One More Last Dance: The Adventitious Story of Peckerwood Finch

One More Last Dance: The Adventitious Story of Peckerwood Finch

by Jerome Mark Antil


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One More Last Dance is a compelling story about the power of friendship, one that develops between two men through an unlikely road trip.

Peckerwood Finch has a lot going against him. The 25-year-old Cajun man was abandoned at birth by his parents, endured abusive foster parents, is illiterate, and there's his name—an unflattering term for a rural white Southerner. Fortunately, he's affectionately known as Peck (his given name is Boudreaux Clement Finch). Peck is a fisherman and mows the grass at a small hospice on a Louisiana bayou. There he meets Gabriel “Gabe”
Jordan, an elderly African American man dying of cancer whose final wish is to attend the Newport Jazz Festival. Despite his own shortcomings,
Peck is determined to make Gabe's dream come true.

The new friends hit the road only to be stymied by, among other things, a lack of funds and Peck's poor sense of direction. At times, guardian angels come to their rescue, including a wealthy real estate broker who offers to buy airline tickets, among many other generosities. But Peck has no form of identification and must travel by bus while Gabe flies. The bulk of the story then concerns Peck's adventures en route.

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ISBN-13: 9780997180268
Publisher: Little York Books
Publication date: 12/25/2017
Pages: 284
Sales rank: 1,239,561
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Award winning author of novel series about growing up in the shadows of WWII and non fiction novels - Antil has been likened to Mark Twain,
Ernest Hemingway - one reviewer said, "Antil writes like Norman Rockwell paints." Antil prides himself in the strength of his research which has raised the bulk of his work to the level of 'Historical Fiction'.

Prior Work:

The award winning - "The Pompey Hollow Book Club" series
Bestselling - "Handbook for Weekend Dads
"Book of the Year Finalist" (Non-fiction humor) - "The Long Stem is in the Lobby"
Non fiction - true short stories of Christmas' past "Return to Tiffany's"

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

On the Back Lawn of a Louisiana Hospice

Chapter 2

Farewell, Captain, and Good Luck

Chapter 3

A Sax in the Night

Chapter 4

Watching the Dollars Stretch

Chapter 5

Dirty Dances and Sloe Gin

Chapter 6

Jackson Here We Come!

Chapter 7

Sasha’s Turn to Drive

Chapter 8

A Bank and the Beale Street Blues

Chapter 9

Does it Have to Be Good-bye?

Chapter 10

The Morning After

Chapter 11

Talk to Me, Gabe

Chapter 12

The Greyhound Mysteries

Chapter 13

Hidden Clues

Chapter 14

Visiting Hours

Chapter 15

A Seat on a Late Night Bus

Chapter 16

Bringing the Kettle to a Boil

Chapter 17

Shad and River Smells

Chapter 18

So Many Questions, So Many Surprises

Chapter 19

On My Honor, I Will Do My Best…

Chapter 20

Please Don’t Say Good-bye

Chapter 21

Finally the Festival, Wine and Cheese

Chapter 22

No Secrets, Doctor

Chapter 23

One in the Morning Comes Early

Chapter 24

Please God, Help our Gabriel

Chapter 25

A Powwow of the Three

Chapter 26

Lily Cup Goes to Angola, Peck to Kingston

Chapter 27

Gabe Walks Twenty Feet,

Peck Gets off at Kingston

Chapter 28

Just the R’at Words

Chapter 29

The Secret Christmas Story

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