The Maddest Obsession

The Maddest Obsession

by Danielle Lori

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She fears the dark.
He rules it.

Her dresses are too tight, her heels too tall. She laughs too loudly, eats without decorum, and mixes up most sayings in the book. Little do most know it’s just a sparkly disguise, there to hide one panic attack at a time.

Nobody can crack Gianna’s facade . . . no one anyway, until he comes along.

Most see a paragon of morality; a special agent upholding the law. In the New York underworld, others know him as a hustler, a killer, his nature as cold as the heart of ice in his chest. Christian Allister has always followed the life plan he’d envisioned in his youth, beneath the harsh lights of a frigid, damp cell. With a proclivity for order and the number three, he’s never been tempted to veer off course. But perhaps one should never say never . . .

One winter night and their lives intertwine. She hates him—his stone-cold demeanor, his arrogance and too-perceptive eye—but over the years, even as their games consist of insulting each other’s looks and intelligence, she begins to live to play with him.

Nowhere in Christian’s plans had he ever prepared for Gianna. She’s chaos embodied, not his type, and married, but none of that can stop his eyes from following her wherever she goes.

All along, she doesn’t even know that she’s his—his frustration, his fascination.

His maddest obsession.

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BN ID: 2940156049028
Publisher: Danielle Lori
Publication date: 04/14/2019
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 189,517
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Danielle Lori’s novels incorporate morally questionable heroes, electric hate to love relationships, and sometimes sweet but mostly sassy heroines. She has written in both the fantasy subgenre as well as contemporary, but will never stray from romance. A normal day for her includes coffee, bodice rippers, and 1990s chick flicks. She lives in small-town Iowa with her husband and too many dogs. Connect with her: Mailing list: Email: Instagram: @danielleloriwrites

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The Maddest Obsession 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
MBurton 6 months ago
If I thought book one was amazing, this book topped it by a long run. This is one of those books I wanted to immediately re-read. Part of the reason is I never would have thought I could like Gianna, but dang it if I didn’t love her within the first chapter. And Christian. I’m obsessed with him. I’m completely impressed with this authors writing. She has a few things in this story that normally would cut back on my enjoyment of it, but I have to admit I think it made their story better. That’s how good the writing was. I would say that you will want to read book one first. Some of the timeline in this book coincides with book one and it reveals a few spoilers. You also get a POV of Nico’s that I was thrilled to get. It’s just a small tidbit, but I loved it anyway. I don’t know if the author has plans to write more in the series but I really hope she does. Although, I’m not sure how she’s going to top Christian for me.
Cecily 4 months ago
This dark romance is a lot more than what it seems - yes, it's rough, it's explicit, it's steamy. But at its heart there are two people struggling with inner torment, and that's where the author really shows her stuff. At first I was really annoyed with both Gianna and Christian, which is a very realistic response to their behaviors, but getting to know and understand them over the course of the story made me come to see them as the complex people they are. The relationship development went along with the character revelations in perfect tandem, and I found myself truly wishing a happy ending for them both, together.
KSwanson 5 months ago
5 Stars - If I could rate higher I would. Saying that I am completely in love with Danielle Lori's Made series is not enough, I am totally OBSESSED. The first book (The Sweetest Oblivion) blew me away when I read it - I devoured that book, just like I did this one. The Maddest Obsession is Christian and Gianna's story. It is told in dual POV in both the past and present. Although I'm sure you could read it as a standalone, I highly suggest to anyone to read The Sweetest Oblivion first for maximum enjoyment. I absolutely LOVED the heroine of this story, Gianna. Which was surprising because I'm usually pretty picky about my heroines, but Gianna was everything I love in one. She was a total spitfire and strong. Not only was she such a strong heroine, but she was funny as hell too. I laughed my butt off at most of the stuff that came out of her mouth. The dialogue and interactions between Gianna and Christian were hilarious but also steamy. The chemistry between these two characters was explosive and so enjoyable to read. I love my heroes to be jealous and possessive over their women, and Christian DID NOT disappoint! He was such a complex character with so many layers to him, I could read his POV all day, every day. Getting inside his head and see his thoughts play out was a real treat for me, like Gianna, Christian had EVERYTHING I love in a hero as well. I have zero criticism for this book, I loved every word and really enjoyed it. The only damper I had with my reading experience was watching the est. time remaining in the book countdown, I'm pretty sure I shed a few tears when I got to the single digits for minutes left. If you are a fan of mafia romances, arranged marriages, jealous/possessive heroes, smart and strong heroines - then give this series a try, because I cannot rave about it enough
MJSolitarie 5 months ago
“To live with wolves, you have to howl like a wolf.” “I didn’t come here for relationship advice.” “No.” She smiled sadly. “You came here for me to tell you it gets easier, that it blows over, and you’ll find a sense of control again. It doesn’t, and you won’t. Love only gets worse.” A sardonic breath left me. “I thought you believed it was just an obsession.” “Haven’t you heard? Love is an obsession. Some would even say . . . the maddest obsession.” I almost just want to have this review only be applaud emojis. It would be sufficiently saying how well done and happy I am with The Maddest Obsession. It was addictive to say the least. Almost at the same level as Christian’s addiction for Gianna. Starting off with the past and working up to where The Sweetest Oblivion wrapped up, I was worried that it would be a bit repetitive and dull. I needn’t had worried because that assumption was as far off as it could get. Sure, the word “vehemence” was used in the story about as much as “dark amusement” was used in the first book, which was a tad too much. But that was the only thing repetitive. The Maddest Obsession has somewhat the same timeline as when Elena and Nico met, but this takes place so far off the sidelines and later on further into the future than the events in My Sweetest Oblivion that the books really didn’t cross paths that much. For better or worse of course, since I wished to see some more sweet moments with Elena and Nico finally happily married. But at the same time the separation made the story as unpredictable as all of Danielle Lori’s books. And that was all thanks to the passionate and imaginative writing and a hot and cold dislike turned into a sizzling romance. The plot is built mainly on the rocky and the very much compelling development of Gianna’s and Christian’s relationship. While I loved the enemies turned to lovers theme with all the drama, quippy mean remarks and conversations and a steamy attraction, I can’t help but feel like the story also missed a stronger plot. It didn’t have a steady backbone to fall back on. More than the mob and the events from the previous book there wasn’t much else to it other than the romance. Don’t get me wrong, I love romance and the book didn’t disappoint on any account in that department, but a story also needs a stable and clear cut motif to land upon when the romance isn’t taking center stage. It felt like something was missing or lacking. Thankfully though, not in any big way that it ruined the book for me. Otherwise I couldn’t be any happier with the execution. The characters were easy to fall in love with and feel for. They were complex in their very own special ways and brought out the heavier subject matters in the book very well. With Gianna we had continued theme with the horrible treatment of women in a man’s world from book one, but in Gianna’s case it was so much darker and so much more traumatic. Then we had the cold mystery man Christian. Though I won’t spoil anything when it comes to him. You will just have to read the book to find out. I am voluntarily reviewing an advance complimentary copy of this book. 
carvanz 5 months ago
Holy heck!!! We only thought Nico was the ultimate possessive hero! Christian takes things to a whole other level! After marrying into the Cosa Nostra, Gianna finds herself playing hard to adjust to the disappointments life has served her. When a drug arrest lands her in the possession of a federal agent, she expects to be interrogated about the men who make up the lifestyle she has been a part of since her marriage. What she doesn’t expect is for him to be morally questionable and undeniably dirty. Christian’s past has molded him into a man with deep, dark secrets. His connection to the Cos Nostra was unwanted until something, or someone, caught his attention. Now he’s living his life in a mess of conflicting emotions, trying to overcome the urges that drive him onward. For a man who has complete control in his life, everything having a neat and tidy place, and no fear, he’s making decisions that he knows will do nothing but bring chaos. <b><i>”In reality, she’d touch my sh!t. Reorganize my things. Fill my apartment with sugary cereal. And most importantly, slowly dig her way into my past. And when she did that, she’d hate me more than she already did. Maybe even be disgusted. I couldn’t stomach letting her see me in that light.</i></b> I was worried about whether I would like Gianna as I didn’t really care for her in the first book. But it didn’t take long for me to see that there was so much more to her than what is on the surface. She has her own taste in clothing, a seemingly wide open personality that pulls everyone in, and a dark past that has left its mark in the form of panic attacks. While her drug use bothered me, the underlying reasons for it was understandable. When her past is finally revealed, I hurt for her. Christian does not give in to his obsession as other heroes before him have. He fights it every step of the way, even when he reluctantly yields to it, justifying it in his mind. The longer he indulges in his want of the thing he can’t have, the more he realizes that it will force him to share the secrets he has never spoken of in order to keep “it”. And that can never happen. The relationship between Gianna and Christian is filled with so many mixed emotions. There is a lot of push and pull here laced with animosity, desire and angst. Christian: ”When she was close, all I could focus on was that she smelled like temptation. Like something I wanted to worship and degrade at the same time.” Gianna: ”He was so formal and uptight, anything remotely sexual felt so much dirtier with him.” Spanning seven years, they are at times in the peripheral of each other’s lives, and other times separated by choices and miles that seem to keep them apart. Gianna is married when she first meets Christian but her young life, hopes and dreams have been upended. When forced together, she labels their interactions as games, while he uses them for his own personal reasons. ”I’d gone out of my way and followed her around for godd@mn years just to look at her. I’d insulted her just to hear her smoky voice and witty response.” This couple light up the pages of this book like a nuclear explosion. There was so much sexual tension here that I’m sure my fingers indented the edges of my Kindle. While this doesn’t have a dramatic conflict, the personal issues that have to be dealt with are soul destroying and make for more than enough drama. The flashbacks and timeline were a bit confusing at times,