Little Book of Basketball Law

Little Book of Basketball Law

by Melissa Altman Linsky


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Dr. Naismith never could have foreseen the skill, popularity, and financial rise of the game he inadvertently created. And of course, with prominence and money come interesting legal dilemmas. Explore 13 fascinating cases that have arisen at all levels of the game in The Little Book of Basketball Law. Part of the acclaimed Little Book series, this addition provides a look at the laws that intersect the game of basketball in an easy-to-relate-to manner that is both entertaining and informative. The "to the Hoop' section contains updates with current applications of the cases. So, take a fascinating look at the legal side of basketball.

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ISBN-13: 9781614389439
Publisher: Tradeselect
Publication date: 01/07/2014
Series: ABA Little Books Series
Pages: 194
Sales rank: 1,202,965
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Melissa Altman Linsky teaches a course on Sports Law at Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, Georgia. She has also worked with counsel from the NBA and NHL to ensure compliance with their respective rules, regulations, guidelines and collective bargaining agreements. In addition to teaching, Melissa consults on sports and marketing legal issues. She resides in Atlanta, Ga.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Chapter 1 Lightly Seasoned Tickets: The Rights of Season Ticket Holders 3

To the Hoop 1 Revocable Promises 14

Chapter 2 Picking Off Name Brands: Professional Basketball Players and the Rights to Their Names 17

To the Hoop 2 Name and Fame 32

Chapter 3 Boxing Out Potential Owners: Contentious Team Sales 35

To the Hoop 3 The Owner as Producer 38

Chapter 4 Double Team: Two Teams, One City 41

To the Hoop 4 Thank You, Davis, Levin, and Lipton 48

Chapter 5 Ejected: Is the NCAA a State Player? 51

To the Hoop 5 The Stigma-plus Test 58

Chapter 6 Flagrant Fouls: What Standard Determines Fault when a Player Gets Hurt? 61

To the Hoop 6 Safety in Sports 64

Chapter 7 Only 24 Seconds to Shoot: The NBA and Television 67

To the Hoop 7 Sports Leagues and the Single Entity 80

Chapter 8 Keeping Trax of Steals per Game: Can a Basketball Game Be Copyrighted? 83

To the Hoop 8 Protecting the Game 94

Chapter 9 Off the Court and into the Stands: NBA Commissioner's Authority 97

To the Hoop 9 Green Peace 104

Chapter 10 Stepping into the High-tops: Prospective NBA Players and the Collective Bargaining Agreement 107

To the Hoop 10 The Final Call 110

Chapter 11 Team Fouls: Too Much Trauma 113

To the Hoop 11 Case Typical but Change on the Horizon 120

Chapter 12 Incidental Contact? Sexual Harassment in the Front Office 123

To the Hoop 12 Sex Discrimination 132

Chapter 13 Outside the Paint: Spectator Injuries 135

To the Hoop 13 Follow the Bouncing Ball 138

Chapter 14 Giving Student-Athletes the Third Degree: Is Compensation in the Future for College Athletes? 141

To the Hoop 14 First in Class 150

Chapter 15 Movin' the Nets: Can Private Land Be "Taken" (for the Building of a Sports Arena)? 153

To the Hoop 15 That Was Not the End of the Battle for Atlantic Yards 166

Chapter 16 Double-Double: Was the NCAA's Final Four Ticket Drawing an Illegal Lottery? 169

To the Hoop 16 Bottom Line 172

Index 175

About the Author 183

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