaks over marble head’ moment for both Brooke and Garrett, the story is fun, easy to read and loaded with compassion and the power of acceptance – from everyone. I received an eArc copy of the title from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
LMDH98 7 hours ago
Wonderful addition to a great series! Jill Shalvis does not disappoint. She is one of the authors that I follow. Her stories are perfect escapes when they are needed the most. This book has all of the feels and is a page turner. Brooke and Mindy are at different places in their life and they have grown apart from the closeness of youth. Mindy seems to have her life together, perfect home, nothing out of place until it seemingly implodes. She shows up mid breakdown on her sister Brooke's doorstep with her kids and Brooke steps up to help when her sister needs it the most. Brooke goes home to Wildstone for the first time in years to help her sister out with her three hilarious kids while getting a chance to make things right with the man she left behind. Brooke and Mindy grow closer as Mindy tries to repair the relationship with her husband, while matchmaking Brooke and Garrett. Brooke's life is in LA while Garrett's life is firmly entrenched in Wildstone.
Amber_Starr 15 hours ago
This might be one of my favorite reads of the year so far. And sort of reminded me of the movie, Raising Helen. In that the "party" sister ends up taking care of her nieces and nephews - in this instance while her sister had a much needed mental health break. And Brooke gets a look into the life her sister Mindy has as mom extraordinaire. And why Mindy needed a little break away from her life. I liked that this wasn't just one person's story, it was really more than that. Brooke and Mindy both had their HEA - in whatever way that worked for them - I'm not telling you which because I want you to read it and figure it out for yourself. And maybe take a look inside and see if you're more of a Brooke or Mindy and maybe learning to be kind to yourself. Brooke might be my favorite of the sisters, just simply because she seems to be a little more loose and less stressed - at least before Mindy took her break. Either way, this will be a re-read for me when I need a funny, feel good book.
poetriot 22 hours ago
What a wonderful of two sisters who seem to have everything but discover things are not at all what they seem. Brooke and Mindy are two sisters who are both broken and longing for something in their lives that can only be fulfilled by each other and the love they encounter. Both the men in their lives are exactly the men these two sisters need to help them rediscover what need to reconnect and repair their lives. I love all the characters in this story who all have so many layers and depth.
alupan 1 days ago
The Lemon Sisters is the third book of Jill Shalvis' Wildstone series (and my new favorite book), but it can be read as a stand alone. Brooke and Mindy, the Lemon sisters were once very close – although they are the total opposites of each other - but then life happened. Brooke was eager to leave the town as soon as possible to have adventures, and Mindy was busy to micromanage everything around herself: the shop and her family. During these they were both grewing up. But far from each other. They don't even meet more than once a year. And then Mindy gets a burn-out, a mental break down and the only person she can think of to help her, is her sister. Brooke, who is not whole either, but always used to keep her problems, feelings to herself, steps up and helps Mindy indeed. She agrees to take care of Mindy's three children, and if it wasn't enough, goes back to Wildstone to face her past. I loved the book from the beginning to the end. Jill Shalvis' characters are always so real. Real and just as ordinary (or in this case crazy) as I am, as we all, the readers are. So it is very easy to connect to them. Feel their laughs and pains. That is why I could laugh and cry at the same time from page to page. Jill Shalvis is talented, like only a few authors. Her writing is so funny, I think, if she wrote a receipe, I could also laugh at that. And the next second I have to grap for my tissues because what happens squeezes my heart. The whole time while I was reading this book I just wished I was there, in Wildstone, with the men (gorgeous as always. Impossible not to fall for them), and of course the Lemon sisters, whom I'd just like to be friends with. If you are new to Jill Shalvis, this book is a very good one to start with because it really shows you well why Jill is so brilliant. You won't be able to put it down, just like I couldn't. If you are not new any more, then just belive me, you will enjoy every second of the reading.
Honolulubelle 2 days ago
Favorite Quotes: You’re not fat, you’re just . . . easier to see. Millie came back into the room wearing black tights with strawberries on them and a strawberry-red dress. She pointed to the pockets. “I’ve just got to fill my snack holes and I’ll be ready to go.” Brooke thought this was brilliant. “Every outfit should have snack holes.” Millie nodded sagely. Her hair looked like she’d come out the wrong end of an explosion. “What if reincarnation is real and in your next life you come back as a dog? Or a cat? Or worse, a man? You’ll have wasted it.” She shrugged. “I’d be a good cat. I’m bitchy and I don’t like anyone.” Want to know the things a guy doesn’t know he’s bad at until he’s married? Making the bed, laundry, being correct, and breathing. You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions. Mindy eyed the crowd. “Everyone’s skinny and beautiful.” “Yeah, so feel sorry for them because of all the Taco Tuesdays they’ve clearly missed.” …oh my God, you’re also wearing my sandals. At my funeral, make sure to sit me up so I can see which of my clothes you’ve stolen to wear. “Junior year of high school, you came over to my family’s house to watch a movie. You and my grandpa promptly fell asleep… And around halfway through, still dead asleep, you popcorn farted loud enough to wake the dead. Pop, pop, pop.” He grinned. “My grandpa fell out of his chair.” And the old man’s dentures had gone skittering across the room. He was her person, but even more amazing, he wanted her to be his person. My Review: I have delighted in each of the five cleverly written Jill Shalvis books I’ve been lucky enough to obtain, I don’t think it would be possible for her to churn out a less than stellar product as her narratives comfortably flow with a smooth fluidity and are all too easy to fall completely into. This story featured a family tree rife with quirky OCD traits through several generations, which added extra layers of humor as well as complications for the feisty characters who were not always likable yet were endearing and sympathetic. The storylines and writing style were highly amusing and pleasantly entertaining while hitting all feels with thoughtful insights and emotive observations. I have quickly become an avid devotee or her smart wit and crafty word wrangling. Jill Shalvis has mad skills!
heavenlycirce 2 days ago
"The Lemon Sisters" is written by Jill Shalvis, and it is the 3rd book in her Wildstone series. It can be read as a stand-alone book. It features the Lemon sisters, Brooke and Mindy. This was a wonderfully written book that intertwined the storylines not only between Brooke and Mindy, but also, Mindy's relationship with her husband, Linc, and Brooke's relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Garrett. Everything fell into place, into a nice, heartwarming, hilarious, and emotional read. Brooke left Wildstone behind 7 years ago. Much to her surprise, Mindy shows up at her doorsteps with her 3 adorable kids in tow. Mindy is about to lose it trying to maintain that perfect image, but with her husband, Linc, working long hours, she's a struggling mom. Linc hasn't found time for his family, and even though he loves his wife and kids, he's blind to the problem that's going on at home. So Brooke agrees to swap places with Mindy and take care of the kids. But Brooke takes the 3 kids back to Wildstone. This is where the story really begins because Brooke finally sees Garrett again, and she clues Linc in to what's really going on in his marriage. And when Mindy comes back to Wildstone, everything becomes interesting. I liked all 3 storylines to this book. But I do think my favorite storyline was between Brooke and Garrett. Brooke broke Garrett's heart when she left town. No one knew about their relationship, and Garrett also finds out a secret that kept Brooke away. Will Garrett and Brooke get their 2nd chance? Can Mindy and Linc work out what's going wrong in their marriage? Can Mindy and Brooke make amends? Jill Shalvis wrote another winner! Throughout the years, she has remained one of my favorite authors due to her consistent writing in grabbing the readers in and captivating us with her storylines! Looking forward to her next installment!
Anonymous 4 days ago
BarbTRC 4 days ago
The Lemon Sisters by Jill Shalvis is the 3rd book in her Wildstone series. Once again, I love reading Jill Shalvis’s books, as she is one of the best at romances. The Lemon Sisters is about a family that has become broken, with secrets and heartache trying to heal and mend. We meet Brooke Lemon, our heroine, who lives and works in LA. After a late night, Brooke is woken up very early with banging on the door of her apartment. To her shock, her visitor is her sister, Mindy, whom she has not seen in a few years; on top of that, Mindy has brought her three kids. Brooke will find out that Mindy is at wits end, totally exhausted and just about having a nervous breakdown. To give her sister a break to rest, she offers to take the three kids back to Wildstone (which she has not been for 7 years) and take care of the kids for a few days, while Mindy will stay at Brooke’s place and rest and calm down. When back at Wildstone, Brooke is determined to right some wrongs when she left years before. Brooke had come off a major accident by a helicopter crash, and continues to have nightmares about it; which causes her PTSD in attempting to work as a photographer for onsite work, since she will not fly or do high heights. One of those that she wants to make amends is with Garrett Montgomery, her boyfriend at the time; whom she walked away from and left him with no explanation. Garrett lives next door to Mindy’s house, and is very good friends with the family; almost immediately they come face to face with each other. Brooke has not forgotten Garrett, and can sense her feelings for him are still there. But Brooke hides how she is still broken, and does not want to resume anything with Garrett; she just wants to explain to him why she left. While Mindy is enjoying her freedom living in Brooke’s fancy place, and her coworkers, Brooke is running around taking care of her kids. The kids were wild and fun. Garrett goes out of his way to help Brooke with everything, at the same time hiding his true feelings; as he does not want to get hurt again. While Brooke and Garrett slowly deal with the past and the present, Mindy returns home after a week, and despite her break, is still having issues dealing with her everyday life. Linc, her husband, is a workaholic, but he still loves Mindy. It will be Brooke, who can’t fix her own life, who will talk to Linc to find more time to help Mindy. Personally, I was not really a fan of Mindy, though I understood her being buried with three active children, and other pressures, causing her to fall apart. I felt that Mindy was a bit selfish staying away and leaving Brooke longer than anticipated, as well as assuming her husband was having an affair, which he wasn’t; Linc to me was pretty great. The story for both couples would take work and willingness to change things. Will Linc be able to change his work life to help Mindy? Will Mindy learn to stop micromanaging and trust her family? Will Brooke come to terms with her issues of the past and move forward with confidence? Will Garrett allow himself to love Brooke again? What follows is a heartwarming story about family and loves in different many ways. It is about getting beyond the hardships and allowing themselves to heal; to open up and move on and give themselves another chance to make amends. I will say that I absolutely loved how the story ends. The Lemon Sisters was very well written by Jill Shalvis.
sbart84 6 days ago
Loved, loved this book of sisters. Even though they have had their differences they will help each other out. Both at wits ends with their personal lives, but Brooke is ready to step up and help her sister, Mindy. Even if that means returning to Wildstone, with Mindy's three kids (which I fell in love with) and being next door to her one true love, Garrett. The only problem is, Garrett is no longer interested in Brooke, at least that is what his brain is saying. He thinks mindless sex would be ok, but soon more emotions come out. Mindy is married to a doctor with three little kids, and she is afraid her husband, Linc no longer loves her. But soon she will find out otherwise, life gets busy. Even though I wanted to strangle Mindy a few times! Loved the idea of sisters, both with second chance romance and finding each other again. As a sister, I know I can always depend on mine. Fair warning, I could not put this book down!! This is the perfect summer read, I highly recommend.
BookAngel_Emma 6 days ago
Jill Shalvis never fails to turn me into an emotional mess with the characters she creates. Although we return to Wildstone in The Lemon Sisters there is only a small mention of the characters from the previous books. However, the setting has the same close-knit small-town feel where everyone knows and supports each other. However, that also means everyone knows the bad, as well as the good and judgment over past actions, can cloud the perception of the present. Brooke has always been close to her family, originating from Wildstone, but her wanderlust and photography talent took her away from her hometown and around the globe. Although Brooke always knew that no matter where she travelled she had a safe haven in Wildstone, along with her secret relationship with Garrett. That is until a terrifying helicopter accident took away her Brooke’s inner peace and vision of the future. Instead of sharing her burden with those closest to her, Brooke shut down and in the process pushed everyone away. Until she has no choice but to face her past when her sister arrives on her doorstep at the end of her emotional tether. I loved the interweaving story-lines between Brooke, her sister, Mindy, and Garrett. The pacing of the story flows smoothly between he past and the present, highlighting the moments which defines the path each person choose and the impact that decision had on those around them. Having experienced a similar situation to Brooke, although not due to a helicopter, it was as if Jill had been able to see into my head and understand every emotion and thought I had about being in that position and transferred it to Brooke. Painfully realistic and understandable while offering a outside perspective to the mix. The Lemon Sisters looks at how we grow as individuals, how dreams and priorities can alter due to our life experiences. It shows the importance of having a support system in our lives to help us through the good and bad times. As well as the ability to be self-aware enough to accept ourselves for who we are, faults (perceived or otherwise) and all
RomanticReadsandSuch 6 days ago
Shalvis is one of the best at creating real people and real situations. In The Lemon Sisters, she perfectly blends together romance, women’s fiction, and family drama to deliver a beautiful tale of connecting to others & finding home again. After a tragic accident, Brooke has cut herself off from those she loves. She’s coping, but not dealing, and a visit from her desperate sister brings it all back to the surface. And forces her to confront those she’s hurt. Mindy has lost herself in being a wife, mother, and business owner. She’s feeling overwhelmed & unseen and she is afraid of what it means to her marriage. Desperate, she turns to the sister she barely knows anymore for help. And sets both of them on a path to facing ghosts and old hurts. I really enjoyed how both of the sisters played a starring role in the book – their individual well-being and their relationship with each other, and with their SOs, is equally important. But even with so much going on, Shalvis handles it fairly and none of it feels shorted. I ended it feeling like I understood everyone’s situation, how they had gotten where they were at the beginning, and felt good about how they managed to get to their HEA. (Part of a series but each one is pretty much a stand alone.) **Review given honestly and freely after receipt of a reader copy. This opinion is completely my own and was not influenced in any way.**
Stacey_is_Sassy 7 days ago
I think this is Jill Shalvis’ best book…since her last one I just wrote a review and deleted the whole bloody thing. I’m struggling to get my feeling down as to how much I LOVED The Lemon Sisters. To be honest, my family are not helping me in this endeavour. My son is chatting with his mate VERY LOUDLY. My hubby is in the kitchen baking his famous Banana, Butterscotch Pudding (which I appreciate) and listening to music VERY LOUDLY. Now, it’s raining and it’s VERY LOUD. STUFF IT…I’M GOING TO HAVE A SHOWER!!!! That did the trick. For some reason, I have my best ideas in the shower, and again, I found the answer. The reason why I love Jill Shalvis’s romance stories is that her characters are looking for their happy place. That’s it. The heroine isn’t looking for a billionaire to drape her in diamonds. She’s not looking for a superstar to guide her into the spotlight. A biker…mafia man…hitman isn’t called for to show her a bit of the dark side. Jill Shalvis creates heroine’s that are just looking for someone to share their happy place. Someone to share the good times with the bad. The person who will put them first and expects the same. These women just want to love and be loved, put first and not forgotten about. I get it because it’s realistic and, in some ways, that is what we should all be hoping to attain. I LOVED meeting and getting to know Brooke and her sister Mindy, Linc, Mindy’s husband, and Garrett, Brooke’s first love. These four people were awesome in their own way but completely flawed. They all have outstanding attributes that made them shine, alongside characteristics that, while negative, also made them themselves. No one is perfect, they realise this and they know expecting perfection is unrealistic. What made them even better characters was their ability to acknowledge their flaws and accept that they needed to work on them. The Lemon Sisters took me on an emotional journey and left me extremely satisfied. I laughed, cried, squirmed and sighed. While the main four characters were riveting, we were also treated to some very special additional characters. Mindy and Linc’s kids were so cute and I loved seeing their quirkiness accepted and encouraged. Brooke’s friends from her job were amazing and I really would love a story for both Tommy and Cole (I think that was their names). Seriously, I can not recommend this book highly enough. I guess the reason why I loved it so much was because it put me in my happy place. Last night, I was lucky enough to hit the trifecta…a fantastic book to read, a glass of wine in my hand and hubby making me dinner and singing off-key to make me smile. Who could ask for more??? Thank you, Jill Shalvis, your words made my day. Stacey is Sassy, received an advanced copy of this story. The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes.
arubaqueen 7 days ago
Brooke couldn't wait to leave her hometown and the people close to her behind. She's gone for years avoiding her family and her one true love. There's quite a history between Brooke, her sister Mindy and her ex Garrett. They've known each other since they were teens because they were neighbors. When Mindy shows up on Brooke's doorstep needing a Mommy timeout, Brooke agrees to take the kids for a few days. While she had thoughts of Disney, she decides to head back to Mindy's home, also their childhood home, and face the problems with both her sister and Garrett. While being there she gets closer to the kids, has a hard time avoiding her feelings for Garrett and then sticks up for Mindy with Linc, Mindy's husband. The close relationship between these 4 people is undeniable even if it's being fought! In true Shalvis style, there are so many laughs and alot of love that just needs to be worked through so everyone gets to their HEA. The ending was perfect! I read an ARC and am voluntarily leaving my review.
Anonymous 7 days ago
Love a good story about sisters, love a second chance at romance and this book has both! Brooke has decided it's time to face her past so she can move on. Her perfectly put together sister Mindy gives her the opportunity when she shows up at Brooke's door having a total meltdown. Mindy's kids, her husband, Linc, and then Garrett. Just wow and the epilogue, so good, all of it!
cgarr 7 days ago
I always feel good after reading a Jill Shalvis book! As the title suggests, the story is as much about the Lemon Sisters, Brooke and Mindy. Jill Shalvis takes on emotional topics but puts enough humor and witty conversation in to always make the story a fun journey. Brooke is the lead character and has been living scared for a long time. She has cut off ties with her family and stopped doing what she always loved. That is until Mindy comes knocking at her door. Mindy is feeling emotionally overwhelmed and turns to her sister for help. Their bond is still strong regardless of them being out of touch. They basically swap places and they both find their way back home. The characters are flawed but real. The kids are hysterical, the little soul suckers! =) I loved this story and will likely read this one over again. I received a complimentary copy and am voluntarily leaving a review. This book is set in Wildstone like a couple of her other books, but they are definitely all stand alone.
teachlz 7 days ago
ill Shalvis, Author of “The Lemon Sisters” has written an entertaining, intriguing family drama. The Genres for this story are Fiction, Domestic Fiction and Women’s Fiction. A good part of the story takes place in Wildstone California. The author describes her characters as complex, complicated, troubled, and dysfunctional. Brooke and Mindy are two sisters that currently have been estranged for a while. Both are opposite in many ways. Both have their own flaws but seem to be jealous of one another. This reminds me of some of the movies where characters trade places. Mindy has a handsome husband that is a physician and three children. Brooke has a wonderful career and seems to be independent. Both sisters are miserable and have to find their happiness. The author discusses the importance of family, friendship, communication, love, and hope. I would recommend this book for those readers who enjoy second chances.
marongm8 7 days ago
This book was received as an ARC from William Morrow Paperbacks in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own. This book was a real good lesson for all for everyone that struggles in life and needs their family to their rescue. Brooke and Mindy's relationship was put to the test when they discovered that both were struggling with current and past situations that they discovered so much about themselves and now all they want to do is grow their sisterly bond stronger than ever. The story also got interesting when Brooke came back to her hometown and discovered an old flame that she thought was long gone and when she rekindles with him, she realizes that she needs to fix what she once thought was broken. We will consider adding this title to our Fiction collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
Noire 7 days ago
I received an ARC of this book to read through Edelwiess+ in exchange for a fair review. The Lemon Sisters by Jill Shalvis explores the idea of going back home to perhaps rebuild some of the bridges you burnt when you left. Brooke Lemon is stuck. She is paralysed by PTSD caused by a helicopter crash she was in a few years ago. Realising that she isn’t happy with her life the way it is she jumps at the opportunity to go back home to try and repair her life when her sister turns up on her doorstep children in tow suffering from extreme burnout. Exchanging lives allows the two sisters to reinvent their relationship and realise that they are not so different after all. As well Brooke needs to deal with feelings she buried and to make amends with Garret Montgomery the boy next door whom she has never really gotten over. This book has all the feels with laughter and tears and a very satisfying hard-won HEA. Medium Steam. Publishing Date June 18, 2019 #Edelweissplus #JillShalvis #TheLemonSisters #WilliamMorrowPaperbacks #HarperCollinsCanada
Anonymous 7 days ago
There is a mixing bowl of stuff going on in this story and I loved it. At the beginning of the story, the heroine describes a flight crash and I felt like that as I went careening through the story to the very end. The myriad of feelings and emotions was enough to make the reader need oxygen before Ms. Shalvis brought the story in for a landing. I am related to someone who has faced some tragedy and he finally found a soul mate who has faced her own devastating events. They were discussing how there was no Plan B for them if they marry. They felt so ‘unlovable’ that it was a miracle and a gift that they found each other. If one or the other bailed, it would have life changing consequences which is why they held themselves away from a relationship for so long. Jill Shalvis captures that very conversation with all the raw emotions and second guessing in this story. It is poignant, sassy, sad, and heartfelt. Wow. Just Wow.
CyndiBecker 7 days ago
Jill Shalvis' Wildstone series is a shining gem in the world of contemporary romance reads. Each one has introduced readers to a group of characters who are realistic and endearing. With the sisters Lemon, Brooke and Mindy find a strength in each other that has long been muted. To get there, one sister will need to take a short break from home, and the other will need to travel there. I absolutely adore these two and I loved what brought them back together. When Mindy shows up at Brookes, her hilarious and delightful kids in tow, Brooke only hesitates slightly, but when she steps in to help Mindy through her crisis ( allowing Mindy to get the much needed mommy alone time"), the years of neglect give way to a new path towards friendship and affection. And Brooke gets the much-needed chance to atone for some emotionally driven poor choices she made almost a decade earlier. As Brooke faces her past, her future begins to reshape itself. But she is a stubborn woman and running comes too easily to her. As with all books by Jill Shalvis, her stories have some of the best characters out there. Let's start with the fact that with two sisters in Wildstone, we get two pretty great men. Two sexy, sweet, funny and loyal men; Lincoln and Garrett. Mindy has some things to work out with Lincoln; misunderstandings and miscommunications, and some of the typical neglect of a marriage that occurs with 3 children and demanding jobs. Brooke and Garrett haven't spoken in years and with an apology comes the chance to heal their hearts and close the divide. With double the fun and hotness from these men, there's also double the emotion. I rooted hard for both couples to find their way back to each other and they do so in spectacular fashion. But, some of my favorite characters in this book are Mindy's and Lincolns children; three-year-old Maddox, four-year-old Mason, and eldest at eight, "Princess" Millie. Between Maddox's propensity for going without clothes and barking in lieu of talking, Masons' love of unicorns and pink (Salmon) colored shirts, and Millies need to be called Princes and all consuming OCD, there's a lot of giggling going on in my reading corner As with all books by Jill Shalvis ( and one again), I highly recommend this book. If not for you, then for your sisters. By blood or by position in your life, this is a wonderful feel great book that will warm your soul and give you laugh lines. 5 Stars!
Grinandstampit1 7 days ago
This book is full of past hurts, remorse, and recovery. Brooke and Mindy are the Lemon sisters who have not seen each other for years. Mindy shows up on Brooke’s doorstep needing help. Thus begins this story filled with multiple conflicts between Mindy and Brooke, Mindy and spouse Linc, and Brooke and old friend Garrett. Through all the relationship turmoil there are laugh out loud moments, forgiveness and healing. I enjoyed this book so much I read it twice. Jill Shalvis will make you laugh and make you cry and through it all she delivers an outstanding book. Kudos to the author for this 5 star read.
nku 7 days ago
The Lemon Sisters (Wildstone, #3) by Jill Shalvis....I would like to give the more than 5 stars....Jill grabbed me and didn't let me go...well I did sleep a few hours when I couldn't keep my eyes open.. Since I have an older sister and we have been close..then not ...then really close again I really got a lot of feels from this story... Brooke and Garrett ...first loves..both with so many hangups...Mindy and Linc...can they find their way back together?.. I laughed, I cried, laughed and cried...a lot of angst many things to work through...some great steam, so many issues cover all to get us to a very HEA. Again thank you Jill Shalvis.... Reasons I enjoyed this book: Realistic Funny Happily Ever After Steamy Unpredictable Easy-to-read Wonderful characters Haunting Great world building Original Tear-jerker Romantic Entertaining Informative Page-turner
sm0120 7 days ago
Most of the time I don't really care that my sister and I are estranged, but then I'll read a book like The Lemon Sisters and it will sort of, kind of, make me wish she and I had a relationship like these fictional characters. But then I come to my senses and remember the key word- fiction. Although Brooke and Mindy had a bit of a contentious relationship, which let's be honest, pretty much all sisters do, theirs wasn't too far gone that it couldn't be repaired. Even with the distance Brooke put between them, both emotionally and physically, all hope was not lost for them. Nothing was easy, but they were both willing to do what it took to make things right, because deep down you knew they really did love each other and want what was best for the other. And that was true for Brooke and Garrett as well. Theirs was a hard fought love, with so much past pain and hurt, it was hard to imagine them finding their way throught the heartache. But there was so much love between them, so much history, I just couldn't imagine things not working out for them! The Lemon Sisters was an emotional journey, for both sisters. Brooke has put so much distance between herself and her family, it takes her sister Mindy showing up unexpectedly at her doorstep for her to realize that maybe it’s time to put some things to right. And what ensues is a poignant, heartfelt, and quite charming, story. While the main focus is on Brooke and the fallout from her past choices, including making amends with her first love, Garrett, we’re also treated to a side story with Mindy and her family. I really liked that we got to see inside the lives of both sisters. I liked that things weren’t easy, that there were no quick fixes, the work everyone had to put in was real.