The Los Angeles Agent Book: Get the Agent You Need for the Career You Want

The Los Angeles Agent Book: Get the Agent You Need for the Career You Want

by K. Callan


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ISBN-13: 9781878355126
Publisher: Sweden Press
Publication date: 01/01/2001
Edition description: 7TH
Pages: 315
Product dimensions: 5.47(w) x 8.49(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

1Avenues of Opportunity1
What Is An Agent?1
An Agent Prepares2
What Do Agents Think Their Job Is?3
Partners Not Pals5
2Before You Leave Home...and Once You Get to LA7
Andy Lawler's Words of Wisdom on Schools7
Other Cool Schools8
Now that You're in Los Angeles11
Build a Support Group11
Get a Place to Live12
An Overview of Connecting Roads15
Living Arrangements18
Get a Job19
Encountering Agents20
Casting Society of America Job File20
Market Research21
Invaluable Informational Sources22
Joining the Unions23
3Your First Agent & His Tools25
Get Into an Acting Class26
Pictures and Resumes30
Sample Resume34
Listing Extra Work On Your Resume, Don't35
Audition Reels/Tapes36
99-Seat Theatre37
The Actor's Job: Looking for Work38
Drawing the Attention of Casting Directors38
Everybody Was New Once40
Get a Grip47
Why Are You Here?48
Assess Yourself & the Marketplace48
Making It49
5Research and Follow-Through52
Get On With It53
Who Do You Love?55
Agent Looking Season55
Getting a Meeting56
Making the Decision61
6Conglomerate/Star-Level Agents63
Distinguished Independent Agents64
Power, Information, So What?65
So, Who's the King?68
Substance or Style?70
Bigger is Better?70
7What Everybody Wants72
Definitive Client72
What to Look for in an Agent76
Ratio of Clients to Agents78
Access and Stature78
Commercial vs. Theatrical Success79
Commercial Agents79
8Everybody's Responsibilities82
Setting Up Shop82
How Do We Really Get Work?82
Other Things the Actor Can Do85
Actors' Responsibilities89
Important Details89
Agents' Responsibilities/What the Actor Has a Right to Expect90
What the Actor Doesn't Have a Right to Expect91
Staying in Touch93
Emotionally Prepared to Audition93
9New Representation96
New Representation96
Bona Fide Reasons to Leave97
Don't Wait Until It's Too Late99
Dumpee, The101
When It Makes Sense To Have A Manager104
Hidden Agendas106
Gary Might Bring About Change107
Tell Me Your Experience108
No License Required108
Top Of The Show/Major Role109
Breakdown Service111
Residuals and the Strike111
Your Reference Library112
11Stand-Ups/One Person Shows/Voice Work116
One Person Shows118
Voice work119
Comedian Referral Service/Rent a Comic119
Voiceover Workshops120
12Children In The Business122
You Don't Have to Be in New York or Los Angeles123
Don't Get Professional Pictures Right Away124
Teachers for Young Actors125
Photographers for Kids126
Set Sitters127
What Agents Look for in Young Actors127
Hiring the Parents128
13Researching the Agents130
Evaluate Carefully130
Researching the Agents130
Who's Included in This Book?131
Agent Stereotypes131
Less is More132
Number of Clients132
Screen Actors Guild Agency Lists132
Body of Work133
Kevin Bacon/Referrals133
14Agency Listings138
Index to Agents & Agencies270
Index to Agents for Children and/or Babies283
Index to Agents for Martial Artists284
Index to Agents for Stand-ups & Comedians284
Index to Agents for Teenagers & Young Adults285
Index to Agents for Voice Work287
Index to Everything Else288
Index to Resources290
Index to Teachers & Photographers291
Index to Teachers & Photographers for Kids & Young Adults291
Index to Web Addresses292

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