The Luminous Life of Our Prophet

The Luminous Life of Our Prophet

by Resit Haylamaz


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Despite hundreds of years that have passed by, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, remains fresh in the hearts and minds of millions of people. The Luminous Life of Our Prophet is a book which aims to keep fresh the noble personality of the last Prophet by giving insights into his family life as a loving father and husband, into his social life as a leader and mediator, and his spiritual life as a devoted servant of Allah the Almighty.

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ISBN-13: 9781597843102
Publisher: Tughra Books
Publication date: 03/07/2014
Pages: 365
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 5.50(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Resit Haylamaz is a renowned scholar of the early Islamic history with a focus on the life of the Prophet Muhammad (Sirah). His books have been sold in thousands of copies and translated into many languages. His previous books include Khadija, Aisha, and Ali ibn Talib. He lives in Istanbul, Turkey

Table of Contents

Preface 1

Life Chronology of Our Prophet 5

Our Beloved Prophet is from the Progeny of Prophet Abraham 10

The Happy Birth 12

The Years with the Wet Nurses 13

The Death of Amina 17

The Protection of Grandfather and Uncle 20

The Damascus Trip and Priest Bahira 23

Second Journey to Damascus 30

Priest Nastura 34

The Road to Marriage 39

Repairing of the Ka'ba and the Judge 50

In the Cave of Hira 54

Turning Towards Mecca 58

The Guidance of Waraqa 61

The Growing Circle of "Communication" 64

The Efforts to Prevent People from Encountering Islam 69

The Pressures on the Sons in Law 71

Scenes of Violence 75

At the Home of Ibn Arqam 79

Utba's Plan 81

Another Proposition 94

Umar Accepts Islam 95

The Migration to Abyssinia 106

Second Hijra to Abyssinia 114

Jafar ibn Abi Talib Takes Word 123

The Miracle of Splitting the Moon 130

General Boycott 133

The Year of Sadness 143

Farewell to Khadija 152

Journey to Ta'if 156

The Refuge in Ta'if and a Manifestation 160

Mecca Again 163

Isra and Miraj 166

Aqaba Allegiances 172

The Invitation from Medina 182

The Permission for Hijra 190

The Holy Migration 194

The Precautions concerning the Hijra 197

Turning Towards Thawr 203

Suraqa's Pursuit 208

The Excitement of the First Meeting 212

Permanent Home: Medina 216

The Ties of Brodierhood 220

The Battle of Badr 224

The Battle of Uhud 231

The Battle of the Trench 241

The Moment the Trench is Breached 247

The Peace Treaty of Hudaybiya 253

The Attitude of the Meccans 257

The Envoys of the Blessed Messenger 261

The Alliance at Ridwan 268

The Agreement 270

The Journey Back to Medina 276

The Period of Ambassadors and Opening Up 281

Khaybar: The Point of Contention 285

Mecca's Beloved Ones 295

The Battle of Muta 299

The Conquest of Mecca 304

Taking off from Medina 309

Shock in Mecca 316

Addressing the General Public 323

The Battle of Hunayn 326

The Platform of Tolerance of an Enlightened World 332

The Baltic of Tabuk 335

The Important Events of the Ninth Year 341

The Farewell Hajj 344

The Army of Usama 352

The Illness of the Blessed Messenger 354

Time to Part and the Last Day 361

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