The Life Giver:

The Life Giver: "...But I Come that You Might Have Life and Have it in Abundance." John 10:10

by Joey LeTourneau
4.3 14

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The Life Giver: "...But I Come that You Might Have Life and Have it in Abundance." John 10:10 by Joey LeTourneau

Life is waiting! Tap into the Life Giver Himself and begin to give life more abundantly. Then share it! The whole world is your family in need. Based on the author’s profound, personal vision when he was caught up into Heaven, he shares the intimate details that the Lord gave him about heavenly abundance and how to live in Kingdom wealth, and share it with others. This vision changed his perspective on life—and it will do the same for you. The reality of how the thief prowls around like a lion, stealing hope, killing dreams, and destroying God’s family is savagely clear. As is the comforting fact that as God’s child you have authority to have life and give life to those the Father is redeeming. Jesus passed the torch to today’s believers. Wherever you are, whoever you are—opportunities abound to be fruitful, multiply, and give hope to God’s lost, broken, and hurting children. The Life Giver helps you to:

  • See life with new vision, expectation, and purpose.
  • See daily interactions and opportunities to “Give life” to others.
  • See others through the family of God with redeeming love.
  • Connect and overflow with the Life Giver Himself.
  • Tap into the creative and revelatory power of God.
The same creative life-giving power that has been breathed into you by The Life Giver, must be breathed out through you to a world gasping for fresh, heavenly air.

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ISBN-13: 9780768488197
Publisher: Destiny Image, Inc.
Publication date: 07/17/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 276
Sales rank: 735,680
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About the Author

Joey LeTourneau works alongside his wife, Destiny, with Heavenly Hope Ministries coordinating a movement called M.A.R.K 10:14 Family to redeem and empower lost and broken children. After traveling abroad and living in Ethiopia for three years, the LeTourneau’s are based in Parker, Colorado, with their four daughters, Anna, Aynalem, Mercy, and Galilee.


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The Life Giver: "...But I Come that You Might Have Life and Have it in Abundance." John 10:10 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Ebesta More than 1 year ago
so cool. this book was life changing for me. you will enjoy reading it. This book is so amazing. It will enable you to hunger and thirst for more of God and so see him fulfil the promises in his word. That he came that we might have abundant life and even as you read this book you are challenged to be world changer carrying the glory of God. This book will encourage you to put your faith in God in situations that seem dead or hopeless and see the lord Deliver you and give you abundant life be it health, prosperity, completeness or peace. The Lord is a giver of life and gives it to all those who ask him exceedingly abundantly beyond their expectations. Everything that God does brings hope and abundant life and in a world where everything seems to be turning upside down it’s time for the sons of God to arise and take their place and speak life and watch abundant life manifest.
nancycress More than 1 year ago
This book talks about how we can become more life giving in our Christian walk. This book reveals the author’s miraculous testimonies and trials and how the Lord became bigger in his life; as well as how he and his family overcame in becoming all in life givers. The author is real, transparent and vulnerable in writing these testimonies and I could relate to them. We often live in a black-and-white world desperately in need of colors that our human eye has yet to see. We need new life! We need more life and life more abundantly and this book talks about how we can be all in life givers. I recommend this book to those of you who are wanting to more life giving and to see the Lord in a bigger way. A complimentary ebook was provided to me by the publisher.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Through a supernature revelation the autor teaches us how God's love should and can be lived out daily in our lives and toward others. God's love comes from heaven and is to be poured out in our lives and into the lives of others abundantly, we are called to the love ministry,Jesus died for us to walk in.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You people should just read this novel yourselves and write your own review on this book also. I enjoyed reading this novel very much. ShelleyMA
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Marsha0 More than 1 year ago
This is lovely and extraordinary book. The author expresses the very heart beat of the father and how the father heart is full of compassion, loving, mercy, and full of life. God is a life giver and he created us to have this creative, life giver power to bring hope and restore to the lost, poor and broken hearted. Also, he cares so deeply for the whole world; he considers the world his children. We’re to take on God perceptive and love generously. In this books you learn how to strength our walk to with God and to have life more abundantly. This book has completely changed my heart that “I will taste and see the Lord is good”. I enjoyed the stories with his adoption daughter Anna and his family living in Ethiopia. In addition I was so surprised about the vision with Adam, about we have inherited a heavenly promise land though Jesus Christ. While our time on earth, it not just a place it dwelling but to it is a place for you to operate, live on, and give from. This book is definably a keeper and has so much spirit food. My review is on the free eBook that was given to me by the publisher.
RobertPike More than 1 year ago
In such a time, as many are just happy to "survive" the day, season and events of their existence, the book - The Life Giver is an account of what can be, not just in a dream or fantasy, but our "lives". It is not only a book about our true Identity and God's for that matter, but through scripture and amazing testimonies, it models how we can walk: first receiving this mind-blowing gift from our Heavenly Father, then bringing it to the world that is so desperate for the fruits of the Spirit.
richardblake More than 1 year ago
“The Life Giver” is the account of Joey Letourneau’s life transforming prophetic vision of the life giving power of Jesus. He challenges the reader to join him as he taps into the Life Giver Himself to bring love, healing and deliverance to the lost, broken, and needy of the world with this creative life giving power Illustrations from the lives of Boaz and Ruth, David, Moses, Enoch, Abraham, and many other Old Testament personalities demonstrate how life giving power can be appropriated and shared with others. In New Testament accounts Jesus passed on to his disciples the creative authority to be His representatives as life givers. Joey sets forth principles gleaned from Acts 4 as the disciples from the first century pursued their calling to change the world. I enjoyed the stories of ministry to children and youth in Ethiopia, of the adoption of Anna and power of the relationship notebook. I was captivated by the account of God’s miraculous provision throughout the faith building global trip Joey and Destiny made to bring life to the broken and to empower the powerless. Readers are challenged to join Joey, in the prophetic vision given him, to become a new generation of life givers, living the abundant life already within and to boldly step out in faith as a life giver transforming a new culture with life giving prophetic power. A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have not read this book what is a lifeclan please elaborate P.s. my name is katy and i and 15 please adress the reply note to me in the subject line
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dprollings More than 1 year ago
The Life Giver by Joey LeTournesu is a radical book, a book which if treated seriously could change your life. The books main point is god gives his grace freely to his children so that they may give it to others. The author obviously has a heart of compassion as several of his illustrations throughout the book prove. His concern for the orphan is noteworthy. The early chapters of this book lay a foundation for the rest of the book and are an essential part of his teaching. He outlines how he came to be so passionately concerned with blessing others. His parents were examples to him of how to bless others. He then moves onto to the importance of our relationship with the Lord and the wonder of his grace. This book is a God centered book and in it the author encourages us to seek God so that we might be transformed into the image of Christ. We are challenged to be Christlike time and time again. We are shown how to graciously live in the battles of life in an offensive manner, so that we exhibit the character of Christ through our serving him and by this we can also impart life and blessing to others. His chapter on creative authority is full of insights that help us to see how we can use our gifts for the sake of the kingdom. The more we read of this book we will realize that the author wants us to receive from god so that we can give blessings away. The book ends with a challenge to be totally surrendered to the purposes of God, a self -centered life style is rightly challenged and a total openness to the Lord commended. The book is full of helpful illustrations of the author’s teaching and many passages of scripture are used to show that this is what requires of us. The emphasis throughout is that the Life giver wants to give us abundant life so that we may share it with others. If you buy this book you will be challenged to live out of the resources of a gracious God, I commend this book to you not because I was asked to review it for Destiny Image but because this book will help you in your walk with the Lord. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this E-Book free from the publisher through Destiny Image Book Review Program. Book Review Program. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 Rate this:
OceanWave More than 1 year ago
Why does the author feel a need to have on the front cover an endorsement by someone who classes himself as a “senior leader”? This becoming-fashionable term is not anywhere in the bible so why do people seem to want to be classed as a “senior leader” in various churches these days? Must be insecure in some way to need that designation positioning themselves above others. A bit like the rush to “titles” in the world’s regal, religious and military systems to establish pecking order. Unnecessary. So that put me off for a start….why does Joey LeTourneau need a “senior leader” from a particular church organisation or indeed from anywhere to validate the content of his book? I am not a “senior leader” because I would not wish to assume such a presumptuous, haughty title and put it out there for the world to see and supposedly be impressed by….far better to be known in heaven with a new name rather than on the earth as a “senior leader”! I mean, come on! How about “senior servant” rather than an “I am above other leaders in the pack” self-trumpeted status? If Jesus doesn’t say to me you are a “senior leader” then stuff it! On to the book itself:- Dedications are important. This book has a fine dedication, real and meaningful. Not brief, but embracing of who the author carries in his heart. Then come the endorsements. Eric Johnson, “senior leader”, makes his appearance again, along with Doug Addison who does not feel a need to call himself that. Table of Contents has 10 chapters and a conclusion. Then the Introduction. I am always wary of any Christian writer who uses the words “we must”, implying a need for me or you to be motivated by self-effort (rather than what we hear God telling us) to take on board his or her point of view. Mr LeTourneau uses “we must” 3 times in his 12 page introduction. This isn’t too bad. In other parts of the book it’s used rather too much….I lost count after 20. The other exhortations in the Introduction are from a man who longs to see the supernatural and creative life of Christ transform people. I hope the rest of the book opens up how true Godly discernment and Jesus’ power in us can facilitate this. You know, like practical steps to bring heaven to earth because the author has been to heaven where Jesus is, and has been transformed by healing encounters, and so can do this. Then the “we must” can become “hey, watch me I know how”. Chapter One opens this up well! Jesus is shown as the abundant giver, who heals not by any human methodology but by being in a relationship with Him. The author starts off Chapter 2 with the ubiquitous “we”, implying that all Christians reading the book probably have come through the religious systems of men, having taken on board the concepts of “missions”, “evangelism” and “outreach” in the boring and dead ways they are often done. Well this is not so, and so he shouldn’t just write as though he is talking to traditional church-goers who need to drop that stuff. There are those who God’s raised up outside of those systems from scratch and who visit heaven regularly who have not known the stultifying embrace of the old forms. Thank God for that! Few writers address those guys though because most of the Christian publishers are geared up to aim for those still in the systems. The author is trying to straddle the two things by this book….those still in the systems, to exhort them, and also to connect to those leaving the systems having heard the call “Come out of her My people, leave her and COME UNTO ME”. But there is a third bunch, and no straddling needed. They are already out since first becoming followers of Jesus and always have been out. Not many books written for these. Why not? Because the current screwed concept of “church” needs addressing. But that’s another chapter to be written by someone else than Joey LeTourneau although he makes a start by saying we are all family all over the world. Even so, how about mentioning the part of the family in heaven with whom we can interact? I like Joey LeTourneau’s realisation and declaration that God wants family, not us building things He will only have to let collapse. The author does not go far enough though, because physical buildings, and even the prophetic movement, are being phased out amidst the “new thing” God will do if we have faith for it…faith for a completely new type of family, along the lines of plugging in to the full family including those who are in heaven as well as on earth. That’s scriptural. It will be experienced too. The example of a game of freeze tag (and it’s a good analogy he uses on pages 50-52) as a game of how to release others will in due course involve our awareness of and participation with the Godly angelic and others from the dimensions Christ already passed through and made unfrozen. Here and there the writing is a bit waffly like someone yacking away over a garden fence, and kind of “padded” or long-winded, meandering about too much when he’s made the path already clear how to go forward and establish the point with one good stride and not 5. Also, if aiming for an international readership out of USA why refer to the NFL and American football in such a big way, or to Chuck Norris who readers (including me) had no idea who he was! But really, despite these small but clumsy communication presumptions, it’s a case of saying “Well Done * with this book. It has substance. It reveals Jesus and God’s heart. It sends one to talk things over with God. It increases the relationship possibilities and the Life outflow from that. This is the first positive review I’ve given to any of the books so far sent to me from Destiny Image publishers for free on condition I post that review online. It’s too easy to write a book and become a “Christian author” (there’s a lot of drivel out there) but Joey LeTourneau comes over as someone who uses the publishing privilege to genuinely love his Lord, and who emphasises the need to experience more of Him without ridiculous religious agendas of all sorts boxing the Life He wants us to live in.