The Love of a Stranger

The Love of a Stranger

by Anna Jeffrey
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The Love of a Stranger by Anna Jeffrey

Doug Hawkins, disgraced LAPD homicide detective, moves to a small Idaho town to find a peaceful existence. When he stumbles into a rendezvous at a remote mountain cabin with the barmaid from one of the town's two taverns, the last thing he expects is to be confronted by a good-looking blonde who charges from out of nowhere, attacks his truck with a tire iron and threatens him with arrest for trespassing. His relationship with the hot-blooded Alex McGregor goes downhill from there. He can't get along with her, but he can't ignore the emotions she arouses in him.

The wealthy and reclusive Alex lives with her two cats in a hundred-year-old mansion on Wolf Mountain. She's busy traveling between Callister and L.A. where she owns two businesses. She wants only to be left alone, but she's a magnet for trouble. When a mysterious fire incinerates the old cabin located on her land and kills her alcoholic ex-husband, Doug's honed instincts lead him to suspect the worst. She doesn't want a man interfering with her life, but she's drawn to Doug who seems to be able to deal with all of her problems.

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ISBN-13: 9780988175075
Publisher: Anna Jeffrey Books
Publication date: 10/07/2011
Pages: 286
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Anna Jeffrey is an award-winning author of romance novels as well as romantic comedy/mystery. She has written 11 romance novels and co-authored 8 as USA Today Bestselling author, Dixie Cash. Her most recent book is "Desired."
Anna Jeffrey's books have won the Write Touch Readers' Award, the Aspen Gold, and the More Than Magic awards. Her books have placed in the NEC Readers' Choice and Ancient City Romance Authors contests and been finalists in the Colorado Romance Writers award, the Golden Quill and Southern Magic as well as the Write Touch Readers' Award, the Aspen Gold and the More than Magic awards. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, and NINC.
Anna is a fifth generation Texan. She was born and grew up in West Texas, where most of her family members were farmers and ranchers or worked in the oil fields. She left Texas for many years and lived in four of the western states, a rich experience she'll never forget. She loves most things western, from the customs and culture to the philosophy of life.
She enjoys many hobbies, i.e., reading, painting and drawing, crafting, needlework and beading. These days, she's back home in Texas. She and her husband currently live in Granbury, Texas, a small town not far from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Table of Contents


A Letter from Anna Jeffrey

Dear Readers,

I'm thrilled to announce The Love of a Stranger, the second book of my Idaho trilogy, following The Love of a Cowboy.

The heroine, Alex McGregor, is a character dear to my heart. I've made her a smart, tough realist, an empowered woman unafraid to defend her ideals. Writing her sarcastic wit and sharp tongue was liberating. At times, I've allowed her to do and say what all of us might like to, but don't.

As I imagined this story, I knew that only a certain type of man could be a partner for a woman of Alex's strength. First, he had to be more heroic than she, so he had to be as strong and tough. At the same time, he had to be gentle and uniquely open-minded to understand Alex was the woman she was because of what she had endured. He had to be a man who never gives up. If it were possible for him to be defeated by all that he saw as an LAPD homicide detective, he would be no match for the compelling Alex.

Here is a typical exchange between Alex and Doug:

"You were curious to see how I would behave up here, weren't you? You came to observe me, to see if I'm the unfeeling bitch everybody says I am."

"Not true. I wanted your company."

"That's nervy of you. You must know by now I hate men."

"I don't believe it."

"Well, believe it. I've met few men I trust. Most of them lie and scheme and their egos have to be constantly stroked."

"Some men would tell you the same thing about women. Neither sex has an exclusive claim on selfishness."

Her eyes softened and she gave him a measured look. "I guess not. I admit I'm crotchety."

They had reached the edge of the pond, giving him an opportunity to ease out of this conversation that could only end in another argument. Their images looked back at them. The action of the waterfall on the far end of the small pool created a shimmy in its crystalline surface. The temperature was noticeably cooler. "I'll bet a dip in this is eye-opening," Doug said, and shivered.

"It's glacier water. I've never known anyone who tried to swim in it." She peered into the clear depths. "Isn't it amazing? They say no one has ever been to the bottom of it. It must be thousands, maybe millions, of years old."

Doug had never seen her so animated. Her eyes danced with excitement and he wondered what he, as a mere man, could ever do that might put the same look on her face. Mother Nature was tough competition.

See what I mean? Doug has to be on his toes to stay ahead of her.

Following The Love of a Stranger will be last book of the trilogy and I hate to see it end. The Love of a Lawman will be released sometime next winter. It, too, is an intense love story. The heroine is a gifted, yet handicapped, woman backed into a corner. The hero, faced with challenges he never expected, has to dig deep and find the best of himself.

Writing these books has been an uplifting experience. Though the stories are contemporary, I've tried to give them the dramatic, larger-than-life flavor of the Old West. Placing these smart characters in an exquisite environment and giving them modern problems to solve has been fun and challenging. In each book I've tried to convey the attitude and approach to life that was unique to the West 150 years ago and still is today.

This may be 2004, but real cowboys still thrive and they're still heroic, romantic characters. What woman doesn't love a Man of the West?

Anna Jeffrey

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The Love of a Stranger 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this writer!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Full of mystery and intrigue this story keeps you on the edge of your seat! The characters of Alex McGregor and Doug Hawkins are not your typical romance couple. Sometimes, you're not even sure if you like them. As the story unfolds and you learn their truths you can't help but sympathise, empathise and love these complex beings. With a murder mystery, a brewing tension filled romance and a diverse character base, this story leads you on a roller coaster of emotion and the ending leaves you fulfilled and teary eyed. Two for Two with this author I can't wait to read more!
Guest More than 1 year ago
For months I have been anticipating the release this book in paperback. I bought it, read it and I am greatly dissapointed. I was hoping that this book would have been as good, if not better, in comparison to The Love of a Cowboy.This book didn't have a realistic feal as strong as Jeffrey's last book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Alex McGregor is a woman whose discontentment with love has left her very cynical and hostile towards life. The story is set at her beloved old home on the side of Wolf Mountain in Callister Valley, Idaho. She is all alone (and wants to be left that way) except for her two cats Maizie and Robert Redford. There in her private Idaho is where she first encounters this gorgeous stranger, Doug Hawkins. He is trespassing on her land in the company of a local hussy and is caught in a most compromising situaiton. Her belligerent actions leave Doug fascinated with this peculiar woman. But after a short time his fascination is overcome by a one sided lust. He works hard to crack this hard shell she has set up, but he is determined to find the woman underneath. THE LOVE OF A STRANGER is a must read and leaves you waiting for more.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Former Los Angeles police officer Doug Hawkins relocates near Wolf Mountain, Idaho. His first day in the nearby town, a bargirl takes him to an exclusive location. However, before anything can happen, a screaming banshee smacks the fender of his new truck and tells the duo to leave as they are on her property. Doug later learns that the beautiful maniac is Los Angeles based realtor Alex McGregor............................... Alex and Doug formally meet in the office of their mutual friend Forest Service Ranger Ted Benson. When a fire on her property kills her former husband Charlie, Ted, who is leaving town to work a different fire, asks Doug to watch over Alex. As logger Kenny Miller forces an access road through Alex¿s property with the support of the locals who need jobs, she and Doug begin to fall in love. However, he suspects foul play in the death of Charlie and she was burned once as a wife leading to the probability that this relationship will quickly turn to ashes............................... Though Kenny seems to inane to pull off the PR needed to gain the easement to log, fans of romantic suspense novels will appreciate this warm contemporary tale. The story line is fun to follow on several levels. Obviously the love relationship is cleverly devised so that Girl meets and hates boy until girl and boy fall in love. However, the deep look at the jobs vs. the environment issue makes THE LOVE OF A STRANGER a delightful solid novel as Anna Jeffrey leans towards the tree huggers, but understands the wages issues so as to provide a balanced tale.................. Harriet Klausner