The Line Between: A Novel

The Line Between: A Novel

by Tosca Lee


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ISBN-13: 9781476798622
Publisher: Howard Books
Publication date: 01/29/2019
Series: Line Between Series , #1
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 96,138
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Tosca Lee is the award-winning New York Times bestselling author of The Progeny, Firstborn, Iscariot, The Legend of Sheba, Demon: A Memoir, Havah: The Story of Eve, and the Books of Mortals series with New York Times bestseller Ted Dekker. She received her BA in English and International Relations from Smith College. A lifelong adventure traveler, Tosca makes her home in the Midwest with her husband and children.

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The Line Between


    Conventional wisdom dictates that there’s an insurmountable divide—an entire dimension of eternity and space—between Heaven and Hell. Lucifer managed to make the trip in nine days, at least according to Paradise Lost. That equates to a distance of about 25,920 miles, assuming standard rules of velocity.

    But I can tell you it’s closer to a foot and a half. The distance of a step.

    Give or take an inch.

    Magnus stands near the gatehouse, shirtsleeves rolled up, collar unbuttoned beneath his brown vest. He nods to the Guardian in the booth and the industrial gate begins its mechanical slide. There’s a small door to the side of it just large enough to admit a single person, but I won’t be leaving by the Narrow Gate. My departure must be a spectacle, a warning to those assembled behind me.

    I can feel their eyes against my back like hot iron. The glares mottled by anger and fear. Sadness, maybe, but above all gratitude that they are not me.

    Two Guardians stand at my sides ready to forcibly walk me out in case I balk or my twenty-two-year-old legs give out beneath me. I glance at the one to my right and swear he looks impatient. Hungry, maybe; it’s just before lunchtime. I’m crossing into eternal damnation, and all he’s thinking about is an egg salad sandwich—and not even a good one. It’s Wednesday, Sabbath by the solar calendar. Rosella is managing the kitchen, and that pious sandwich is full of chickpeas without a single real egg in it.

    The gate comes to a stop with an ominous clang. The road be-yond is paved with gravel, a gray part in a sea of native grass strewn with gold and purple flowers in stark contrast to the carefully and beautifully manicured grounds behind me. A meadowlark sings somewhere nearby as a combine rumbles in the distance.

    I grip the plastic bag of my sparse belongings: a change of underwear, my baby book stripped of its photos, a stone the color of sea glass. Sweat drips down the inside of my blouse as I stare out at that feral scape. At that barren drive through untouched prairie that leads to the road half a mile away.

    A car idles at the corner, waiting for me.

    Don’t look. Don’t glance back. That’s Pride talking, a voice so faint this last decade I wasn’t aware it was still in there. Still, I turn. Not because I need a parting glance at the compound I called home for the last fifteen years or even Jaclyn, my sister. But because I need to see her.

    My niece, Truly.

    I scan the nearly five hundred Select assembled across the broad drive until I find her small form near the front, her hand in Jaclyn’s, curls wafting around her head in the breeze.

    I’d planned to mouth the words I love you. To tug my right earlobe in our secret sign so she’ll remember me long after she’s told she can never speak my name again. To fight back tears at the sight of hers, to combat her confusion with love.

    Instead, my heart stops.

    She’s glaring at me, her face pink, growing redder by the instant. I open my mouth—to say what, I don’t know—but before I can, she tears her hand from my sister’s and runs away, disappearing into the assembly.

    “Truly!” I gasp, and stagger a step after her. The Guardians grab my arms.

    “No. Wait—Truly!” I twist against them, plastic bag swinging against my thigh. I can’t leave her like this. Not like this. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

    None of it was.

    I shift my gaze to my sister, where she stands beside the six Elders. Her cheeks are hollow, features chiseled far beyond her twenty-seven years.

    “What did you say to her?” I shout as I’m jerked back around and hauled toward Magnus, who stands before the open gate, this side of that invisible line.

    “Wynter Roth,” Magnus says, loudly enough for those behind us to hear. Which means he’s basically shouting right at me. Gone, the brown-and-gray scruff that was on his chin yesterday. I can smell his aftershave from here.

    “Please,” I whisper in the space between us, trying to snag his gaze. But he stares past me as though I were a stranger.

    “Because of your deliberate, prolonged disobedience . . .” His words carry to those behind me even as the breeze whisks mine away.

    “Just let me say good-bye!”

    “. . . including the sins of idolatry, thievery, and the willful desire to harm the eternal future of those most vulnerable among us . . . because you will not hear the pleas of the brethren and refuse repentance, you are hereby delivered to Satan for the destruction of your flesh.”

    I hear the words as though from a distance. I’ve seen and heard them spoken before—I just never thought they’d be aimed at me. So this is it. There will be no good-byes. And I realize I hate him.

    Magnus lifts up his hands. “And so we renounce your fellowship and cast you out of our holy number even as we pray for the restoration of your salvation, which you forfeit this day. Now, as it is bound on Earth, so let it be bound in Heaven.” He lowers his arms as the assembly echoes his words and says, more quietly as he meets my eyes at last, “You have broken our hearts, Wynter.”

    He moves away before I can respond and the Guardians walk me to the line as I glance back one last time.

    But Truly is gone.

    I face the gravel drive before me.

    One step. That’s all it takes to span the distance of eternity.

    Welcome to Hell.

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    The Line Between: A Novel 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 38 reviews.
    MelissaF 12 days ago
    Yes. I'm not sure what else to say. This book is AH-mazing. So good. I need to read more books like this. I have read a couple of other of Tosca's book but I am pretty sure this is my favorite. It was a combination of "Walking Dead" and "Birdbox" yet even more real than those movies/shows. Like what happened in this book is something that REALLY could happen. I devoured this book and couldn't wait to get back to it. If you like something different I highly recommend this book! A copy of this book was given to me through All opinions are my own.
    Peter Donnelly 18 days ago
    The Line Between is a beautifully written page-turner that is clever, duplicitous and shrouded in menace from beginning to end. A new author for me and totally blown away with Tosca Lee’s ability to weave a powerful plot, a wide mix of intriguing characters, a cataclysmic setting and personal conflict of right and wrong, into an immersive and thrilling story. From the first page, the narrative is off and running with the dramatic and life-changing event of 22-year-old Wynter Roth, being cast out from the “Enclave – New Earth”, where she has lived, separated from the world, for the last 15 years. “Conventional wisdom dictates that there’s an insurmountable divide—an entire dimension of eternity and space—between Heaven and Hell. But I can tell you it’s closer to a foot and a half. The distance of a step. Or a leap of faith.” The big consideration the reader will ponder and reassess throughout the book, is which environment Wynter feels was Heaven and which side Hell. The characterisation of Wynter is wonderfully developed and the turmoil she faces trying to reconcile the teaching she grew up with and their leader Magnus whom she believed to be God’s “Interpreter” on Earth and the real world she now struggles to adapt to, with its evil influences. With Wynter cast out from the Enclave, the story is told along 2 threads, one from that moment on, and the other from when Wynter arrived at the compound 15 years earlier with her mother, Sylvia, and sister, Jaclyn. The New Earth group and their leader Magnus is extremely well crafted to illustrate the typical dimensions and pressures of a cult and a self-proclaimed ambassador of God. The cult traits of isolation, secrecy, intolerance, manipulation, loss of self-sufficiency and supremacy of the leader, are brilliantly described. Of course, these leaders typically operate with a “Do as I say! Not as I do!” attitude and this is the case with Magnus, who will make up laws and rules to ensure he gets what he wants. He also came from a science background and has an ongoing involvement in acquiring new seed strains and believes the world will be destroyed and they will be the sanctuary for the believers. In the present day thread, world news reports normal people suddenly experiencing a sudden and rapid onset of dementia, often accompanied by violence. The growing pandemic is identified as an ancient pion released through pork and attaching itself to an influenza strain. Before long the impact of the pandemic has seen attacks resulting in the shutting down of utilities such as electricity, vigilantes controlling their own areas and wide-scale looting. Jaclyn arrives secretly one night after Wynter has left the compound to give her several containers that contain material that could be used to develop a vaccine for this pandemic disease. They have been taken from Magnus! Wynter must now get these containers to someone who can develop the vaccine but there are forces seeking to prevent her, including law enforcement who believe she stole the material. Knowing who to trust is always a difficult decision but in the middle of a pandemic that gets much more challenging, yet she needs help. I had no expectation of the storyline or any knowledge of Tosca Lee before I lifted this book but when I set it back down I was hooked – I have a new storyteller to follow. I would like to thank Tosca Lee for providing me with a copy of her book in return for an honest review.
    sspea 28 days ago
    I read this book in less than 24 hours. It grabbed me right away. There is something reminiscent to Margaret Atwood in this book. Our protagonist Wynter, is a young woman banished from the cult-compound she has lived in since she was a child. Faced with the struggle of amalgamating back into society, as well as dealing with the heartbreak of leaving her family behind, Wynter finds herself in the middle of a major epidemic. People are getting sick all around her. Tosca Lee's compelling story telling and likable characters makes this book a home run for me.
    Anonymous 29 days ago
    ¿Tosca Lee has compared thrillers to roller coasters. The last actual one I rode jarred at every corner and turn and left me aching. I’ve read some thrillers that left me feeling the same. The plot twists were clumsy and contrived. Her novel THE LINE BETWEEN is a coaster ride but every twist and turn is as smooth and thrilling as bacon grease on lightning.
    Anonymous 29 days ago
    I absolutely loved this book! Normally , I read a chapter or two before bed, but this one kept me up for hours at a time and I devoured it in two days. Highly recommend and cannot wait for the sequel.
    Debb Hackett 3 months ago
    This was my first Tosca Lee novel. Wow. I am going to be processing for a while. I was amazed at the complexity of the plot and the depth of the research. The storyline was compelling and the pages flew by. Wynter was a complicated character and Chase had great hidden depth. Very good.
    Anonymous 3 months ago
    I received an ARC, but this is my honest review! I have really come to enjoy Tosca Lee’s novels, and this one is definitely another excellent one! She writes stories that make you want to go research her topics; they draw you in and you want to know more about not just the characters but also about the ideas presented in the books. Maybe it’s history, as it was for me in Progeny, or maybe it’s disease as it is in The Line Between. It’s fast-paced and a little twisted and the characters in The Line Between are complex and real, and you are rooting for truth and justice to win! I couldn’t put it down!
    Anonymous 3 months ago
    A page turner all the way! I love every book that Tosca writes and this one is no different. Loved the characters and the storyline! Don’t miss out!
    dcl55 3 months ago
    The Line Between by author Tosca Lee is another not to be missed book! The subject matter grabbed my heart and I cried as I read The Line Between. I will add the reason for my extreme personal reaction at the end of this review. Wynter Roth is a teenager who is excommunicated from a group of religious survivalists called the New Earth. The group is lead by a very charismatic leader, Magnus. Wynter's sister is married to Magnus and now Jaclyn and her child are left inside this enclave of fanatics who believe the outside world is pure evil and environmental catastrophes are a punishment from God. Of course, when a viral outbreak of dementia sweeps across the prairie states chaos runs rampant. Was the preaching of Magnus true and the evil of the world is bringing about judgment from God? Or is this an unavoidable outbreak such as history across the world has seen over the centuries? Wonderful storytelling at it's best! I could not help but cheer for Wynter!
    micamoney 3 months ago
    I have loved Tosca Lee from the first time I picked up Havah when I was in the 10th grade. An excellent and well-versed writer, Tosca kept me engaged from page one, and I've read all of her books since. It's so obvious through her words that she truly loves what she does, and she pours her heart and soul into every paragraph. While her books are all wonderful, I can honestly say The Line Between is one of my absolute favorites. I started the book at perhaps 7:00PM, and I did not put it down once until I finished it at around 3:00AM; it's been a LONG time since I've come across a book that'll keep me engaged and awake to finish in one sitting. What I love most about the book is the main character, Wynter. She isn't a "perfect" heroine. Wynter has her personal tribulations which she has to overcome, and the book is a picture of her endurance and commitment to the task at hand. I read a lot of novels; usually, I'm able to figure out what's going to happen before they occur, but I COULDN'T do it with The Line Between. I thought I'd find some clue, then Tosca would prove I'd gone in the complete wrong direction. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoyed the medical aspects of the book. I've never read anything like it, and it was evident Tosca didn't just make any of it up. She did her research, as she wanted no loose ends. I loved this book. I loved it so much, I've been telling all my friends and family members they need to purchase it, which is something I do so infrequently. Dive into this one, and you won't regret it. Hope you've packed your cold weather gear and some hot chocolate, because you're going to need it. A key to saving the world is in a breakfast food so many of us love so much. What could be better than that?
    Shellmarie69 3 months ago
    The Line Between kept me engaged from the moment I began reading until long after I finished. I actually want more. What happens next?? I followed Wynter almost as if I was her. It was easy to put myself in her shoes. I loved that (because I've lived in or visited many of the places Wynter visits) I was easily able to envision where she was and what was taking place. Tosca Lee has created a very current, very plausible book. The events taking place are events that one could actually envision happening. Sad but true.
    MBWilson 4 months ago
    Tosca Lee is one of the (very) few authors that can pull me in from the very beginning of a book and keep me engaged to the point that I NEED to keep reading until I'm finished. The Line Between is no exception. Set just at the beginning of a massive cataclysm, The Line Between has the markers of an engaging post-apocalyptic thriller, with the refreshing characteristic that it shows the beginnings of the disaster. It is scientifically believable, with a disease similar to ones we have seen in the real world, and spreading by a mutation that makes it much more dangerous than the original disease alone. All of this is going on while we also follow the painful journey of a young girl recently expelled from the cult in which she grew up, trying to make sense of the new world around her. This is my favorite novel from Tosca since her Biblical fiction, although I have enjoyed reading every single one of her books. If you have not picked up a book by Tosca Lee yet, this would be a great place to start! I can't wait for her next adventure! Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the advance reader copy that I was able to receive and voluntarily review. And many thanks to Tosca Lee for writing such amazing novels and allowing me to be part of her launch team for this book!
    GodsDanceralway 4 months ago
    Read my full review at I recently read The Line Between (Howard Books), by Tosca Lee. And let me tell you, the story began with THE BEST first paragraph I've ever read. Talk about sucking me in! Wynter Roth is kicked out of an apocalyptic cult and just as she's starting to find a new normal the world falls into mass chaos. Could her cult leader be right? Did she just leave her only safety and salvation to enter a world coming to it's end? An old disease melts through the permafrost (a bit scary as I just experienced the polar vortex and the reality of this happening someday becomes more real every year) and is quickly spread through the flu. At first everyone is baffled as to the new widespread onset of early dementia but cities quickly start shutting down and the power grid is hit with an attack. Meanwhile an answer and possible vaccine falls into Wynter's lap. She has to overcome her naivety and figure out how to get to the right people all the while navigating a foreign world. This novel is fast paced with just the right amount of twists and turns. And you guys, the plot is partially taken out of the news! I sent multiple texts before the book came out telling my friends/family put it at the top of their TBR lists. HIGHLY recommend. The best part(s): 1. There will be a sequel. 2. It's already in development for television! READ MORE HERE The Line Between was released January 29, 2019. Save the bacon, save the world. A copy of this book was provided to me for review by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Tosca for selecting me as part of your street team!
    ColoradoGirl71 4 months ago
    This fast-paced tale takes us into the heart of a doomsday cult and through the all-too-possible reality of a flu epidemic. As a young girl, Wynter Roth is forced to quickly adopt the rules in the cult as the family flees an abusive situation. It was fascinating to see how people make a new reality in the cult and mostly forget about elements of their previous lives. Things begin to take a sinister turn and Wynter is thrown out of the cult and exiled from the only family she knows. She struggles outside the gates of the community, grappling with what she was taught in the cult and the new realities. It does seem like the world is coming to an end with all the news stories she sees and the epidemic that seems to be taking over the country. Wynter is given a chance to help determine the cause of the epidemic, but it's a battle against renegades and the all-powerful cult still exerting influence over her life. Along the way, she meets a military man who helps her. This was a quick, engaging read with some interesting plot twists. Makes me want to get a double flu shot this year!
    PalmaMama 4 months ago
    3.5 stars. The Line Between is my first novel by Tosca Lee. The cover drew me in and the plot kept me reading! Wynter, her mother and older sister joined New Earth after running from her abusive father. It seemed like Magnus was their savior and life would be both better and yet, simpler, behind the gates. As time progresses, Wynter realizes that the simpler life is not always best. After being cast out, she enters the world as its being ravaged by a new disease with unknown origins and no known cure. Wynter ventures out into the unknown and strange world after realizing what’s come into her possession may save it. I liked the story but it was challenging keeping up with the storylines while flitting back and forth between the timelines chapter after chapter. I also wish that the chapters had past and present on them so I could orientate myself before starting one. Either that or written in chronological order. Also, what’s with the ending!! I had no idea this was going to end on a cliffhanger. Is the world saved or did it really end?! I guess I’ll be reading the next book to find out. I recived this arc for my honest review
    MJLaupp 4 months ago
    Tosca Lee once again crafts a story that keeps you breathlessly turning pages until the very end. And then it leaves you wanting more. We meet Wynter Roth in the middle of her story - she's being forcibly removed from The Enclave, the home of the cult known as New Earth. She leaves with one goal in mind - to return and rescue her sister Jaclyn and Jaclyn's daughter Truly. There's just one problem - Jaclyn is married to the leader of New Earth, a man named Magnus. And he's the one kicking Wynter out into the world that he has taught his followers to fear. Thankfully, she's barely past the boundary of New Earth when she is met by an old family friend, Julie, who is determined to help Wynter get her bearings. Julie and her husband Ken let Wynter move into the apartment over their garage and they make arrangements for her to see a therapist when she becomes overwhelmed by all the sudden change in her life. The outside world is a strange place to Wynter. She's never used a smart phone, watched television, or "surfed" the internet. And the world she's entered is facing a serious problem that is only just becoming apparent. Numerous people are struggling with what seems to be an early-onset form of dementia and the doctors are baffled as to the cause. Especially because it seems to be contagious. To make matters worse, the power is going out and the gas stations are running out of fuel. Outside forces using the health scare to their advantage perhaps? Beautifully weaving flashbacks together with Wynter's current experiences, Lee takes the reader on an emotional ride through the events that led to Wynter's expulsion from the Enclave and places her squarely at the center of a national health crisis. She reconnects with a former cult member that had supposedly died and even gets a chance to see her sister (outside of the Enclave) who entrusts her with the monumental task of transporting precious cargo that could hold the answer to curing the epidemic that is sweeping the nation. Along the way, she meets Chase, a former Marine who makes it his personal mission to help Wynter make her very important trip (once he forces the truth out of her, that is). And that former cult member? She introduces Wynter and Chase to Noah who has gone to great lengths to provide a safe, secure hideaway for just the type of crisis currently taking place. Underlying all of this is Wynter's own personal struggle to figure out just what or who is worth believing in. As a child, Wynter's faith in Magnus and his teaching was firm and unwavering. In her adult years, she learns things about Magnus that cause her to question everything she once believed. So is she really sorry to be leaving when Magnus casts her out? And just exactly how does Jaclyn, the wife of The Prophet, come into possession of items that could prove invaluable to the CDC in treating and stopping what is shaping up to be a pandemic? (less)
    Anonymous 4 months ago
    Awesome read! This book draws you in can makes you really think. This book seems so real for today's world. I could not put it down. It is a non-stop thriller, I can't wait for the next book!
    RandyTramp 4 months ago
    Alternating between two-time lines, this book took the reader on a wild ride or should I say two rides? I was drawn in from the start and clued to the pages until the end. An extinct disease reemerges and causes madness in its victims. For Wynter Roth it's the end she'd been told was coming. This thriller could have been in the headlines: Apocalypse and End-of-the-World Wynter Roth, who is turned out of New Earth, a doomsday cult in the Midwest, struggles to start over in a world where the power grid has failed, and a nation in chaos. The main character, Wynter, was interesting. I felt the chaos, the pain, and the hope. Chase Miller, a former military man, helps Wynter take medical samples to a lab in Colorado. He's the perfect companion. The mark of a great book is how it affects you when you're finished. I'll long remember this one, especially when the news speaks of possible grid outages or outbreaks of disease. Get this book, then fasten your reading seatbelts.
    FictionAficionado 4 months ago
    This is one of those stories that, once you’ve begun reading, you find difficult to put down for very long. I found myself coming back to it again and again to “just read a little bit more” and before long, I didn’t bother putting it down at all. The reader is introduced to Wynter Roth as she is about to be “delivered to Satan for the destruction of her flesh.” In other words, she’s being exiled from the cult community she’s lived in since she was six years old. Tosca Lee may as well have provided a lone drummer beating the solemn “POM. POM. POM.” that accompanies the condemned on their walk to the scaffold, so emotionally weighted was the scene. Without knowing anything about this community or why Wynter was being excommunicated, I was hooked. From there, the story alternated between going back in time to fill in key parts of Wynter’s history, eventually unveiling why she was cast out of the New Earth community, and moving the story forward in the present as Wynter tries to adjust to life outside New Earth, where a new, virulent, and deadly strain of the flu is pushing people to madness. The insight into Wynter’s time in the cult was both chilling and intriguing. I shuddered at the subtle way truth was twisted to keep these people enslaved to their way of life, and the more I knew of cult leader Magnus, the more my skin crawled. But I loved the anticipation that built as the scales fell off Wynter’s eyes even as she became more tightly ensnared in Magnus’s plans. As the book progressed, the focus narrowed until it was squarely on Wynter’s efforts to get the samples to Colorado and then her determination to rescue her young niece, Truly, from the New Earth community. The momentum never let up, and it was quite a ride to the finish, but I couldn’t help feeling that some of the biggest challenges Wynter faced resolved a little too quickly and easily, particularly right at the end. That said, there’s a follow-up due to release later this year, so perhaps things aren’t as resolved as they seem? I’m looking forward to finding out! I received a copy of this novel from the publisher. This has not influenced the content of my review, which is my honest and unbiased opinion.
    Lora_Ressler 4 months ago
    Oh My Goodness!!! Where to begin? A must read for sure. This was a non-stop, action packed thrill ride that kept me reading until the wee hours of the morning. I was impressed with how Tosca was able to put in so much detail and not slow down the story line. Her descriptiveness of Wynter's emotional journey had me clenching my teeth in anger and weeping in sympathy at times in the space of a single paragraph. Tosca elegantly writes into this story how many, in today's world, are distracted by rabbit trails created from our almost desperate need to be politically and or socially acceptable to those around us. This book in the end made me wonder would I do the right thing?
    Anonymous 4 months ago
    The Line Between was a thrilling, page-turner that was both an enjoyable easy-to-read and highly entertaining book that was easy to get caught up in.
    Roslucas 4 months ago
    The Line Between Wow! Tosca Lee has done it again. Following her blockbuster Progeny series, she’s right back at it with another exciting tale! In The Line Between we follow the story of Wynter Roth, former apocalyptic cult member on a mission to save the United States from complete destruction. Wynter’s exhilarating adventure captured me — I literally could not put the book down — and Lee’s portrait of Wynter had me rooting for her (and fearing for her) through every twist and turn. Lee is a consummate artist, clearly investing much time in researching the details that make her work so exciting. Her depiction of the Interpreter is a textbook study of the banality of evil (hat tip to Hannah Arendt). The action is set in the midwestern US and the descriptions are so detailed I felt like I was there. The characters are realistic and she brings even the minor characters to life. Toward the end of the book she introduces us to the hero/romantic interest (Chase). I can’t wait to see how she develops him in the sequel. You need this book. Order it online, go to your favorite book store, or download a digital version; just get it!
    Josephine Siler 4 months ago
    Tosca Lee’s new thriller isn’t for the faint of heart! A little too close to reality, this deliciously suspenseful read will keep you up all night. “The Line Between” should come with a warning label as I caught myself forgetting to breathe more than once! Lee’s writing is realistic and beautiful, as usual. I found myself rereading lines just so I could enjoy them one more time. I’m already hungry for the sequel, and bacon!
    JennS13 4 months ago
    A thrill ride of a story. Adventure, love, loss, deceit, a cult, a possibly humanity ending disease, car chases, fights, loyalty, determination and fierce bravery. Oh. And bacon. What more could you want from a book to escape into? The story feels eerily real. The characters are beautifully written and so easy to fall in love or hate with. I didn’t want to leave them. I didn’t want to close that last page. I eagerly await the sequel to this riveting story. Thank you to NetGalley, Howard Books and Tosca Lee for my advanced digital copy of The Line Between. I loved it so much that I had to preorder my very own hardcover copy!
    Anonymous 4 months ago
    I have read many books by Tosca Lee and just like the others this one did not disappoint! The story immediately hooked me from the beginning. Against the backdrop of disease, mental breakdowns and societal upheaval we are introduced to Wynter Roth who takes us on an emotional roller coaster being apart of a cult. Lee artfully weaves what appear to be two separate stories together in a way I could have never imagined. There was never a dull moment and need I say Chase is so swoon worthy! Very realistic and plausible details. I Love this book a great combination of suspense, mystery and love mixed all together.