The Logic of Writing and the Organization of Society

The Logic of Writing and the Organization of Society

by Jack Goody


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ISBN-13: 9780521327459
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 12/18/1986
Series: Studies in Literacy, the Family, Culture and the State Series
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 5.43(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.83(d)

Table of Contents

Studies in Literacy, Family, Culture and the State: an introductionvii
1The word of God1
The concept of 'a'/'the' religion4
Incorporation or conversion10
Universalism and particularism10
Cognitive contradictions in the general and the specific13
Specialization: priests and intellectuals16
Endowment and alienation18
The twin bureaucracies19
Organizational and structural autonomony20
The Great and Little Traditions: spirit cults and world religions22
Writing and religion in Ancient Egypt26
Writing and religion in other early civilizations35
Ritual and writing42
2The word of mammon45
The origin of writing and the ancient economy48
Writing and the temple economy55
Writing and the palace economy62
Writing and the mercantile economy71
Writing and individual transactions77
Writing and the economy in Africa82
3The state, the bureau and the file87
The administration of early states with writing92
Internal administration93
External administration97
The administration of states without writing99
External administration100
Internal administration103
Writing in the colonial and national administrations113
Writing and the political process119
4The letter of the law127
The definition of law129
Courts, constables and codes132
Sources of law and changes of rule135
Legal reasoning140
Court organization142
Legal forms144
The expansion of writing and law in medieval England159
The letter and the spirit of the law165
5Ruptures and continuities171

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