The Lovesick Cure

The Lovesick Cure

by Pamela Morsi
4.1 9

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The Lovesick Cure 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
csingh More than 1 year ago
Jesse Marie Winsloe was named for her famous ancestor Jesse, is broken hearted and has no fiance and no job. She decides to leave Tulsa to spend some time with her Aunt Will who lives in the Ozarks in Arkansas, whom she hasn't seen in quite some time. Upon her arrival, she finds Aunt Will is older than she remembers and has retreated to living on a mountain in a ramshackle cottage with limited access, and is welcomed with open arms. What she discovers in her time there will change her forever. Pamela Morsi's first book, a historical romance set in the mountains, was published in 1990, and has had a book or two released every year, except for 2001. She has since segued into writing women's fiction. Having read all of her back list, I was ecstatic when I started this book and found out it most of it took place where many of her historical romances took place, albeit in a modern setting. There were passing references to descendants, events, couples, and places I had read of before It felt like taking a surprise trip to visit old friends. It was great to hear them again as Aunt Will and other people visiting her told Jesse about her family history. This book had me smiling and laughing, hot and bothered, and emotionally entangled. There was so much going on and I loved it. Besides Aunt Will and Jesse, I loved Piney Baxley, Jr., Tree, and Camryn. Camryn and Tree faced issues that most teenagers face, but I was impressed at how they were guided into making their own choices, and good ones at that. The geographical knowledge and amount of medical information in this book also added another layer of depth. I learned quite a bit, which was surprising. I only wish there had been more about Aunt Will and Granby. I don't recall reading about them in any of Ms. Morsi's books. Loving Ms. Morsi's books as I do, and having read almost all of her back list, you'd think I'd stop being surprised every time I finished a book by her, I was left wanting more. Her unique writing style makes her books a no brainer choice. Prepare to be moved when you read this book or any other by her!
FarmChick More than 1 year ago
A nicely written story of love, family and community. The author draws you into the lives of the characters. The story arc is nicely closed, but you will still find yourself wanting to keep following Jesse, Piney, Camryn and Tree.
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: Filled with backwoods Ozarks lore, superstition, and a fair dose of small-town charm, this book was a fun read. It's been a long time since Jesse has been back to the Ozarks to visit her Aunt Will. But after her sudden break-up from long-time fiance and his subsequent marriage to someone else, Jesse needs to get away from the stresses of her life. Aunt Will has moved up the mountain to a more rustic setting, but she's still beloved by all the town for her folk remedies and natural healing abilities. Aunt Will has a "sense" about things and that applies to what Jesse needs too. She immediately sets about giving Jesse her "lovesick cure" poultice and throws her into life on the farm. A former recipient of the "lovesick cure" is Piney. He works at the local clinic and is raising his teenage son after his wife ran off and broke his heart many, many years ago. Piney and his son Tree are also loved in this small town for many of the same reasons that people love Aunt Will. Piney is a caretaker and he most definitely watches over most of the town's health including Aunt Will's health which is failing. As a natural thing, Piney and Jesse end up getting thrown together quite a bit and their relationship develops from there. They have a mutual attraction and decide to "scratch that itch" with no strings attached. They both know the score. Everything about that part of their relationship, I loved. They had some great dialogue that's simply fun to read. Their chemistry is good and it shows. But there's an issue. Piney's son Tree is 17 and his girlfriend wants him to have sex with her. Tree has promised Piney to wait until it's not just about the sex. Can we say double standard?? Yep, that's what Tree thinks too. There are several sub-stories within the book and Tree's relationship with Camryn is definitely one of them. I liked it. This is one of those books that's simply fun to read. It provides lots of small-town charm, several wonderful heart-warming stories, and just a whole lot to make you smile. I received a complementary copy of this book in return for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
motwig More than 1 year ago
The Lovesick Cure was a bit hard to get into. Once there is was wonderful. The characters are people you'd like to know. There is a good combination of humor and sadness. The tears I shed were happy tears. This is just a great down to earth story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As usual, Pamela Morsi writes another winner. If you are looking for entertainment, you will find it here, along with a love story on three different levels. Pamela is such an accomplished writer and so entertaining. I would recommend her books to anyone. Kathy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved going back to Marrying Rock & catching up on the Winsloes & Baxleys. Only complaint was the main character, Jesse was named after Jesse Best but not much was said about him. Just finished Simple Jess , which I loved, and really wanted to hear more about him people. But kudos Pamela for another great book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
I found a new author to read! Though at first I was a bit leery of the remote Ozark setting (a hero named Piney? Jesse, the heroine, wearing a stinky poultice to bed for six consecutive nights? having to read about that same poultice being--literally--ripped off her skin each morning? and worst of all--a character living in a cabin with NO SHOWER? the horror!), I found myself quickly drawn into the lives of the characters and barely even noticed that Piney's teen-aged son went by the moniker of Tree. ;) There were so many things to like about this book. The development of Piney and Jesse's relationship felt completely natural, and their dialogue, both external and internal, was great. Jesse's Aunt Will was a real character--I loved her wisdom, whether she was handing out cures and advice or just giving moral support. Her way of "knowing" things was spooky, but believable. I've read quite a few books this past year that have attempted to capture the feeling of small-town charm, but none have done so quite as well as this one. As I read I kept thinking, yes! this is how small-town life should be! (Ah, fiction....) The side story between Tree and his girlfriend Camryn was nearly as engrossing as Piney and Jesse's. I can only hope my own teenagers will put as much thought into their futures as these two (eventually!) do. In all, I didn't want this story to end--though since I had a hard time putting it down, it did end all too quickly. I was thrilled to see that many of the author's other stories take place in the same town of Marrying Stone--I will definitely add them to my "to read" list.