The Liberation of the African Mind

The Liberation of the African Mind

by Adisa Franklin


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The Liberation of the African Mind: The Key to Black Salvation is both prophetic and revolutionary. It is prophetic in that it points to the direction the Black Church must take. It is revolutionary because it challenges the reader to establish a new religious paradigm; an African Spiritual frame of reference.

This book documents the testimonies of the perpetrators. What the world has been given as Christianity, as original revelation from the Creator is in reality stolen African cosmology and myths that have been corrupted by Roman and Greek priest, philosophers and emperors. The Truth will liberate you from their strong delusions.

While there are indeed some positive aspects to Church membership it is time for the Black Church to Exodus from the Western religious way of faith in God to the African spiritual way of knowledge of God. Rise Prodigal sons and daughters of Africa and of the Most High God. Rise and claim your real spiritual inheritance. It is time to manifest your godhood because the Black community will not be saved by mere mortals. It is time for us to put on immortality and live our divinity. The Liberation of the African Mind: The Key to Black Salvation makes the spiritual resurrection of the Black man a valid goal.

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Publication date: 02/28/2005
Pages: 248
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