The Lost World of the Flood: Mythology, Theology, and the D

The Lost World of the Flood: Mythology, Theology, and the D

by Tremper Longman III, John H. W


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ISBN-13: 9780830852000
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Publication date: 04/03/2018
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 222,524
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About the Author

Tremper Longman III is Distinguished Scholar of Biblical Studies at Western College and author of numerous books on the Old Testament, including How to Read Genesis.

John H. Walton is professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School. His many books include The Lost World of Genesis One and The Lost World of Adam and Eve.

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Abbreviations ix

Part 1 Method: Perspectives on Interpretation

Proposition 1 Genesis Is an Ancient Document 3

Proposition 2 Genesis 1-11 Makes Claims About Real Events in a Real Past 15

Proposition 3 Genesis 1-11 Uses Rhetorical Devices 21

Proposition 4 The Bible Uses Hyperbole to Describe Historical Events 30

Proposition 5 Genesis Appropriately Presents a Hyperbolic Account of the Flood 36

Proposition 6 Genesis Depicts the Flood as a Global Event 42

Part 2 Background: Ancient Near Eastern Texts

Proposition 7 Ancient Mesopotamia Also Has Stories of a Worldwide Flood 53

Proposition 8 The Biblical Flood Account Shares Similarities and Differences with Ancient Near Eastern Flood Accounts 61

Part 3 Text: Understanding the Biblical Text Literarily and Theologically

Proposition 9 A Local Cataclysmic Flood Is Intentionally Described as a Global Flood for Rhetorical Purposes and Theological Reasons 91

Proposition 10 The Flood Account Is Part of a Sequence of Sin and Judgment Serving as Backstory for the Covenant 100

Proposition 11 The Theological History Is Focused on the Issue of Divine Presence, the Establishment of Order, and How Order Is Undermined 112

Proposition 12 The "Sons of God" Episode Is Not Only a Prelude to the Flood; It Is the Narrative Sequel to Cain and Abel 122

Proposition 13 The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) Is an Appropriate Conclusion to the Primeval Narrative 129

Part 4 The World: Thinking About Evidence for the Flood

Proposition 14 The Flood Story Has a Real Event Behind It 145

Proposition 15 Geology Does Not Support a Worldwide Flood (Stephen O. Moshier) 150

Proposition 16 Flood Stories from Around the World Do Not Prove a Worldwide Flood 162

Proposition 17 Science Can Purify Our Religion; Religion Can Purify Science from Idolatry and False Absolutes 167

Conclusion 177

For Further Reading 181

Author Index 183

Subject Index 185

Scripture Index 187

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