The Little Book of Angel Healing: First Aid from the Heavenly Realms

The Little Book of Angel Healing: First Aid from the Heavenly Realms

by Kimberly Marooney, Jean Slatter

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Angel healing in your pocket!

This is the ultimate angel health reference book. The premise here is that we are not alone. Each of us has access to divine healing and guidance from the first responders of the heavenly realm: the angels. This is a book that explains how to tap into the healing power of angels and how angel power can help overcome specific ailments and expand consciousness.

Also included here are over 25 “personal angel cures” that help readers overcome real-life challenges. The cures include meditations, visualizations, prayers, and specific action plans.

The book is organized into three sections:

  1. Access angel power: tips and tools for connecting with the angelic realm
  2. Your personal angel cures: an entire range of angelic healing modalities and blessings as well as 27 specific angel prescriptions for healing a wide range of ailments
  3. How to make angels an integral part of your daily life

This is a book of hope, help, and healing. It is for anyone who is looking for a little assistance from the heavenly reams.

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ISBN-13: 9781612834375
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 09/01/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Kimberly Marooney has a BA in music performance from San Diego State University and is an ordained intra-spiritual minister. She has an MA and PhD from Gateway University and was appointed president of Gateway University in 2016. Her Angel Blessing Cards has sold over 250,000 copies. She lives near Port Angeles, Washington.

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Archangel Raphael's Healing Clinic

Just tell me what to do!

How many times have you felt like that? You have a problem and just want to know what to do to make it better or go away.

Take this journey with your angels into Archangel Raphael's Healing Clinic.

During this journey, you will meet your angels, learn to activate your divinity, discover how you are the blessing, and align with your Master Self to activate your healing energy. Read slowly, imagining what is being described. Take the time to visualize and feel. Open yourself to receive the flow of heavenly, healing energy. Savor this experience, and come back to make this journey often.


Angels are here for you, always. You are never alone. You are not forgotten or abandoned. You are deeply loved and treasured.

What do you need help with? The Healing Clinic is open!

Walk in. Bring your troubles, fears, and dis-ease. The Healing Angels are waiting for you. What do you need help with? Breathe and take a moment to feel your body. What is lacking ease, alignment, joy, or comfort? Are you emotionally challenged with a conflict? Are you suffering with sadness, grief, depression, or anger? Do recurring thoughts of self-criticism or blame torture you? Is there a situation in life that needs your attention?

Whatever it is, let it come up for healing. Focus on the most important topic and hold it lightly in your heart. Simply allow it to be present. There is nothing you need to know or do because you are in the embrace of angels.

This Healing Clinic is within the Temples of Healing, just like a walk-in health clinic may be next to a hospital. There are many Temples of Healing. Each is unique for its purpose, breathtakingly beautiful, well staffed, and abundantly supplied. Your angels transport you to the temple that best supports your need.


As you walk in, the peacefulness is astonishing! It's like a sci-fi movie where the character goes through a doorway from one world and finds herself in another. The most immediate surprise is what is missing. Noise! There is a reverent silence. Rather than hear, you feel the harmonious vibration of the softest music. The music emanates from all around you, instantly soothing body, mind, and soul. The music itself has a sacred richness and depth that you haven't experienced in earthly music. It's as if your whole being is singing along with this ancient song of love. In a breath, you feel at peace. Safe.

As you relax into serenity, you begin to look around. The reception area is breathtakingly beautiful. There is no desk to check in, no forms to fill out, no signs, no hand sanitizer, no face masks or gloves, no wheelchairs, no chairs, no waiting!

The room itself feels alive with energy and love. The walls emit a soft glow, lighting the room. The floor is warm and radiant. You feel welcome, like coming home to a sacred place that some deep part of you has yearned for through all eternity.


You are expected. An Angel of Comfort meets you and wraps her arms of love around you. She caresses your back, and any anxiety or fear or concern instantly melts away. There is only peace, comfort, and love. You relax like a child in the Holy Mother's embrace. Your heart knows this place of deep love. Your soul remembers sinking into eternal peace. Instantly, all is well as you are transported within your Self to the higher truth. All is well.


The Comfort Angel escorts you to the healing room that has been meticulously prepared for you. It is so beautiful that you weep tears of gratitude as you release the burden you have been carrying. You may not even know it is there until you feel it drop away. This room contains everything you need, and it is yours to take away. Nothing is lacking. It's more like a combination museum/treasure vault than a treatment room.

Your angel motions for you to lie down. The bed is so inviting and comfortable that you sink into it. You feel as if you are floating in a universe of pure love and peace. As you venture far beyond the confines of your human body in an expansion of consciousness, all cares and worries melt away. You dissolve into this experience of unconditional love and eternal peace. There is nothing else.

One by one, loving and radiant beings enter the room. They gently surround you to lay their hands on your body in the areas that are out of balance or experiencing dis-ease.


Through the hands of light beings, you feel a transmission of energy that is alive and pulsing with health, vibrancy, balance; with ease; with love and joy; with peace, pleasure, sweetness, strength, courage, ecstasy, bliss, empowerment, and possibility. Deeply receive this benediction directly from the Source.

Intuitively, you know that you are being energetically aligned with the fullness and truth of your Master Self. In truth, you are equally as radiant, powerful, loving, compassionate, and wise as the beings surrounding you.

You are Home. The light beings are simply helping you remember who you are. In this experience of oneness and connection, everything that is unlike this beauty, this peace, this truth is transfigured instantly into more love. The energy in your life that is contrary to this experience of bliss, this wholeness, is reconfigured. This energy is rearranged into the substance that you need to fulfill your soul calling. This divine substance is now part of your treasure vault to be used, for it is a blessing.

Your consciousness is restored as you experience oneness with your Master Self. Your body is rejuvenated as you release the imbalance of misconceptions and dis-ease. Your emotions are renewed to the full range of expression, properly perceived. Your life is reshaped to support your soul calling with everything needed. You are filled with gratitude for this experience of your Master Self and Home.

All is well. Invite the energy of love and peace to infuse every cell and atom in your body. Imagine your DNA being reconfigured to its pattern of perfection, instantly eliminating all physical challenges and restoring wholeness, function, and beauty to your precious body temple.

All is well. Enjoy this presence of divine love and eternal peace.


Your personal healing angel remains here, lighting the way back. This is your lifeline to easily and quickly return here.

You don't want to leave this feeling or connection with the light beings that cradle you in love. You don't want to leave this experience of Home. There is no hurry, no time limit, no time! You may linger here as long as you wish. How can you leave the heavenly realm of divine love and eternal peace to return to your life? Relax. Be at peace. Know that you are loved, supported, and cared for always.


You have been given a reminder of your Master Self and your true Home. This activation of your divinity is meant to inspire and motivate you to do what is needed in your human life to return here often for renewal and direction. You are invited to come here daily.

As the energy immersion completes, you are provided with a plan. You feel it intuitively in your heart. This is a prescription for what to do in your earth life to heal, to resolve problems, to make better choices, to align your Master Self with your life so you may dwell in divine love and eternal peace always, no matter where you are in material creation.

You are invited to walk among the light beings. You are called upon to share your gifts and wisdom as you serve others in the same way that you have been loved and cared for here. You are being taught to live in this world and in a state of oneness with your Master Self.


All is well. You are loved. You are the treasure and the blessing. Knowing that your angels are here, always, you feel fortified and ready to return to your Earth Angel life.

To come back to the Healing Clinic, close your eyes and take a breath. Place a hand on your chest and breathe into the love in your heart to instantly be transported here by your Master Self. Return over and over to this experience of communion, of holiness, of oneness. Return often to this place of sweetness and joy, of strength and power. Breathe and be filled with this energy. Savor it. Become it; it is you.


Come back very slowly, staying in your healing room as you become aware of your surroundings. Visualize your healing room superimposed within your physical room. Imagine the light beings, the resources, the loving energy and wisdom, simultaneously existing in your physical room so that you can access the substance and support that was provided for you. Merge your divine experience with your physical reality.

Imagine yourself with everything that you need in life: perfect health, alignment, and well-being. Peaceful, loving, and supportive relationships. Abundance and joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. Deeply profound and intimately loving. Creative expression. Everything you need is here, now. You are completely supported in life.

Slowly open your eyes, staying in this place. Allow yourself to have the experience of being in both realms at once — both in your sacred healing room and present in your life. They coexist. You may choose which to access at any moment. You can take a breath and be in your healing room with everything you need. Your healing room is in your home! Imagine accessing your healing assets from the room you are in now. Feel the energy of the substance that has been provided for you right now, in your material room. Call it forth to manifest in your life.

Claim it as so, now.


At this higher realm of consciousness, you don't need to heal anything. There is nothing wrong. This is the most extraordinary feature of Archangel Raphael's Healing Clinic. Your body is vibrantly healthy. All you need to do is align yourself with wholeness. Call perfection into your physical body and then draw it into your life. Through aligning with your optimal pattern, you can instantly experience miracles of transfiguration and healing. Simply allow yourself to be in this presence of wholeness, completeness, abundance, and love. This is Angel Healing!

Everything you walked in with has been transformed. It has been transfigured into wholeness, joy, love, and connection. Everything you need right now in your life is provided. You feel fully satisfied. Let it exist in your imagination, in your heart, in your knowing, and most of all, in your energy field.


You are experiencing Angel Healing. Your energy field is being activated at this moment to be a radiant, magnetic force drawing to you the demonstration of divine joy, health, abundance, love and comfort, support, everything you need. Let it be so right now in your energy field, whole and complete, already manifest. There is nothing to do.

Be aware of your magnetic energy field expanding to fill your room, while simultaneously connecting with your healing room, as they coexist. You can access both at the same time. Broadcast this presence out into your life, filling your home, your neighborhood, workplace, city, county, and your state, your country, your hemisphere, the planet! Out into our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, out into the universe, all the way to the source of divine love. Into infinite expansion and glory in eternity. You! The radiant you. The Master Self you, whole and complete in the loving power and presence of eternity.

Coming back, imagine the magnificent you returning from the heavens to our universe, to the Milky Way galaxy and our arm on the spiral where our tiny solar system is, to our beautiful blue planet, back into your room, your body, and your life.

Nothing will be the same. Know that your life has been completely changed by this experience. Close your eyes and breathe yourself back into your body and life.

Know that you can return to this experience of oneness at any moment. Practice it now. Inhale into your Master Self surrounded by beautiful beings of light that love you, care for you, and nourish you in all ways. Exhale into your physical body. You are both Master Self and Earth Angel, simultaneously.

You are the precious treasure.

You are the blessing.

Experience this meditation with Kimberly at


Receive Divine Intervention

Angels, I ask for your help. There are forces at work in my life that I cannot identify. There are blessings within my grasp if I could only recognize them. Fill me with your love that my awareness may be lifted and I may realize the true nature of these events to receive their blessings.

Recognizing your angels and how they guide you is one of the greatest blessings. The angels offer a treasure trove of love, healing, guidance, and resources they want to pour into your heart. As you become conscious of their presence, amazing things begin to happen. A blessing is an "infusion of holiness." When you are touched by love or peace or joy, you are blessed or infused with holiness.

Seeking divine intervention is the key to the First Gateway Initiation. According to Judith Larkin Reno, my lifelong friend and mentor, a gateway is a level of consciousness that gives us access to higher energies so we can receive divine intervention. Your soul is calling you into unitive experiences with Spirit, and Inspiration Angels are guiding you. Fortunata guides you to prosperity. Iofiel reveals your inner beauty. Israfel pops songs into your head as messages of comfort. Amarushaya helps you recognize blessings. Every angel experience brings you closer to life solutions.

There are many ways we can be blessed. Our angels communicate with us through signs and symbols. Many people tell me that they talk with their angels but don't receive a response. Angels are responding all the time. Are you ready to learn the secret code so you can easily recognize their blessing?


Seeing a feather is a sign of grace as the angels bless you. Acknowledging this presence allows you to connect energetically. Angel Amarushaya said, "My gift is in recognizing the many forms of blessings in one's life. The obvious ones and the hidden blessings." Her touch softly awakens you to hidden blessings. Often, these lessons come in the form of unpleasant exchanges with family and friends. Her blessing carries the power to heal and enlighten.

Do pennies just appear? Pennies confirm that you are guided and provided for. Angels are in a natural state of abundance, as is your Master Self. Shortage doesn't exist in the heavenly realms. When you find a penny, Fortunata, the Prosperity Angel, is saying, "Hey! You have gifts others need! Share them like this!"

Did you know angels communicate through songs? Music is a part of everything celestial. Angels sing praises. Love and joy vibrate the music of the spheres. That makes music a natural for angel communications. Angel Israfel uses music to touch your heart with messages of love, comfort, and understanding.

Do you smell roses when none are visible? Angels live in a state of beauty that is visceral. Their presence is so exquisite that it exudes fragrance, sound, and vibrations that express their state of being. Smelling scents that have no visible source is a sign that angels are with you. Angel Iofiel encourages you to sense your inner beauty and the vibrancy of your Master Self.

Once you've made the connection, the angels go before you preparing the way for a loving, abundant, creative, and fulfilling life of joy. Want to know more about the ways angels communicate? Get your free download from


Be alert for intuitive knowing and synchronistic experiences with the following actions:

Identify your need or desire for divine intervention and write about it in your journal. Go to Archangel Raphael's Healing Clinic to unify and gather resources.

Look for synchronicity. While you are going about your life, watch for new connections and opportunities. Take action.

Share your gifts! What gifts have you been holding back? When you need money, there is a gift inside you that is yearning to be expressed. The need for money is catalyzing your ability to share your gift.

Exercise every day. Walk in nature. Move. Dance! Get your energy flowing so you are open to receive.

Celebrate beauty. Dress and feel beautiful. Seek beauty around you and absorb its energy.

Listen within for messages from your angels and write them in your journal. That includes intuitive knowing and visions, or guidance.

Take inspired action! Follow up on your intuitive knowing and just do it!


Excerpted from "The Little Book of Angel Healing"
by .
Copyright © 2019 Kimberly Marooney.
Excerpted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

Foreword: Angels to the Rescue,
A Divine Invitation,
Your Personal Angel Healing Remedies,
1. Archangel Raphael's Healing Clinic,
2. Receive Divine Intervention,
3. How Can I Develop My Connection With Angels?,
4. Help Me Change!,
5. My Life Is Falling Apart!,
6. Help Me to Heal My Health Challenges,
7. I'm Sinking into Sadness and Depression,
8. I Feel Overwhelmed by the Challenges in My Life,
9. I'm Afraid All the Time!,
10. I Have Issues with Food,
11. My Heart Is Aching for My Soul Mate,
12. Resentment Is Eating Me Up!,
13. I Have Issues with Sex,
14. I've Lost Someone I Love And Grief Is Devastating,
15. I Regret Something I Did and Feel Guilty,
16. I Feel So Agitated!,
17. Get Me Off the Roller Coaster of Poverty!,
18. I Am Not Stubborn!,
19. I'm Stuck! How Can I Play Bigger in Life?,
20. How Can I Express My Soul Purpose?,
21. Open My Heart to Love,
22. I Feel Livid with Rage!,
23. I Feel So Alone!,
24. Help Us to Resolve Conflict!,
25. Hunger,
26. Violence,
27. Political Unrest,
28. Animals,
29. Natural Disasters,
30. Help Me to Manifest the Powerful Visions I See,
Be an Earth Angel in Action,

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