The Liquid State and Its Electrical Properties

The Liquid State and Its Electrical Properties


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As the various disciplines of science advance, they proliferate and tend to become more esoteric. Barriers of specialized terminologies form, which cause scientists to lose contact with their colleagues, and differences in points-of-view emerge which hinder the unification of knowledge among the various disciplines, and even within a given discipline. As a result, the scientist, and especially the student, is in many instances offered fragmented glimpses of subjects that are funda­ mentally synthetic and that should be treated in their own right. Such seems to be the case of the liquid state. Unlike the other states of matter -- gases, solids, and plasmas -- the liquid state has not yet received unified treatment, probably because it has been the least explored and remains the least understood state of matter. Occasionally, events occur which help remove some of the barriers that separate scientists and disciplines alike. Such an event was the ASI on The Liquid State held this past July at the lovely Hotel Tivoli Sintra, in the picturesque town of Sintra, Portugal, approximately 30 km northwest of Lisbon. Since this broad a subject could not be covered in one Institute, the focus of the ASI was on a theme that provided a common thread of understanding for all in attendance -- the Electrical Proper­ ties of the Liquid State.

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ISBN-13: 9781468480252
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 11/26/2012
Series: Nato Science Series B: , #193
Edition description: 1988
Pages: 573
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Table of Contents

Theories of Liquid Structure.- Field Theoretic Models of Liquids.- The Structure of Simple Fluids.- Dynamic Processes in Liquids and Selected Topics Related to the Dynamics of Ions and Electrons in Liquids.- Ionic and Electronic Processes.- Theories of Electrolyte Solutions.- Theoretical Studies of Electrons in Fluids.- Geometrical Perspectives of a Solvated Electron.- Electron Localization and Femtosecond Nonlinear Optical Responses in Liquids.- Strong Field Effects and Molecular Dynamics Simulations.- Electron Kinetics in Nonpolar Liquids — Energy and Pressure Effects.- Photoconductivity, Conduction Electron Energies, and Excitons in Simple Fluids.- Electron Scattering and Mobility in Dielectric Liquids.- Hot Electron Mobility and Electron Attachment in Non-Polar Liquids.- Gas/Liquid Transition: Interphase Physics.- Calculations of Vo and the Energy Dispersion of Electrons in Rare Gas Liquids.- Interfacial Phenomena.- Electrical Aspects of Liquid/Vapor, Liquid/Liquid, and Liquid/Metal Interfaces.- Space Charge Effects in Dielectric Liquids..- Breakdown and Conduction.- An Overview of Electrical Processes Leading to Dielectric Breakdown of Liquids.- Electron Scattering and Dielectric Breakdown in Liquid and Solid Dielectrics.- Streamers in Liquids.- Electric Conduction in Dielectric Liquids.- Measurement of Electrical Breakdown in Liquids.- Appendices.- Appendix A: Abstracts of Poster Papers.- Appendix B: Organizing Committee.- Appendix C: Lecturers.- Appendix D: Participants.

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