The Little Blue Water Dragon

The Little Blue Water Dragon

by Garfield Davis


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The Little Blue Water Dragon by Garfield Davis

Banished from his home because he was different, The Little Blue Water Dragon, will soon show all the other dragons that being different is not only a good thing, but it can also be an asset.

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ISBN-13: 9781466970335
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 02/19/2013
Pages: 24
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.06(d)

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The Little Blue Water Dragon

By Garfield Davis, Marvin Paracuelles

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 Garfield Davis
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4669-7033-5


In faraway place, in a village atop a high mountain, lived a clan of red dragons. It was a very special day for the all the dragons. It was a day of celebration, a day to celebrate the newly hatched dragons and to see which one would breathe the biggest fire. The mountaintop was filled with song, dance, and excitement.

Deep within the valley below lived a single little dragon. He was banished from the mountaintop because he was unlike the others. He was born a blue dragon, and worst of all, he did not breathe fire; he sprayed water. Because he was different, the other dragons feared him, and because they did not understand him, they banished him.

On the top of the mountain, the celebration continued. The newly hatched dragons would raise their heads from their eggs and breathe a breath of fire into the air, then all the dragons would cheer. The celebration went on into the night, and by now all the dragons were breathing fire into the air. The little blue dragon sadly looked on from the valley, wishing he could be a part of the celebration. As the singing and cheering got louder and louder, the dragons would breathe more and more fire into the air. The fire breathing got so big that some of the trees in the village were now on fire. With all the excitement, the dragons were unaware of the burning trees. The fire was getting out of control, and by the time they realized it, it was too late. Dragons really know how to make a big fire, but they do not know how to put one out.

As the little blue dragon looked on, he realized that something was very wrong. He had seen many celebrations before, but this time the fire was different. The mountain was on fire, and the entire village, including the newly hatched dragons, were in danger. He wanted to help but remembered he was told never to return to the mountaintop. The fire was getting bigger, and he was running out of time.

With no more time to think, he bravely soared up to the mountaintop and began putting out the fire. The little blue dragon was terrified; he had never seen a fire this big and wondered if he could put it out. As he continued to fight the fire, it only seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, but he fought and fought with every last breath, and finally he was able to put it out.

The fire was out, but he was exhausted; he was so exhausted, he couldn't fly anymore and fell from the sky. As he fell back into the valley, the other dragons watched with amazement and confusion. They couldn't believe that the little blue dragon they had banished would risk his life to save them.

Excerpted from The Little Blue Water Dragon by Garfield Davis, Marvin Paracuelles. Copyright © 2013 Garfield Davis. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book should be read it is AWESOME