The Lost Book of King Arthur

The Lost Book of King Arthur

by Simon Keegan


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The Lost Book of King Arthur reveals the ancient written source that proves King Arthur’s origin as a Northern King – and identifies two “Grails” that are inscribed with his final battle, final resting place and Dragon title.

On the 1500th Anniversary of the Battle of Badon, Pennine Dragon proved that the real King Arthur was a northern British chieftain from the York area called Arthwys ap Mar.

Now the explosive follow-up The Lost Book of King Arthur reveals the texts that documented the great king’s life. And furthermore identifies - with actual photographs and locations of where you can go and see them – two of Arthur’s famous Grails. These cups were treasured at Arthur’s Hadrian’s Wall garrison and are inscribed with the title Draconis (Dragon), Arthur’s final battle (Camlan) and his final resting place (Avalon).

From Geoffrey of Monmouth’s “very ancient book in the British tongue” to an old copy of the Historia Brittonum, written by a Northern British prince - and only destroyed in the Second World War Blitz - finally the pieces of the puzzle fit.

The Lost Book of King Arthur shows through maps, charts and the piecing together of lost texts, that the legendary King Arthur was very much a real king and not only were his battle sites well documented they were etched forever into the side of great chalices.

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ISBN-13: 9781910705483
Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 09/26/2016
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.42(d)

About the Author

Simon Keegan was born in Liverpool in 1979 of Irish, Scottish, Cornish, Breton, Welsh and Swedish ancestry.
He has been a professional journalist for 20 years and currently works for the Daily Mirror. He has also worked as a sub editor for the Metro, Daily Star and Daily Express.
Simon was editor of the Salford Advertiser and Prestwich Advertiser and has also worked for magazines such as The Big Issue in the North and local newspapers such as the Stockport Express and Rochdale Observer.
He has also appeared on various TV and radio shows as well as judging the UK's largest live music contest.
Simon is married with two children and in his spare time teaches a Karate and Jujutsu class in Manchester city centre.

In pursuit of the Arthurian legends, he has travellled from Scotland to Cornwall, Ireland to Brittany, Wales to York and all points between.

Table of Contents


PART ONE: Who was Arthur? 8

Introduction 9
King Arthur for beginners 9
Was King Arthur real? 11
What do we know about King Arthur? 13
What do we know about Arthwys ap Mar? 14
Arthur Penuchel in the northern genealogies 15
Main Arthurian characters revealed 17
Contrasting Arthur with Arthwys 19
Artorius Castus and Arthwys 23
The rank of the Dux 25
The memory of Arthur 27
Arthur's Lost Grails 30
Arthur in the Historia Brittonum 34
The Annales Cambrae and Geoffrey 37

PART TWO: The Kings of Britain 40

The Roman emperors 41
The Rise of the Gododdin 42
Generation 1 & 2: Vortigern 44
Generation 3: Uther 50
Generation 4: Arthur 53
Generation 5: Gildas' kings 58
Generation 6: Peredur 62
Generation 7: Arthur II 65
Generation 8: Meurig 68
Generation 9: Athrwys 70
The riddle of Vortigern 73
Vortimer 76
The other Vortigern 78
Arthur and Cerdic 81
The Anglo Saxon Chronicles 84

PART THREE: The Lost Books of Arthur 86

Source 1: Gildas 87
Source 2: Aneirin 89
Source 3: Taliesin 90
Source 4: The Lost Book of Arthur 97
- Glein - City of the Legions
- Dubglas - Tribruit
- Bassas - Agned
- Celidon - Bregoin
- Guinnion - Badon
Source 5: The Lost Book of Mordred 131
Source 6: The Lost Book of Llaenauc 139
Source 7: The Lost Book of Uther 142
Source 8: The Lost Book of Pa Gur 150
Source 9: Llywarch Hen 153
Source 10: The King Lists 154
Arthur in the primary sources 159
Timeline derived from the primary sources 159
Evolution of the sources 161
Derivative sources: 162
- Nennius and the Annales Cambrae
- Culhwch and Olwen
- Modena and Otranto
- The Saints' Lives, Lambert and William of Malmsbury
- Geoffrey and the Brut
- The Harleian and Mostyn pedigrees
- The Welsh Triads
Conclusions 176
- Arthur II
- The battles of Arthur II
Arthur Penuchel-Draco King Arthur I 191
Arthur Penalun King Arthur II 193

About the Author 195
Index 196

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