The Lighten Your Vibe Coloring Book

The Lighten Your Vibe Coloring Book

by Christina Brittain


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The Lighten Your Vibe Coloring Book by Christina Brittain

You are about to take an affirmation joy ride! The cheerful messages in The Lighten Your Vibe Coloring Book will open your heart and have you grinning from ear to ear! These jubilant coloring pages and playful words are bursting with happy reminders that you have the power of intention, that joy is the point, and that the universe is ecstatically conspiring in your favor!

Color this book alone as a powerful meditation on the awesomeness of being alive! Color the book with friends as an instantly uplifting party! Or color with your children and family to share positive messages about yourself, each other, and all the blessings in your life! Crayons in hand, dive into these pages for a colorful celebration of who you are and this extraordinary life!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781504348720
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 02/26/2016
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.40(d)

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The Lighten Your Vibe Coloring Book

By Christina Brittain

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Christina Brittain
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4872-0


Joy is the point!

    of course you want to enjoy your Life!
    You just keep forgetting to!
    Here's your reminder:
    Joy is still right here, right now!
    Get back into the habit
    of happily discovering everything!
    The thrill of a swing set.
    A dandelion. Grass. Stars.
    Laughter and squeals of delight
    are coming from, your own heart
    and have been all along!
    You ARE joy.
    Life Is shining.
    Turn your wild child face up to the sun
    and grin, grin, grin again!

We are Life

    Life is romping through us!
    Galloping in our veins
    and pounding our beautiful hearts
    and pumping our perfect limbs
    in a wild dance of endless possibility and love!
    Life watches itself
    feels itself
    in everything we do
    and it rejoices at how Limitless, gogeous and passionate
    we are/it is.
    Life breathes us
    and we make Life truly ALIVE!

The fullness of Life

    The ecstasy of Living!
    The times of celebration too big to contain
    so they burst out of us
    in rolling laughter
    in our dancing, leaping play
    in quiet, rapturous tears
    and in simple, exquisite hugs ...
    Whether we catch it like a glint of sun on water
    or see it as the whole, flashing, golden sea
    the fullness of life
    dances before us -
    and as us -
    and in every single moment!

    Who you are

    You came to this party
    wearing exactly that dress because you loved It.
    Why would you hide in the bathroom,
    scrambling to make alterations
    so that you look like everyone else?
    That's Impossible
    because everyone else is hiding in corners changing their outfits too -
    tearing and re-sewing the minute a new fashion walks through the door!
    what a waste of time!
    And what a waste of a good party!
    Our clothes don't fit us now anyway -
    why don't we all drop them
    and step out naked to the celebration
    shining just as we are!
    Laughing, dancing
    perfect, precious and unique
    as the very day we got our birthday suits.

The beautiful line

    You add to Heaven every day.
    What you dream, say, touch and move
    sends the angels into tailspins of ecstasy!
    They clasp their hands with the beauty of it ALL.
    And they want to play with you!
    if you listen carefully
    you can hear Heaven whispering fun ideas in your heart!
    New ways of thinking.
    New games to play.
    New songs to sing.
    as you run free and radiant
    through the lush, green fields of Earth.

You and the Universe

    You are a wise, powerful being.
    You know how to create worlds.
    Nevermind the pocket change or new car!
    Sit on your throne
    with a grin and silly crown
    and call the magic!
    Feel for who you really are!
    When you line up with your truest self
    you line up with the universe!
    All the doors open
    all the paths clear
    and from out of the Mystery
    whole kingdoms are built for you.
    And In you.
    and let ALL IS WELL rule.
    Existence will come running out to play!

Infinite possibilities

    All things
    came from, the limitless, magical No Thing.
    are made of infinite possibility!
    And that's your nature!
    The power of CREATION
    is vibrating in your cells
    and calling your heart to dream into the universe.
    Tap into that!
    Feel into the stars, worlds and galaxies!
    Feel into the endless ocean of YES!
    And know that who you are -
    and what you imagine -
    help Existence dance into being.

Let the universe come to you

    No matter how carefully you choreograph
    Life is always an improvisation!
    Because you are alive and changing!
    And so is everything in existence!
    Let yourself move with every new moment.
    Trust in the loving arms of Mystery.
    Surrender to the gorgeous, unplanned twists and turns.
    Relax and enjoy, knowing
    that the Universe and you are exquisite dance partners
    the dance floor is limitless
    and the steps always unfold perfectly.

It's always perfect timing

    There is nothing BUT perfect timing.
    The Universe is THAT smart!
    Don't worry
    that the ship has sailed
    or the train left the station.
    That just wasn't your ride
    and there's always another!
    There is no "should have"
    or "too late"
    or "need to wait."
    Your timing is always perfect.
    That's how life -
    and you -
    are designed!

Chill out!

    what if there's, actually nothing to figure out?
    What if the "problem." is something you're making up in your head?
    Time always makes it clear if any action is needed.
    And time usually dissolves most problems anyway.
    Let all the answers come in their own time -
    and they always do
    when we get back to enjoying
    and chill out!

Lighten up

    Are you trying to carry the world
    on your shoulders again?
    Or trying to control life
    and make It - and everybody in it - behave according to your plan?
    Lighten up, will ya?!
    The world is carrying itself nicely
    Life generally has a better plan than you do
    and people get to be In charge of themselves!
    Ahh! Look at all the free time you have now!
    Get back to the business of enjoying yourself
    being kind to yourself
    and trusting that everything's working out
    juuust fine!


    It's okay to have fun!
    Your soul came for the joyride
    Not to prove anything of 'behave!'
    How silly that is to your spirit
    that wants to romp and play
    touch and taste
    and experience this wild, wide world
    with glee!!
    Keep reminding yourself of this jubilant truth:
    You have infinite permission -
    and intention -
    to enjoy your life!

What makes you feel alive?

    Wake up!
    You're alive!
    You get to go and do and be and feel
    all the things that light you up
    and open your heart.
    you get to EXPERIENCE
    the magnificent thrill of Life!
    Every rich emotion and sensation Is here for you.
    And you are here to be alive as only you can.
    What makes YOU celebrate your own aliveness?
    Do more of that!!

Think, thoughts, that feel good

    Your mind is your reality.
    What you think is what you experience.
    Have more fun in there!
    Daydream because it's a joy!
    Tell more jokes and look for what's funny!
    Think kindly toward yourself and others
    because it brings you peace and possibility.
    Notice the beauty all around you
    and linger in your appreciation of it.
    Explore what feels good to think about!
    Then you can follow your smiling heart
    and body
    Into whole new ways of being.

Anything Is possible

    Pigs flying?
    Free reign of your own island?
    Being showered with gifts from the heavens?
    Why not?
    In this limitless universe
    anything can happen.
    Don't cut yourself off from your infinite nature!
    Let yourself dream!
    Let anything be possible!

Wouldn't it be awesome If ...?

    Existence actually organizes
    around what we imagine.
    Possibility thinking
    is a real force for change.
    Dream, and you make it possible.
    Imagine, and you affect the stuff of the universe!

Celebrate friendship!

    Thank goodness
    we are not all given our own, individual planet to live on!
    Well, Life is smarter than that of course!
    It knows that Everything expands through sharing
    and Everything is improved that way too.
    So we are designed to love!
    We are built to share the world!
    Our hearts, minds, ideas and perspectives all grow
    through the beautiful gift of human connection!
    It's such fun to have playmates!!
    Celebrate all your friendships
    and all the joyful sharing this world makes possible!

Happy hug

    Oh happy is the hug!
    The shared joy
    and connection of friends!
    The warm celebration of life
    that the angels are jealous of!
    The human embrace
    is such a privileged way to rejoice
    in this amazing experience of Earth!
    And TOUCH!
    Oh happy human gift!
    Oh beautiful, happy hug!

How do you want to feel?

    It happens -
    people go on autopilot
    and forget that they even WANT to feel good.
    Isn't that wild?!
    They just accept being sad, bored or numb as normal.
    How do YOU want to feel in your life?
    The simple, powerful truth
    is that when we ask ourselves what we prefer
    it automatically brings more of it to us.
    No matter what our lives look like
    we can FEEL more of anything we choose.
    Love. Connection. Satisfaction.
    Fun. Interest. Joy!
    You can experience your life any way you want!
    Don't wait!
    You can feel it on purpose right now.

The power of Intention

    Your body is Listening to everything you think!
    And It's organized for action!
    What you focus on actually changes
    your biochemistry, your personality and your perspective!
    Choose how you want to feel
    and it opens the floodgates for all those awesome emotions!
    Decide what you'd like to experience
    and it points your whole being in that direction!
    You have the power!
    Name your intentions!
    Not only will your body rush to make it possible -
    the whole universe will too!

Priority check

    Live your life
    according to what's important to YOU.
    Double check.
    that you're not spending your time
    doing what someone else thinks you should.
    And re-evaluate often!
    You are changing every day!
    Let yourself grow
    with love and respect.
    Honor and follow your true heart.
    It will reward you with energy, fulfillment and passion!
    It will always reveal a life you Love!

What's my motivation?

    Why are you doing that?
    Do you really want to?
    Check yourself!
    Any chance it's obligation?
    Or that you're secretly hoping to get something out of it?
    Like approval, for example?
    Hey, we all do it!
    But if it comes from genuine interest and joy
    we don't need any justification or hidden agenda.
    We can say or do anything we want
    and only what feels right.
    The life is much free, easier
    and WAY more fun!


    Ha ha ha ha ha!
    You had yourself going there for a second, didn't you?
    Did you forget you are made of Light?
    Did you forget that none of the details really matter
    when the bottom line is joy?


Excerpted from The Lighten Your Vibe Coloring Book by Christina Brittain. Copyright © 2016 Christina Brittain. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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