The Lost Poet of Woodlawn: by S. Sullivan

The Lost Poet of Woodlawn: by S. Sullivan


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. . . . BEGIN TRANSMISSION . . . .

Welcome to a Universe Where Poetic Liberty Reigns Supreme.

We've left the bounds of our own world to enter the ether that brings us to the epic tale of a poet living in the future. Not too many people know what the cracks in our uni-verse look like, and yet, this lost poet is one of many (and many of us all) who dares to look into the confines within the gaps between life.

Shane Sullivan of Woodlawn has a plan that surely takes his futuristic utopian society by storm. He's endowed technology with the rights to publish his poems, 'The Hedges', for years to come. Part propaganda and part poetic liberty; but with the help of technology, his poetry unites humans and machines. Yet the poet cannot write on his parchment from the ashes where he has fallen. He is brought back to life by his heroic mother in this whimsical sci-fi fantasy novel.

The Lost Poet of Woodlawn is being called a strange, deep, thoughtful approach to modern poetic storytelling. This fictional found text serves as the author's first published novel. Perhaps time will tell us whether this book will become a classic. While that waits to be determined, for years after this publication, we'll witness this writer's body of work grow to a definable collection of truly creative literary works.

Enter the ether to find:

  • a humorous introduction, where Vain cleverly inserts himself into the back-story, at a safe distance, in the narrative behind finding this relic artifact sent back from a futuristic utopian society,
  • a short, satyr-style playscript,
  • a prologue from Shane's heroic mother,
  • and some illustrations by the author along the way.

The Squire, Shaun Vain, delivers a found text of an epic tale surrounding a future poet's plight through the land of death and back to assist with problems in his own futuristic utopian society. Creepy characters abound, alongside a stoic heroic mother and whimsical creatures with their own moral dilemmas. Every turn of the page in this adventurous tale is equipped with whimsy and delight, yet the gritty nature of reality bleeds through its pages. Enter the ether of musings from technophobia to soul embodiment, as this novel continues to ask the question, How do we know we're really alive at all?

This novel is for anyone who enjoys classic literature and poetry. Although there are plenty of original poems within the text, the book is not entirely a book of poetry, yet the reader does get a sense of what this future poet's verses and rhymes sound like. Though the poet's epigrams appear throughout, it's more of a narrative exploration of what life is like in a future version of Earth where machines must be used to restore the environmental degradation caused by humans. Readers witness the use of technology as a means to reverse environmental degradation from the eyes, ears, and heart of a strange poet. Who better to describe the love of living than a poet? His words ease our machine-minds, for this poet's heart pumps strong with surges of light and laughter.

Machines comprising technology in this futuristic world have promised to fill our minds with pretty language: these cyborgs have been programmed with lyrics by ancient masters, like Plato and Mary Shelley. Fans of classic poetry, Romantic writers, and contemporary authors will find pleasant surprises in the speech from robots in this epic tale about a poet who finds his place among machines.

. . . . END TRANSMISSION . . . .

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578513966
Publisher: Future Publishing Service
Publication date: 05/29/2019
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

After traveling the world and writing a series of detective novels and developing a few works for the future, Shaun Vain approached Future Publishing Service with The Lost Poet of Woodlawn, calling it a found text.

In reality, it's the third book he's authored out of several more to come, yet this epic tale marks his debut in the literary arena. Vain found his start as a novelist at age 30, before he took the small eclectic Future Publishing Service by storm. Contact publisher to enter ether and correspond with this author.

Table of Contents

The Contents of The Lost Poet of Woodlawn include:

1. Sketches: This whimsical story starts off with a couple of sketches by Squire Vain.

2. Introduction: Written on his journey back to America after discovering the artifact at hand, Squire Vain's introduction speculates on how this epic tale of found text was somehow sent to us from the future utopian society. Also includes actual photograph taken of this strange book from the future.

Though I hadn’t deciphered the name of the author of the relic that guided us to ‘The Lost Poet of Woodlawn’, I felt confident following the author’s inst-ructions because they were so detailed in their pursuit, archiving hundreds of photographs to assist us along our journey. They were for sale at Jumpin Saturday’s in a catalogue of glass slides.

-from the Introduction of The Lost Poet of Woodlawn

3. Prologue: A prologue that Squire Vain discovered along with the body of this work is included after the introduction. It's written entirely by the poet's mother, his unnamed heroic mother.

Though the poetic nature I aim to cultivate is moreso something the women who I've been around have gifted to me through their kindness, and I kindly accept the responsibility to proceed eloquently on behalf of them, if I may.

-from The Lost Poet of Woodlawn by S. Sullivan, Chapter Six: Burning the Book

4. Body of Novel: As told by Shane Sullivan.

But out from the dust where the tree is firmly rooted sprouts a plant worthy of measurement, but no carpenter could produce tape firm enough nor rule long enough to chart it before it grows twice the height of the old tree. “The forgotten farm could use a visit,” says a voice.

“I don’t know who you are, or where you are,” I say finally.

“Come around,” says the voice, so I move around the base of the newly grown trunk. I am half-expecting to see a local nitwit playing tricks on me. Yet, there in the bark of the tree protrudes a speaking mouth and eyes creeping in from both sides.

-from The Lost Poet of Woodlawn by S. Sullivan, Chapter Seven: Permanent Parking at Sherwood's Lot

5. Satyr Play: A satyr-style playscript that depicts conversations between Squire and the Lost Poet, entitled Leaving the Ether.

6. More Sketches: A few sketches rendered by Squire Vain that may reflect the mood of the novel.

7. Poetry: Several epigrams by the Lost Poet are bound within these pages. Witness samples of Shane Sullivan's creation of 'The Hedges' that eventually unites humans and machines in the near-future. 'The Hedges' are epigrams by the Lost Poet that appear throughout the epic tale. Additionally, one chapter of this novel consists almost entirely of poetry by the Shane Sullivan.

8. Quotes: Warning! Characters in this found text might come to manifest out of the ether by way of quotes from poets, writers, and philosophers of the past. Quotes from classic poets and writers, Dante Alighieri, Plato, Praxilla, and Aeschylus; quotes from Pre-Romantic and Romantic writers and poets, Friedrich Hölderlin, Friedrich Schlegel, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley; and contemporary author, Chinua Achebe.

9. List of recommended readings.

10. Acknowledgements.

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