The Lover's Game

The Lover's Game

by J.C. Reed

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BN ID: 2940046282207
Publisher: J.C. Reed
Publication date: 09/09/2014
Series: No Exceptions Series , #2
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 165,301
File size: 895 KB

About the Author

Jessica C. Reed is a contemporary fiction author, but her greatest achievement are her two children. She spent half of her life in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming and would like to go back one day. When she’s not typing away on her keyboard, forgetting the world around her, you can find her talking on the phone and watching way too much TV.

To find out more about Jessica, visit her website at

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The Lover's Game 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
EveryBookReviewsBlog More than 1 year ago
I was so happy when I got my copy. Brilliant is not even the right word..... It will take your breath away and needing more!!!! Congratulations to J . C . Reed!!!! There are no words to describe all the feelings I had, but the fact that I could forget the real world around me and take a mind trip was in every sense amazing. "...In life there might be rules. In love there are no exceptions to those rules. No one is spared from heartbreak. We all suffer it at some point or another. You simply can't control who you love and in particular, you can't control what kind of person they are...." All in all, this novel has everything. romance, passion and awesome ending, that make it hard to stop reading. It's a great read, one I won't forget easily.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked the continuation of this series . I was a little disappointed in the Brooke character , and how she gave into pressures . I really wanted to go more into Jett's story , but that may come with the next installment . I cannot wait to find out what happens next and how these new twists and turns turn out and well as the ones we have known about . I really did like the new added story line on top of the other stories . It has turned out to be a great series with both mystery and romance .
blazinbear1 More than 1 year ago
Gifted Copy I have to say I am a little let down my Brooke I really thought she was going to be a much stronger character than she is showing to be. I love the story plot. I'm very curious as to what makes Jett who he is; I was hoping to see more in to him with this book. Over all I enjoy this read it’s a fun fast past read, with a lot of mystery in it. I hope to see Brooke come out a stronger character. Jett does show a much more alpha side in this book. Grayson, hmmm... not quite sure what going on with him just yet. J.C. Reed did a very nice job on writing this book. I'm looking forward to the next to see what twist are coming for Brooke, Jett and Grayson.
mayngy More than 1 year ago
Fun, sexy, and a one-sitting read. I loved it. I was so sad when it was over. I didn't want this book to end. Will recommend to others.
Margaret2938 More than 1 year ago
OMG. I absolutely LOVE The Lover's Game. It's awesome! Don't let the low prlce fool you. You get here a superior book at an excellent value and one that will keep you biting your nails until the very last page! I am so glad I gave this one a try because it turns out to be one of the greatest books I have read that will leave you begging for more.
AdeleParker More than 1 year ago
Beautifully written. Emotional. Best book this year.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ReesesSH More than 1 year ago
Holy snap things just got real. Brooke has found out secrets Jett has been telling her and now she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. Thinking she’s on her own she calls in a favor for a modeling job and heads back to her old apartment with her best friend. She starts trying to piece her life back together. When a night out with the girls ends in Brooke taking home a sexy stranger who accidentally happened to be her ex: Jett everything seems to be unraveling. Brooke confronts Jett about everything that happened and is left with nothing but disappointment. Going to work seems not so bad until the job is cut short because a girl she worked with has turned up dead. Wow, I honestly was a little hesitant about this second installment because Brooke was such a mope and non-action in what was going on around her. That all changed because Brooke is taking back her life now. Brooke gets a job as a model and is piecing her life together. She really misses Jett but she knows he isn’t what’s best for her after everything. I loooved Brooke’s character in The Lover’s Game. She’s not taking any crap from anyone. While she is insecure and unsure of herself and insecure about who she is I enjoyed her character just as much as I did in the first couple books.  The sexy time was a little worrisome to me because Brooke seemed really out of it so I couldn’t enjoy the scene as much because I was worried. She was really out of it. However, I’m not saying the scenes with “Check” aren’t all kinds of hot sunshine. So I did enjoy…while I was being worried. The No Exceptions series just keeps getting better. Bring on the third book. I am hoping for a little more Jett in this upcoming novel. I missed him and while I get why he left I honestly am hoping everything will work out between our two lovable characters. Bring on the mystery, murder, and angst! J.C. Reed is getting better and better with her amazing writing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sexy! Hot! Jett is a sex god and J.C. Reed doesn't let you forget it! And what an ending. Never saw it coming.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If u like Sylvia Day then you will enjoy this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If I could give it ten stars I would. Absolutely one of the best
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ending took me by surprise. Wow. Just Wow. 
intobooks79 More than 1 year ago
I want more. This was one of the best books I have read
Opi More than 1 year ago
Fresh plot, interesting characters, and kept me up many nights. Can't wait to read the next book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Seltzer More than 1 year ago
Great book
chelleq More than 1 year ago
I think that this book really could have used Jett's pov to make it better. When Brooke was feeling the way that she was after she had her drink at the Hush Hush club, it sounded like she had been drugged, but by whom is the question. The fact that Jett thought the one night stand was role playing just shows his arrogance and how he just tramples all over Brooke's feelings. The detective that showed up to Grayson's has me curious as to why he was at the hotel the same time that Brooke and Jett were. I am thinking that Nate is the one behind Gina's murder but the ending of the book definitely made the series more interesting. Just hope that Jett's pov is in the next book and that Brooke is not so whiney.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really good book. I had it on my wish list for a long time. I was not disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beautiful written. Would recommend
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this series, but i'm so disappointed with Brooke's charcter.....drinking while pregnant. Sooooo not cool!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LoriC5 More than 1 year ago
I first fell in love with Brooke and Jett in the Surrender Your Love series. When J.C. Reed announced that there would be a companion series, I was so excited! Of course, there is always a moment of worry that a new series will not live up to the first. Especially considering this is a continuation of the same characters’ story. It was absolutely worth it! After The Lover’s Secret, I was dying for the next book! I should warn you…J.C. Reed is a master at cliff hangers!  To Brooke, it seems as though she and Jett will be able to face the world together, that the bulk of the trials they had to face in The Surrender You Love series were behind them. However, things just aren’t sliding into place as they should. After the Lover’s Secret, we’ve discovered that Jett has been hiding things from Brooke again. Her hurt and betrayal pare palpable. I can feel the heat-break in every page.  Broke, Pregnant, and now alone, Brooke has to find a way to survive. However, she is once again being forced to face a lurking evil from her past. As with all of J.C. Reed’s books, there is action and intrigue all around. I find myself looking around every corner in fear with Brooke. I am wary and suspicious of every new person she meets. I’m with her for every step of the journey.  J.C. Reed brings her stories to life. She creates twists and turns within a plot that will surprise you. She creates characters that resonate with you, whether you love them, are annoyed by the, or just plain hate them.  I’m anxiously waiting for the next book in this series! I can’t stand the waiting! If you loved Brooke and Jett and the Surrender Your Love series, you’ll love this series as well.  *This book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
the only thing that I wish was different would be I would have liked more. Very easy read. Loved the characters.