The Magic Of Ronnie Ronalde

The Magic Of Ronnie Ronalde

by Ronnie Ronalde


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Release Date: 04/27/2004
Label: Emi Gold Imports
UPC: 0724353189228
catalogNumber: 531892


  1. If I Were a Blackbird
  2. Mockingbird Hill
  3. Bells Across the Meadow
  4. I Found My Romance in Vienna
  5. Song of the Mountains
  6. Last Night (The Nightingale Song)
  7. The Yodelling Boy
  8. The Skaters Waltz
  9. Let Me Sing in Echo Valley
  10. The Song of the Thrush
  11. Beautiful Dreamer
  12. The Windmill Song
  13. Soldiers in the Park
  14. Skye Boat Song
  15. Springtime
  16. I Miss My Swiss My Swiss Misses Me
  17. With All My Heart
  18. On Wings of Song
  19. Rose of the Mountain
  20. Stars Are the Windows of Heaven
  21. Lo, Hear the Gentle Lark
  22. The Yarmouth Song
  23. Swedish Rhapsody Op 19 (Midsommarvaka)
  24. Mirabelle
  25. Down the Trail of Achin' Hearts
  26. In a Monastery Garden

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