The Lightning Eater

The Lightning Eater

by Brett T. Hebrank II


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On a parallel Earth, instead of a meteor that ended the dinosaurs two hundred and fifty million years ago, it was a massive lightning bolt. It cracked the continents apart and wiped out ninety percent of all life on the planet. The massive continent of Mu, once thought a myth lost to history, stood highest and most flourishing of all the continents, brimmed with species and fauna further evolved than the remainder of the planets life. The lightning bolt that decimated the planet, sunk the huge landmass beneath the oceans, forcing the other tectonic plates to drastically shift and constantly realign to compensate. Now, millions of years later, the tiny island republic of Sunlatveria stands on the forefront of progress in all fields imaginable. The micro-nation also sits atop the only surviving piece of Mu above sea level and energy left behind from the impact of the heavenly energy radiates across the whole island, slowly breathing life and warmth into all life. The alien energy drastically improved living conditions for all species inhabiting the island, especially compared the growing fade of smog blanketing the rest of the world. The founding dynasty discovered the truth behind the extinction event through a secret deposit of the extraterrestrial energy hidden deep beneath the island. A secret that would infect their bloodline forever, all the while blessing their lives to the fullest, pushing them beyond the realms of possibilities of man. Exploiting the strange energy left behind, the family draws the eyes of all the nations in the world, but willing to do anything to protect their home, Solidius, the hero slash villains of our story will use the power of the gods in any means necessary. Solidius, a name carried with first born males of the Hebrank family, weren't the original discoverers of the lightning lake but the were the first to see it true potential Whether they utilize these powers for the good of their Earth, or crack it in half, you shall read ahead.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781534854079
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/23/2016
Series: Lightning Trilogy , #1
Pages: 462
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.03(d)

About the Author

Brett Hebrank is a mixed writer, musician and performer from Chicago Illinois. Named from his Navy man father who perished in a tragic car accident while Brett was only a few months old. Terribly his grandfather passed a few months prior to his, disconnecting him from his German bloodline. Born in San Diego California, Brett was raised on the south side of Chicago in an area called Morgan Park. Despite the racial tensions growing up in an environment hostile to its own, Brett still managed to become his own person, eventually parting from the city at the age of twenty one to further explore the world he had only seen through electronic screens ad printed on stock. He enjoys writing no matter the genre but prefers the bendable realm of science fiction. An avid reader and a lover of History and music. Prone to writing music as well as fiction, the young artist also plays many instruments. A lover of everything from comic books and video games to literature, science and the mysteries that lie just outside our collective external view.

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