The Little Perfume Shop Off The Champs-Élysées

The Little Perfume Shop Off The Champs-Élysées

by Rebecca Raisin

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ISBN-13: 9781474035521
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 03/30/2018
Series: The Little Paris Collection , #3
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 24,946
File size: 830 KB

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The Little Perfume Shop Off The Champs-Élysées (The Little Paris Collection, Book 3) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
gaele More than 1 year ago
Leclére Perfumery in Paris is hosting a competition: win the competition and get a cash prize, six months in Paris, a line of your own scents and plenty of opportunities to work with mentors and perfumers. This is just the boost that Del needs, especially after her twin sister Jen bailed on their plan to move from their sleepy Michigan town to New York to open a small boutique scent shop. Growing up, Del had worked tirelessly with her Nan, learning how to recognize and blend scent: and now, feeling the loss of her keenly, she’s hit a point of grief where the boost in confidence she got from being accepted into the competition is competing with her fear that she’s lost her gift of creation, but she’s in Paris to compete, learn and win the prize to make her dreams of a New York shop a reality. Sébastien Leclére, the reclusive owner and son of the famous Victor feels as if he’s been bludgeoned into the contest. Through all of the interviews and the process to find the six contestants, he’s been absent, leaving the task to his mother. He dislikes Paris, wants little to do with the all-encompassing world of scent creation, and misses his father terribly – to the point that he’s agreed to stick with the contest only long enough to find a winner, then turning the operation over to the management team. There’s an instant spark with he and Del though, and when he’s assigned to be her mentor after several encounters that have Del shown in the most embarrassing situations, the two meet, and a connection of sorts is born. The contest is not without pitfalls, however. Other contestants from the coldly brusque and single-minded Anastasia, to Karen and Chloe – a Brit and a Parisienne with their own subtle (or not so) ways of undermining the others, to Lex, an older man with the weight of the world on his shoulders to Lili, a chemist with controlling parents and a need to succeed, Del’s got to find her own strength and path, despite the obstacles from contestants to creation that come her way. Through the scents and scenes in Paris and France, Del finds the keys to the contest: it’s not for a new nose or creation but the ultimate gift from Victor to his son, hoping to reignite his creativity and love for the world of scent and the possibilities within. Dealing with her own grief over the loss of her Nan, to what she sees as a betrayal from her twin to the difficulties she has without a solid five year plan after her parents’ rather offhanded approach to responsibility, Del has to let go in the moment, and capture the essence of what it means to live in a scent – a scent that will open doors and provide her with the life she never knew she wanted. Lovely and atmospheric from the bits of history and scenery to the evocative scent profiles, struggles and growth – the story just keeps on giving back to readers. I meant to read only a bit of this at a time, wanting it to last: I looked up to discover I had devoured it in one sitting - happily. Raisin has mixed emotion, growth, scents and scenes into a story that feels approachable and real, and most of all, grounded in the hope and shine of Paris. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Valerian70 More than 1 year ago
Initially I thought I was going to really dislike this book as it does take a while to really suck you in. Once I was around 50 pages in I found that I was becoming more and more absorbed by Del's story and was racing through the pages. Although this is basically a love story, and a rather cliched obvious one the setting is evoked well (I now feel I've been to Paris) and the background of the competition works well - although, it's obvious that Del will get to the Grand Finale or else there wouldn't be much of a book. The supporting cast are well drawn and I particularly enjoyed the character of Lex. Although, I did feel that he was a bit of a mole planted there by the perfume house to report back on how the contestants were behaving behind the scenes as it were. Sadly this theory didn't pan out but I still think it would have made a nice twist. Clementine and Lila are also quite strong characters within the book although a little two dimensional i their niche of, respectively, femme fatale and mouse. There are little nods to previous books as we visit Once Upon A Time and also Anouk's Antique Shop. It was nice to drop in on old characters and locations, however briefly. There is, of course, plenty of information about the blending of perfume and it can become a little wearying in places as you get whole sentences that are nothing more than a list of ingredients. I have still given this 4 Stars as I did enjoy the story very much despite having some major niggles with what appeared to be filler. I now know why the publication date was pushed back again and again (yes, it was on my shopping list for an inordinate amount of time); it simply wasn't ready for publication and I do feel like it was compromised slightly to finally get the book out. Sadly, this makes me wonder if we will see any further novels from Ms Raisin as it seems clear that she had issues fulfilling her Publishing Contract with this one.
Cyndy G S More than 1 year ago
Combine Paris, Romance and Perfume along with a competition and you have a n utterly charming read. I fell in love with this story when Del landed in Paris, literally bumped into a handsome stranger and from there the adventure began. I especially loved Sebastien with his good looks and charm he is a perfect male specimen. Del is on a mission to break away from her small town and be independent form her twin sister Jen. The perfume contest with Paris as a backdrop should be the perfect opportunity but with all of the antics of the other contestants and the complex art of perfume making may just be a bit too much. The sights, the drama of the contest and the budding romance between Del and Sebastien had me hooked and I devoured, practically inhaled this in one sitting. I loved the contest aspect of the book and all of the complexity involved in making perfume had me amazed at how much actually goes into creating a fragrance. Del is an honest, lovable, smart as a whip and sometimes clumsy lead character. The tension between Del and Sebastien had me wanting to just get them together already! If you enjoy an honest to goodness romance with charm and a beautiful setting then you are in for a treat.
WhisperingStories More than 1 year ago
Del has always had a nose for a beautiful scent. She and her twin sister decided they wanted to open a perfumery in New York together. The shop had been chosen, and everything was running smoothly, until at last-minute her sister fell in love and ditched the idea, leaving Del unable to afford the shop on her own. Del then finds out about a perfume competition that would give her enough funds to open her own shop, running in Paris, she applies and is lucky enough to be one of the finalist. It takes some courage to go as she normally has her sister at her side for everything, but she heads over from America to France to try an win. However, there are some seriously tough competitors, and a few who don’t want to play by the rules. Will Del come away from Paris smelling of roses? I love Rebecca Raisin’s books, yet this is the first in ‘The Little Paris Collection’ that I have read. I can confirm it can most certainly be read as a stand-alone, and that now I’m going to have to read the other two, as this book was so good. What I love about Ms. Raisin’s books is how much of her heart and soul she puts into them. You can tell by how easy the words pour off the pages, and how effortless they feel to read, just how passionate she is about her work, and in this instance, how knowledgeable she is about perfume too. The characters are well-developed, and Del was such a lovely character to get to know. She knew what she wanted in life and how to go about getting it, yet she wasn’t prepared to stoop to some of the other competitors levels to win the competition. If she was going to win it was on her own merits and know how. This is a book that will have you imagining all the glorious scents that are made. It was an absolute joy to read and I devoured it in one sitting.