The Low Court of Supreme Injustices is Brought to Trial!: Master Twain Butts Heads with the United States Supreme Court!

The Low Court of Supreme Injustices is Brought to Trial!: Master Twain Butts Heads with the United States Supreme Court!

by Mr. Mark Revolutionary Twain Jr.


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The Low Court of Supreme Injustices is Brought to Trial!: Master Twain Butts Heads with the United States Supreme Court! by Mr. Mark Revolutionary Twain Jr.

Have you ever wondered why the Constitution of the United States of America makes no provisions for correcting the supreme court judges, if they do something wrong, or make a bad decision, even if it is most obvious? Well, this inspired book reveals what to do about that seemingly little problem, which is actually a very Big Problem: because they have made many wrong decisions, such as casting God and the Bible out of public schools, which has produced X-amount of Tax Slaves: because, if everyone in the world should Learn, Believe, Love, and Obey the Ten Commandments, even as Jesus Christ magnified them, just exactly how many taxes would be needed? Indeed, no one would steal, lie, rape, murder, commit adultery, lust after forbidden things, over-eat, get drunk, nor otherwise make fools of themselves in courtrooms, which would soon become dusty old houses for spiders, rats, snakes, and owls to inhabit, along with jails, prisons, and the DEPARTment of Defense. Therefore, it is a Good Idea to Teach all of the little children, Worldwide, to Learn, Believe, Love, and Obey all such Good Commandments and Righteous Rules, just for the sake of reducing the taxes, if nothing else: because X-amount of them will naturally Obey with a Capital O - as in, Oh God, why did we not Think of that 200 Years AGO? However, by passing such Unjust laws of wicked men, we now have X-amount of Governmental Criminals in this World of Woes, who have plans for collecting more and more taxes; but, they have no reasonable solutions for our massive problems, being blinded by their pride, greed, selfishness, lusts, and foolishness. Therefore, our Selected King wants to bring all of them to a Great Trial, and put them to open shame for their ridiculous philosophies, even as this unique book explains, which can only be done by the united effort of the Electorates, who must now exercise their Faith, Hope, Trust, Love, Patience, Persistence, Obedience, and all such good things: because it is possible for Good to overcome Evil, even if the Lady Doubtfulness does not Believe it with a Capital B. In fact, it calls for "The Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court HEARING," whereby the masses of people must be the Jury and the Judges, who must exercise their DUMBmocracy, and VOTE for whatever has been Proven to be Good for them at that Great Meeting of the Most Intelligent and Wel-Ejukaatid Minds. Chances are that neither you, nor anyone that you might know, has ever heard of such a Transforming Revolutionary Trial, whereby the so-called "leaders" of all nations must be brought to Court, if they do not voluntarily come: because, we, the People, the Tax Slaves, DEMAND it! Indeed, we will simply stay in bed, come next April 21st, if we have to, and refuse to get out of bed, until they agree to hold that Meeting: because of becoming SICK of those sorry "leaders," who have no Reasonable Solutions for anything, who must be proven to be WRong, which our Selected King does a good job of within this Special Book, who lays the Blame for our Troubles at the feet of the Low Court of Supreme Injustices of "The Divided States of United Lies!" See if you do not agree with him, and tell all of your friends, relatives, and naaberz about it: because this is very Exciting News. True Justice for all people is now possible, and our King tells how in a most entertaining and educational way in a new Declaration of Interdependence. Yes, you could call this his Spiritual Autopsy of the Supreme Court: because he gets to the Heart of the Subjects that are most needed to be addressed, even if they are dead subjects within the minds of the masses of people, who have been seduced into complacency with their education slavery, work slavery, tax slavery, interest slavery, insurance slavery, drug slavery, and endless bills slavery. No such slavery was ever needed, and this unique book proves it.

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ISBN-13: 9781500581015
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/19/2014
Pages: 86
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