The Magical Isles Trilogy

The Magical Isles Trilogy

by Edwin Page


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The Magical Isles Trilogy is a contemporary fairy tale set on the Isles of Scilly, which is a small archipelago of islands lying off the far south-western tip of the U.K. mainland. Filled with wonder and adventure, it tells the story of two children and their aunt whose lives are forever altered by the whim of fate and the discovery of a realm beyond our own.

Book One: White Sands
Caroline's life of tranquil solitude is about to be interrupted by the arrival of her niece and nephew. Emily and Toby are sent to stay with her on the island of St. Mary's while their parents attempt to find a solution to their marital problems. Little do any of them know that the stay will be prolonged.

Ten year old Toby is set on finding a way to escape and return home, whereas his younger sister makes the most of a stay which is only supposed to last a week. Strange whisperings are heard as Caroline tries to make the children feel welcome and unseen forces wait to see if the arrival of the siblings will lead to the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy.

Introducing us to the characters and the wonder of the islands, White Sands is filled with intrigue and laced with mystery as it lays the foundations of a story which leads us into the fairy realm in the second book of the trilogy.

Book Two: The Butterfly Riders
Two years after the events of White Sands, Emily and Toby are living with Aunty Caroline on the Isles of Scilly. Emily goes missing while playing on a rocky outcrop. Caroline searches for her in desperation, finding little trace of her niece bar a notepad discovered on a high ledge looking out to sea. She and John fear the worst as Toby is filled with frustration and angst over her disappearance.

Emily finds herself trapped in a strange realm where wingless fairies ride butterflies. She finds allies, but her presence there is not looked upon kindly by all.

Book Three: Holy Vale
The realm into which Emily accidentally strayed three years before is in urgent need of her assistance. A dark power has arisen and threatens everything she knows and loves. However, if she decides to go there can be no return.

Emily and Toby find themselves in a life or death struggle as Caroline and John seek some way to help them. The veil between the two realms becomes thinner and both begin to fall into ruin as Emily meets her destiny head on.

Holy Vale is the magical and spellbinding finale to the Magical Isles Trilogy. Brimming with action, this is a thrilling read that concludes the trilogy in gripping style.

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