The Lost Art of Handwriting Workbook: Practice Sheets to Improve Your Penmanship

The Lost Art of Handwriting Workbook: Practice Sheets to Improve Your Penmanship

by Brenna Jordan


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Improve your handwriting skills and calm your mind with this lovely, inviting companion workbook to The Lost Art of Handwriting.

Practice your penmanship to perfection with this helpful handbook to mastering beautiful handwriting. Brenna Jordan of Calligraphy by Brenna and author of The Lost Art of Handwriting presents you with pages of wonderfully crafted letters, sayings, and quotes that you can use to practice your handwriting. The Zen-like repetition of cursive and printed letters will calm you and provide a sense of well-being as you make your way towards more legible, pleasing, and impressive handwriting that you can apply to correspondence, cards, artwork, and more. The Lost Art of Handwriting Workbook has everything you need to master calligraphy and provides a wonderful way to practice your handwriting every day.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781507215746
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 02/02/2021
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 65,347
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Brenna Jordan lives in Duluth, Minnesota, where she owns a calligraphy and hand lettering business, Calligraphy by Brenna, which provides wedding and event calligraphy, certificates, logo design, and commission work. She is a member of IAMPETH® (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting©) and The Colleagues of Calligraphy and offers private or small group lessons.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Part 1 Getting Started 7

Helpful Terms 8

The Write Tools 10

How to Use This Book 12

Part 2 Cursive 13

Lowercase Cursive Alphabet 14

Lowercase Letter Practice: a-z 15

Uppercase Cursive Alphabet 41

Uppercase Letter Practice: A-Z 43

Loop Variations 69

Loop Variation Quote Practice 70

Entrance and Exit Stroke Practice 71

Other Lowercase Variations 73

Lowercase Quote Practice 74

Practice Lowercase With a Classic Pangram 75

Practice Lowercase Quotes With Flourishes 77

Upper- and Lowercase Cursive Practice 79

Practicing Capital W 81

Upper- and Lowercase Cursive Practice 82

Copperplate Capital Letters 83

Spencerian Capital Letters 85

Capital A Variations 87

Capital B Variations 89

Capital C and D Variations 90

Capital E and F Variations 91

Capital G and H Variations 92

Capital I and J Variations 93

Capital K, L, and M Variations 94

Capital N, O, and P Variations 95

Capital Q and R Variations 96

Capital S and T Variations 97

Capital W, Y, and Z Variations 98

Quote Practice 99

Letter Joins with a 101

Letter Joins with a: Word Practice 102

Letter Joins with e 103

Letter Joins with e: Word Practice 104

Letter Joins with i 105

Letter Joins with i: Word Practice 106

Letter Joins with o 107

Letter Joins with o: Word Practice 108

Letter Joins with u 109

Letter Joins with u: Word Practice 110

Letter Joins with p 111

Letter Joins with p: Word Practice 112

Letter Joins with r 113

Letter Joins with r: Word Practice 114

Letter Joins with t 115

Letter Joins with t: Word Practice 116

Letter Joins with b 117

Letter Joins with o, v, and w 118

Letters with Descender-to-Ascender Joins 119

Letters with Tricky Joins: Word Practice 120

Fun Ways to Practice: Writing Names 121

Double Letters: Identical Twins 123

Double Letters: Fraternal Twins 124

Ascender and Descender Flourishes 125

Hand F Flourishes 127

Quote Practice 128

Part 3 Printing 131

Mastering Roman Capitals 132

Uppercase Roman Alphabet 133

Uppercase Letter Practice: A-Z 135

Roman Capital Letter Spacing 149

Roman Letter Spacing with Double Letters 151

Roman Letter Spacing with Italic Print 153

Quote Practice 155

Lowercase Italic Alphabet 157

Lowercase Italic Letters: a-z 159

Practicing Lowercase Italic Letters in Quotes 169

Uppercase Italic Alphabet 171

Uppercase Italic Letters: A-Z 173

Numbers and Punctuation 181

Quote Practice 183

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