The Lord's Table: A Biblical Approach to Weight Loss

The Lord's Table: A Biblical Approach to Weight Loss

by Mike Cleveland

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ISBN-13: 9781885904355
Publisher: Focus Publishing (MN)
Publication date: 04/28/2003
Pages: 201
Sales rank: 674,670
Product dimensions: 8.37(w) x 11.33(h) x 0.53(d)

Table of Contents

1.Proper Motivation - The Glory of God2
2.Desires of the Heart - Fullness and Satisfaction5
3.Victory is Here at Last!8
5.Food Is Not The Problem14
6.Two Kinds of Food17
7.Happy Are The Helpless20
8.The Cross24
9.Living Water28
10.More Living Water31
12.Repentance Brings Refreshment38
13.New Direction41
14.Put Off and Put On45
17.Brokenness: Key to Victory54
18.Setting Captives Free57
19.Setting Captives Free II - From Prison to Praise60
20.Setting Captives Free III64
22.Ongoing Freedom71
23.Exclusive Drinking74
25.The Greatness of God80
26.Break The Chain83
27.Walking in The Spirit86
28.New Creations In Christ89
29.Growing in Christ92
30.The Discontented Heart95
31.Back To Basics98
32.Freedom Through Fellowship101
33.Exercise is a Must104
34.Enjoy The Feast107
36.God Nourishes His People115
37.Such Were Some Of You118
38.Food For the Soul121
39.Live For Pleasure124
40.Called To Suffer127
41.We Must Master Sin131
42.Seek First the Kingdom of God134
43.One Thing Needful137
44.Ministry Mindset140
45.Freedom Brings Spiritual Health143
46.Key to Victory - Ongoing Humility146
47.Running to Win150
48.Shadows and Reality153
49.How to Feast at The Lord's Table157
50.Be a Doer of The Word160
51.Gluttony and Laziness164
52.Take Every Thought Captive167
53.Change Comes Through Seeing Jesus171
54.Psalm 23 and The Lord's Table175
55.All Food is Acceptable178
56.How to Lose Weight - Worship181
57.Losing Weight by Delighting in The Lord184
58.Praise Brings Victory188
59.Review and Testimony191
Frequently Asked Questions198

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