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The Little Book of Messages

The Little Book of Messages

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by Jon Peniel
Wonderful, uplifting quotes that inspire.


Wonderful, uplifting quotes that inspire.

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The quote excerpts in this book are

originally from very ancient texts that

were found in a monastic library. The

library contained rare, irreplaceable texts,

many of which were original translations.

They are from various sources and time


The ancient authors of these quotes

all had one thing in common. They literally

consider everything--the One entire

universe--the Oneness of all existence, to

be "God". Thus sometimes there will be

references to God, and other times to the

"One", or "Oneness"--these all mean

essentially the same thing. It should be

noted that they believed that we too are

part of the One, but fail to recognize it

because we have created a mental illusion

of separation from the rest of creation.

They also believed that the way to transcend

that separation and return to God,

was through living by the Golden Rule of

unselfish love.

Some people like to think of a question,

or just ask for some guidance from

God, then randomly flip open to a page,

and read what it has to say to you.

Please keep in mind some of this is

rather cryptic, and may require contemplation.

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