The Living Sin of the Multicultural Christian: A brutally honest book on race, Christianity, and the ancient judgment that is on a collision course with them both

The Living Sin of the Multicultural Christian: A brutally honest book on race, Christianity, and the ancient judgment that is on a collision course with them both

by Steve Garrett


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ISBN-13: 9781626769090
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Publication date: 10/09/2016
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

I knew when I began writing this book that I would be placing myself on a collision course with not only the church but society as a whole concerning my flaying of the popular culture in America today called multiculturalism. Students of the past know that history has shown us when cultures combine, many times it is a harbinger to a conflict and sometimes even the dreaded genocidal slaughter. Over time I have discovered that my personal understanding of this phenomenon has actually driven a social wedge between me and the modern Christian. This has not been my wish or my fault but just the way it has been. I put forth the claim that the truth is unchanging, undeniable, and sometimes even unflattering. The honest person should know that the truth is not interested in impressing him at all. In a country where it's all about materialism, personal feelings, and self-esteem, it should be known that the first casualty will always be the truth. While this book is a damning study of the bizarre creation of multiculturalism by the elites of the world, it also serves as an advocate for the return to the natural racial/ethnic culture as God's long ago biblical judgment originally intended the world to be ordered. Strong statement? Never heard such a thing? The story has not begun my friend so sit down, relax, and have that extra glass of sweet tea. You will find this book is basically a combination of biblical theology, political events, world leader quotations, and secular history, all designed to shine a light on something I call the multicultural spider. I don't have anyone personally to thank for helping me write this book because I did it myself with no help or assistance. I guess if I am going to credit something for the creation of this book it would be the modern church of today for their inability to understand Genesis 11.

Table of Contents

Introduction iv

Chapter 1 The Strange Fruit of Multiculturalism 1

Limousine Liberals and Cadillac Conservatives 5

The natural consequences of unnatural multiculturalism 14

But King Solomon loved many strange women 19

Is America still a Christian Country? 24

Chapter 2 Multiculturalism is the Child of Immigration 29

For 911, press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, 3 for 30

Is there really such a thing as a border anymore? 32

Does your candidate want more crime in America? 34

Is there a doctor in the White House? 38

A little bipartisanship goes a long way 40

The American Candidates slogan of the day 43

I'm for jobs! 43

Chapter 3 Historical Grievances in America 49

The Indians lost the war 50

The Mexicans lost the war but made some coin anyway 60

Will those Blacks ever stop enslaving their own people? 64

Chapter 4 Multiculturalism and the Military 70

Loyalty, bombs, and God 71

Today's ally, tomorrows enemy 72

Does America read the writing on the wall? 75

There is no such thing as a man with two fathers 81

Kill the inhuman, it's only the enemy 82

Chapter 5 True Multicultural Nations do not Exclude 86

Taxes, Secession, and Slavery? Who did it first? 88

The KKK and other assorted nasty's 94

Hippie's, Drugs, Braless Women, and those Uppity N-words 98

Bible thumpers and other politically incorrect things 104

Chapter 6 Multiculturalism, the Antithesis of Blood and Soil 107

A Culture/Nation defined 107

The Natural Attachment to Soil 112

Kinism, the natural attachment to one's own 114

The unconnected global citizen 120

Chapter 7 A Divided (multicultural) Nation Shall Not Stand 123

Has there ever been such a divided country? 124

The melting pot vs. the salad bowl 125

And God said: the people is one 127

Some claim the Judgment of Babel is no longer in effect 131

From nation/state citizen to multiculturalistto globalist 137

Is the Old Testament still relevant? 146

Does Jesus warn us about divided nations? 148

Is God a multiculturalist? 153

Was Jesus ever a multiculturalist? 157

Chapter 8 First Principles and a Return to the Center of Your Culture 164

Empires and non-empire Empires 165

It's all about the tribe and it has always been 168

Are you still waiting for that leopard to change its spots? 171

Libertarians to the rescue 176

Divide us by Diversity 177

Democracy, the divisive failure of a nation 181

A return to the center of your culture 196

A Christian cannot have it both ways, therefore he must decide 199

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