The Lessons of Caring: Inspiration and Support for Caregivers

The Lessons of Caring: Inspiration and Support for Caregivers

by Dr. Santo D. Marabella

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Written as a source of inspiration and support for the contemporary caregiver, The Lessons of Caring is short, sweet and to the point - colorful, digital pages with video commentaries from caregivers to comfort you, and exercises and questions to help you.  The purpose of the book is twofold.  First, to share some of the insights the author has gained from helping his parents deal with the challenges of advanced and complex medical issues and their aging.  Second, the book is written in the hopes that the insights and perspective shared will provide support, inspiration and affirmation to other caregivers.

Dr. Santo D. Marabella, the author and a college business professor, has learned from his experience caring for his elderly, Italian-American parents.  Rather than an academic read, Marabella offers accessible content and pragmatic, usable (you judge if it's "useful") advice.  Recognizing that his experience may pose limitations and applicability for other caregivers, this book is not an exhaustive or comprehensive presentation of caregiving lessons; rather, The Lessons of Caring strives to be a resource to caregivers by stimulating reflection, offering support and creating opportunities to grow from the lessons he has learned.  

The Lessons of Caring presents eight lessons.  While there is a deliberate sequencing in the book, readers may want to read, and re-read, the lessons in a different order.  Throughout this book, Marabella talks about self-care.  He says, "It’s as much a reminder for me, as it is a prompt for you.  I’m still learning!"  A special feature is the video message that begins each lesson.  Marabella invited other caregivers, and those who work with caregivers, to share their experiences and thoughts.  When viewed from an Internet-connected device, readers will be able to hear from others who have been on this journey, bringing the meaning of the lesson's topic to life in a more personal way.

Marabella hopes that reading, The Lessons of Caring, "will feed your spirit, recharge your energy and affirm your amazing and life-changing impact as a caregiver!"

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Publication date: 09/17/2018
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About the Author

Santo D. Marabella, MBA, DSW, The Practical Prof®, is an author, playwright, filmmaker, speaker and educator who creates, produces and distributes "edu-tainment that makes a difference". Dr. Marabella is author of the book, "The Practical Prof: Simple Lessons for Anyone Who Works," (2013) and his newspaper column, "Office Hours with The Practical Prof®" has appeared in the Reading Eagle's Business Weekly since 2012. He is writer and producer of a musical, short film and six plays; creator and writer of a TV pilot, Franklin Street Station (2018); producer of five short films and a TV pilot; and, director of more than 25 community theatre productions. His creative works have focused on contemporary issues such as bullying, loneliness and isolation, sexual orientation and identity, and being "stuck," and attempt to tell stories with the drama, poignancy and humor that often accompany these issues in our lives. Dr. Marabella is Professor of Management, Moravian College; President, Marabella Entertainment&Education Enterprises LLC; co-founder and former Film Commissioner, ReadingFilm; Co-Founder and Past Chair, Greater Reading Alliance of Community Theatres. His professional memberships include The Lambs®, the Dramatists Guild of America, the Theatre Communications Group, the Academy of Management and the National Association of Social Workers. Website: LinkedIn profile: Facebook: Twitter: and Quote: "Manage with a Heart, in ways that feed the Spirit!" Dr. Santo D. Marabella, The Practical Prof®

Table of Contents



A. The Losses are Many

B. The Sadness is Gripping

C. The Regrets are Avoidable

D. The Role is Respect

E. The Goal is Protection

F.  The Advocacy is Paramount

G. The Job is Draining

H. The Caring is Love


About the Author

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The Lessons of Caring: Inspiration and Support for Caregivers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Don't be deceived by the shortness of this e-book, The Lessons of Caring! It is organized and efficient at conveying vital information for caregivers with a strong element of transparency and humor, adding a much needed relateable human aspect for this topic. The introduction of each section begins with a short video from the author and other caregivers, adding a visual element which leaves the reader feeling less alone. Each of the 8 topics addressed are separated into The Lesson, A Mantra, The Questions, A Reflection and The Homework. They are written to be relatable, easily understood, and read anywhere (within the limited amount of time many caregivers experience) without losing depth or potency. Helpful techniques and activities are suggested in a non-condescending manner, and homework given should the reader wish to implement a change into their life. The Lessons of Caring is not only an extremely helpful, short read that caregivers can return to repeatedly, but also a tangible way to feel less alone providing the opportunity to connect with others in similar situations for ongoing support, if desired. Highly recommended!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Lessons of Caring is a very insightful book, which is written with unique perspective. You will not only recognize your own emotions, but also gain an understanding of the challenges faced by the person for whom you are caring. As the care giver, you are given validation, affirming your feelings, and realizing the commonality you share with other care givers. The helplessness and lack of independence felt by the infirm is brought to the forefront in each lesson, providing an awareness of his or her frustrations. I highly recommend this book, not just for care givers, but for anyone wanting to treat others with love and respect.
TracySchottMSW More than 1 year ago
Santo Marabella has created the perfect blend of research and personal experience in a quick and easy to read book. Caregivers will be nodding their heads in recognition of the feelings described by Dr. Marabella, and no doubt find relief in knowing they’re not alone. The suggestions for self-care are both practical and manageable. The additional videos at the beginning of each chapter give readers insight into the challenges faced by others, creating a virtual support group (which of course most caregivers don’t have time for!). Highly recommend!
Justine_Liptock_LCSW More than 1 year ago
The Lessons of Caring is a timely gem for caregivers in search of support. As our aging population increases, caregivers are in need of understanding and assistance. The book sections on regrets, guilt, pondering losses, and masking sadness with anger were spot on. Also helpful were the end of chapter self-awareness exercises. Videos of caregivers sharing their experiences were a nice touch. The book is a valuable resource for preventing caregiver burnout.
Rev_Rebecca More than 1 year ago
As a priest, I am always looking for great ways to support the people in my parish who are caregivers. This is a great resource. It is easy to read. The format is wonderful - a brief piece on each topic, a video, a simple statement to affirm the caregiver, questions to consider and homework to go further. It is encouraging and supportive. Caregiving can be very isolating and this book lessens the isolation. The videos and Facebook group are wonderful additions, because you hear real experiences and great suggestions. I will use this as a pastoral care resource.