The Madikwe Conspiracy

The Madikwe Conspiracy

by Theodore Josiha Haig




The 'simultaneous' deaths of the ranger and the four tourists as well as the White Rhino were designed to confuse investigators into believing that the crimes were related, at least during the early stages of the conspiracy.

Rhoda McVey had flown in from Zimbabwe. She and her firm have a history of being hired out "to manipulate the environment," she would say, to influence a desired outcome. Among her clients had been the CIA. Hired by Mr. Sebastian's confidant, she was the architect of the conspiracy, designed to recover the land taken from Mr. Sebastian's Tswana ancestors.

Although, she would never know who actually hired her or the real reason why her talents were needed, her role was critical in this process. Because she had to find the linkages and connections that would lead the authorities to suspect sources that had motive to commit the crimes perpetrated at both the Madikwe 'human' and 'White Rhino' crime scenes.

Actually, this plot to reclaim the land started to really begin to materialize with the poaching of the first White Rhino, in ten years, within the Madikwe Game Reserve. That was the killing Robert Maynard learned about from Dirk during one of their safari game drives at Madikwe, when they came across a patrol of anti-poaching officers setting up a road block to screen all moving vehicles in the reserve.

Ms. McVey business is a specialized low profile one that allows her to buy access to human resources all over the planet, while the core purpose of her enterprise remains obscure. And with the speed and efficiency of the Internet the world and its resources are literally readily available to her, for a fee.

In effect, she is a high profiled consultant in a low profiled industry that is known in the covert international community to deliver a quality product with effectiveness and efficiency. Only the very wealthy have access to her services and that is usually facilitated through a third party transaction, unless she decides, as in this case, to coordinate much of the contracted activity herself.

The conspiracy takes several turns only to find out that poaching wasn't really the legitimate issue, it was to reclaim the ancestry land of the Tswana. Robert Maynard was reintroduced to his investigative reporting role and helped to uncover what was actually 'going down'.

It was David Attwell's connection to this conspiracy as a result of his serving as the chair of the North West Parks and Tourism Board and the decision that the Board made under his authorship that makes him a prime suspect, but not in the killings," claimed Zola.

The scheme backfired and the Tswana ultimately got their land back. Will Sol Sebastian role continued to remain anonymous?

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